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  • Green Green Sep 12, 2010 17:04 Flag

    The usual suspects.

    I watched yesterdays game and on the whole the Hammers played not too bad apart from the usual suspects.
    Upson, looked like a frightened rabbit caught in headlights.
    Cole, offside, offside, offside, offside.
    Green, he may as well say at the side of me. He doesn't move for anything, made another world cup style howler. Mikel shot hit the frame of the goal, Green didn't move, Kalou swerving shot just past the post, Green didn't move a muscle, Essiens second goal, Green didn't come, didn't go toward the player to close it down, he just didn't move.
    DROP GREEN and give the new keeper Boffin a shot, he can't do any worse. Tal Ben-Haim did ok, Jacobsen looks like a decent right back at last. Obinna looked lively and hopefully will score some goals this season. Parker played well,Dyer looked lively the rest were average.