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  • FrankG FrankG Aug 11, 2009 23:47 Flag

    Whats wrong with a protest

    Having lost 7-1 and a couple of fans telling the manager he is useless, and the rest of the team - sort of obvious really isnt it? Now there facing a ban? for what???? stating the bleeding obvious

    Norwich City Football Team your a disgrace not to 1st Division but to your own fans Im sorry this is unacceptable - they did nothing wrong except tell u to your face - no punches no kicks no violence whatsoever - AND YOU DESERVED A GOOD SLAP.

    The Manager Coaches and Players should have been fined the maximum wages and the money spent on the fans as a sorry. YOUR A DISGRACE cos you cant take the truth.

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    • Thank goodness, a man with common sense. I have read other " fans" stating that the two who ran on the pitch tearing up season tickets should be punished by the Club after being cautioned by the Police. So, you pay and then get a totally inept return for your money but are not allowed to voice your concern ? I reckon these fans suggesting punishment of the two protesters are possibly employed by the Club ?