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    Monaco-Arsenal predictions

    by Govinda Mar 17, 2015 14:45

    Hi Mar.

    Well Monaco parked the proverbial bus and let us attack.

    We came so close.

    FA Cup and the battle for 2nd in the league next.

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    Welbeck, five shots .....

    by HRH Gillian Brown BO Sep 15, 2014 14:17

    I thought he had a pretty good game and was much more threatening than Giroud normally is.

    Blind really impressed me and surprised me. If he keeps this level up Man U will be a force.

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    Welbeck, five shots .....

    by HRH Gillian Brown BO Sep 15, 2014 14:17

    I think Man U might be ahead of Van Gaal's 3 months schedule and I also think Man U will do better against better opponents. Holland struggled a bit against Australia and Costa Rica. Van Gaal's formation does best when the opponent also has to "make" the games rather than park the bus. I expect Man U to do well against Arsenal, City, Liverpool ans teams like Spurs and Everton.

    Personally I think Arsenal will be out of the top 4, although of course, I realize it is too early to do more than predict. Liverpool might struggle more than I expect with the added pressure of CL football but I think it is dangerous for Arsenal to rely on Liverpool's struggles. Sadly it seems, at least at the moment, they can not rely on their own strength or their managers ability to adapt.

    Defensive frailties remain, the habit to fall behind in games, the inability to deal with counter attacking teams (as a result of the lack of pace of defenders and DM'ers) and poor positioning both during open play and set pieces, and the inability to string more than one good performance togther as well as Wenger's inability to use is squad (Cazorla and Rosiky have not played in the last 2 games and Ozil and Ramsey looked tired and jaded), all are old failings that tell me Arsenal can only rely on the individual improvement of youngerisch players rather than improvements of team play as a result of tactical adjustments etc. How much better can Ramsey really become? How much better can Kos become?

    It seems more upside would be gained from working harder on positional play and set pieces and different formations, than hoping Ozil will discover form out wide or Sanchez will carry the load or Welbeck becoming a 25 goal scorer. Those are pipe dreams IMO.

  • After claiming for years that she lives in 'paradise' inside a 'dream house that overlooks the ocean' - it would seem a bit strange to most to suddenly give that all up out of the blue to go and live somewhere like Bali?

    Perhaps there's a certain special orangutan over there that 'Bend Over Butch' fancies shacking up?...Hahahahahaha...you gotta larf...hahahahahahahaha!

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    Butch still away with the Fairies......

    by Jacks Sep 26, 2014 09:28

    "Do Grainger's sons know what you have to say about him?"


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    Butch still away with the Fairies......

    by Jacks Sep 26, 2014 09:28

    I tell you no lie Singing, that p ss pot has been had over a barrel so many times he doesn't know if he's coming or going. You could feed him sh...t and keep him in the dark for years, and he'd still believe he was in paradise...its called RDS... repetitive denial syndrome brought on by years of self abuse. One classic symptom of this mental decease is constant reference to a non existent passed, and fantasies of flight to places of his dreams. I'd like to feel sorry for the poor old sod....but...but OH dear No! ....here it comes again I cant help it......AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRHHHHHHHH! HaHaHaHaHaHaHa ha ha ha ha ha ha.....oh please Dutch stop it....I'm creased up here.......AAAAARRRRHHHH! Ha Ha Ha ha h ah ha ha ha ha I need some air....AAARRRHHH! Ha ha ha ha ha nha ha........

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    Butch still away with the Fairies......

    by Jacks Sep 26, 2014 09:28

    Not only is she away with the fairies, but she's also a prize fairy too!

    Sing along now, to the tune of Rhinestone Cowboy!

    Like an Outback Cowboy
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    And always getting herself owned!


  • I think it's safe to say that Welbeck looks to be settling in well. Last night was against a team that just wasn't up to the task. I am however delighted for him and hope he is able to build confidence from his personal performance.

    One game doth not make the legend.

  • Friday 3rd 2014
    Independent News; Article by Jack Pitt-Brookes.

