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  • Paul Paul Oct 20, 2010 17:59 Flag


    When I went to the England interntionals in the 80's it was Land of Hope and Glory. I say bring it back failing that Rule Britania can you imagine 80,000 singing that at Wembley that would put the hairs on the back of my neck tingling.

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    • But in the early 80s we were still waving the union jack? Land of hope & glory and Rule Britania are also British songs.We need a English tune.Jerusalem,writen by Londoner William Blake has the right words.
      And did those feet in ancient times
      Walk apon Englands mountians green
      And was the holy lamb of god
      On Englands pleasant pastures seen.

      An obvious early reference to Bobby Moore,how did he know about Bobby in 1808?. A true mystic & Hammers fan,or should that be a true ironworker?