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  • D D Apr 21, 2012 22:10 Flag

    Can we do it?

    Ok, so thanks to Boro we actually still have a chance of auto promotion.......it IS a long shot but then we've bought it on ourselves.....I remember a point in the season having 3 games in hand and only 3 or so points a drift from the top place, how things could have been different.... Anyway, lets hope that we can actually do what we need to do when the time comes.......I'm not bothered how they do it, just get 3 points........ I'm concerned how we'll fair once we return to the Prem, we aint exactly solid at home and keep gifting goals.....but you never know, we may be able to stay mid table in Green can up his game.......... anyway, lets see what happens tomorrow!......3 pts in the bag or a definate run into the play offs?.!?

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