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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 13, 2012 18:27 Flag

    Milner misses a sitter

    Your not wrong so far.

    Whilst I know nobody expects anything from England, hence getting out the group would be an over achievment on expectations, I am not happy with the way forwards under Hodgson.

    England despite winning nowt for decades are considered, or supposed to be one of the worlds top footballing nations. To back that statement up, Holland have won very little in decades and they are still a top top nation.........................But we go out so So defensively that it is dire to watch.

    My theory. Instead of being like Italy and Spain and to all extents just having the top foreign players in their league complimenting their home grown talent, we have some awesome foreign players.............but masses of ordinary foreign players that keep our own players away from the chance to progress thus negatively affecting our national team.

    These players are only there because they are cheaper than our own similair talent. But for every 20 average players, now and again 1 or 2 grow into top players but with our league saturated with foreign players they rarely get the chance.

    OK people say the cream like Rooney, Gerrard and Co rise to the top........................But sometimes you don't know the cream as they don't always shine as a teenager like Rooney.


    just a thought on why we have turned into a team who fear everone ad play accordingly

    • I expect England to qualify for the next stages Roy, but thats all....leaving Rio out is a mistake, we have no dominant centre half to compare. The decision to leave Ferdinand out is political rather than for football terms IMO...to accomadate John Terry.