    Danny Welbeck felt a sense of vindication Wed. night after scoring his first hat-trick.........
    Welbeck has scored 6 goals for club and country since £16 million move from Manchester. When asked about his goal scoring record Wed. night ...the England International said criticism didn't matter if they applied to his years playing on the wing of a four man midfield. " Nobody can really criticise my finishing because they don't see me playing in a forward position too often." Welbeck said " but now I am getting into those positions I want to be sticking the ball in the back of the net. Obviously people can say I've not scored enough goals. But stick the best striker on the wing in a four man midfield and see if they score goals........"

    Kind of shoots your square headed thinking down in flames, doesn't it. But of course how silly of me to think that your kind will not twist that around to suit your own purposes. So lets be having it. Lets see you twist and squirm your way of that Butch the alcoholic brown family. and BTW I'll let the Man U board know as well OK? Save you the bother...... Feeling a bit sickened are we? Never mind a few more tins down your neck and you'll begin to feel even worse...AAARRRRRHH!

  • Big game against PL leader tomorrow. Of course my heart predicts a victory.

    But my brain predicts another loss. There are many factors going against us.

    1. Moureen is by far the better manager in particular when it comes to big games and tactics. Wenger doesn't have any tactical inclinations.

    2. Starting 11 of Chelsea when it includes Costa is better than our starting 11.

    3. Chelsea is the more mature less naive defending team.

    4. Arsenal seem to have trouble following up a good game with a second good game. Given that we played well this Wednesday would predict we will disappoint this Sunday.

    5. We have a tendency to fall behind in these type of games and miss some good chances early on. Often it is the team that scores first in these type of games that gets the result.

  • It's amazing what the oldest wooly woofter in Cairns knows about Man Ushyted (which is very little to begin with) considering the old duck hasn't set foot inside Old Trafford and gets most of her information via the Yahoo articles and follows the games on the Yahoo Matchcasts.

    For such a seasoned world traveller who is always roaming the forests of Asia on secret missions saving wild orangutans and the like, she seems to have plenty of spare time to spend on here trying to make out that she's an expert on every single footballer in today's game!

    Cue mentioning 'geordies' when her temper is up! - LMFAO!!!

  • Google the title, follow the adventures of the Geordie Idiot!


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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    ...MORE BITING, I've really got you wound up today!

    OINK OINK!!!

  • Oh look, a little Geordie fishy wishy -- CHOMP CHOMP!!



  • Well in the case he didn't get enough bang for his buck IMHO. Didn't he make some £ back for TV? Sell Podolski, who he doesn't rate, and sell Campbell, who he doesn't play and buy a DM'er and we would have been a better team.

    Or if he lacked imagination, sell Podolski and buy Remy and he would have had 2 half way decent strikers rather than 1.

    I personally would have sold Wilshire to Southampton for Schneiderlin.

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    Manchumpter Useless 1 - 2 Swansea City

    by You Gotta Larf! Aug 16, 2014 16:51


    ...not an essay...just a précis, (that's French, btw), of your lies....

    ..."my missus took the photo" **....all time classic....best laugh ever ...

    ...it was priceless...;)....hehehehe...that still makes me giggle...thank you... :D xxx

    ...ave atque vale...

    ** credit piglet

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    It's dead in here

    by You Gotta Larf! Aug 28, 2014 23:00

    @ "Alan H"

    ...I'm not Rikk....but you can call me Sweet....

    ...why are you not hanging out on the Arsenal board with the big guys..?

    ...just wondering...

  • What's occurring.

  • Well!!! Welbeck!! I bet you moaning morons didn't see that coming. Personally I laughed my c...ck off at you.

    " Oh Danny boy the pipes, the pipes are calling..." PmsL OL

  • Arsene Wenger's capture of Danny Welbeck. That was a master class in quiet diplomacy, and subtle
    bargaining. The key word here being 'bargaining'. Nobody picked up on it. Even D Beckham commented that he was 'gutted' Welbeck had been let go to Arsenal. That says it all I guess, especially more so after Rikki, Govinda & Keep your Airron had made comments to the contrary before that...I tell you, ya gotta laugh.....