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    fifa draw cost tax payer's £18m

    shocking to see that amount spent on what was the draw for qualifiers and not even the main event... to think that blatter and his cronies won't allow goal-line technology because of prohibitive costs!! how corrupt is fifa? was there no other way to spend £18m to advance the game? ridiculous!! full article below:

    FIFA chiefs have come under fire after wasting £18 million of taxpayers' money in cash-strapped Brazil on the World Cup 2014 qualifying draw.

    The 100-minute show cost Brazilians £180,000 a minute - or £3,000 a second - after FIFA chiefs insisted that Cup organisers erect a custom-built auditorium especially for the event.

    FIFA insisted that it could not find a suitable existing venue in Rio De Janeiro, an enormous city that boasts nearly seven million people in the city centre alone.

    Football's world governing body also demanded that nearby Santos Dumont airport was shut for the duration of the ceremony, partly for security purposes and partly to avoid interference for TV viewers.