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  • ........is Welbeck well worth the payback for RVP's desertion of Arsenal to Manure? By the comments some are making out there(like R Ferdinand) about the surprise deal made by V Gaal, it sure is.

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    Wengers best team...???

    by TheButchNemesis Oct 3, 2014 08:13

    Wenger recently said his best ever signing was Lauren. Sagna wasn't even close to Lauren at his best.






    Subs: Campbell, Dixon, Petit, RVP, Overmars, Lehmann.

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  • Great result, albeit a friendly match with a big mix of reserves playing.

    That said, a few performances stood out.

    Bellerin was excellent. Made some great runs and did his job of defending too.
    Campbell showed fantastic promise. Again showed speed, skill and calmness in front of goal.
    Sanogo shocked me and possibly everyone else when he scored his first, let alone his fourth goal. Maybe the confidence he needs to kick start his career again.
    New kid Chambers was very good, and Alexis showed some sublime skill for the few minutes he was on the pitch.
    Martinez was very good on crosses, and made a few good saves. Ospina picked up a small injury in training so didn't make an appearance.

    More of the same today and we should breeze it.

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    Early predictions

    by Govinda Aug 4, 2014 08:31

    I should yield to your infinite wisdom. And refrain from the temptation to point out that there is a difference between hard to beat and impossible to beat. Defending with 8 players, which is the core of the 3-5-2 philosophy is beatable but only by a superior squad and then still with difficulty. I should also refrain from the temptation to say that the reason for Wenger's failings over the last 10 years might not have been his system but rather the players he chose or was forced to choose to implement his system.

    You are the man and United will go nowhere and get beaten like last year. Arsenal have nothing to fear.

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    Chelsea game predictions

    by Govinda Oct 4, 2014 11:45

    I think it will be one of the 3 teams you mention who might take 4th. Arsenal are very weak indeed and Wenger is up to his old tricks of turning a blind eye to the obvious and ruining players who are perfectly capable.

    Merstesacker, can not play in the big games any longer because he is just too slow. Ozil has been jerked around to such an extend that, IMO, he should either play in the middle as our number 10 or sit on the bench. Sanchez is played in his weakest spot on the left wing and is useless there and our only redeeming quality at the moment, speed, was taken out of the team when Wenger chose Cazorla over Ox. Wenger just doesn't seem to ne able to adjust to modern football.

    Yes Arsenal can still put on a good show when playing against inferior opponents on a good day but only when there is a gap in quality big enough for us to force our game on the opponent. There are fewer and fewer teams that fit this criteria.

    When we play against decent teams we struggle and when we play against good team we are virtually without a real chance of winning, as we saw against Dortmund and Chelsea. Two teams with managers who have helped define and shape the modern game and master the tactical nuances that Wenger misses.

    Don't get me wrong I appreciate Wenger and I respect him. But I have now seen that even when given money he fails to address gaping wholes in the squad and in our playing style and tactics. There is no hope of Wenger winning a major title ever again if you ask me.

    Ozil and Sanchez are great players but not what Arsenal needed. For less money we could have bought Costa and Strootman over the last few years and we would have been a better team. We also are way too thin in the back after the departure or Vermaelen and Sagna.

    Wenger just doesn't know how to put it all together any longer, the game has moved on several chapters since Wenger wrote a chapter, ask Barcelona and Bayern Munich and even Chelsea.

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    First trophy in the bag.

    by Govinda Aug 11, 2014 11:16

    Not sure how true the rumours are, but we could be in for Daniel Agger as a direct replacement for Vermaelen. As back up, he's not bad.

    We do need a DM though.

    Still keeping fingers crossed we get Khedira....somehow.

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    First trophy in the bag.

    by Govinda Aug 11, 2014 11:16

    I agree, I wish we could have worked out a bit of a rotation system to keep Vermaelen happy. He had such a good start at Arsenal and was unlucky to lose his place. KNowing your partner is import as CD but given the chance I would have thought he could have gelled with both Kos and mert.

    His speed would have helped out against top teams. The lack of Mert's speed was the reason he didn't start for Germany in the last WC games.

  • And Arsenal bag the Community Shield in the process!

    Were you watching? Were you watching? Were you watching down in Cairns?

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    With the season over is it time again?

    by Govinda Oct 6, 2014 13:54

    I would have taken him over Wilshire and or Rosicky. I think Rosicky is better than Wilshire.

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    v Crystal Palace

    by John Aug 18, 2014 08:50

    A game we would have let go not so very long ago.....so in that respect it is a good omen. Certainly couldn't have expected a virtual' new team to get it right first time, and with the Germans ready to return, might be a bit longer before we do click a bit better....yes it was sloppy at times, a little bit over keen perhaps...


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    He we go again, another ancient history lesson from the Dodgy Brothers about the time, fifty years ago, that they stood, once, on the North Bank at Highbury, and haven't seen Arsenal play since!

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  • Cheer up Govinda, you now have that prolific goal misser, Daniel Nii Tackie Mensah "Danny" Welbeck, to liven up the bench.

  • " Remember Falcao signing for Mansucker Ushyted is subject to him passing a medical, but glass legs Owen Hargreaves, Michael Owen and Van Persie have all passed one of those for Mansucker Ushyted, so I wouldn't worry too much about it."

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  • Oh please!! 'On here', get it ON HERE and 'PICKED UP' after you had made such ridiculous assumptions about Arsene Wenger and his awareness . Next time don't try to be a clever #$%$ like the dummy Altree. It doesn't suit you Hairon... No mention of Beckhams comment then?? If Manure were ever in control then it certainly was double Dutch to most on here.... No comment about Rooney and how he can fit in with Falcocoa and Van Purse Strings then? Just a lot of rhetoric and speculation about something I certainly didn't mention, and don't particularly care about. Welbeck was coming to Arsenal long before all that. And that's not speculation either.

  • ...Mancheater Ushyted because let's face it, nobody else really wanted him.

    Falcao, suffering from niggling injuries and was a flop at Monaco.

    If he doesn't score a hat-trick on his debut, then he'll be a flop, a bit like splashing out £60 million on Di Maria, only to scrape a lucky point against bottom of the table Burnley.

    Watch 'it' bite, she's currently posting on the Mancheater Ushyted board.