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  • The price we pay for not having a dominant quick DM. Flamini let Aguero have a free run and could have easily prevented the goal.


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    by Govinda Sep 16, 2014 20:09

    I was joking but on the other hand Wenger must have thought it and made the wrong choice for the umpteenth time.

    I think Giroud would not have done any better but that is little solace.

    As soon as Wenger wanted to bet the season on Arteta, Mertesacker I knew (and wrote) that we would not beat many quality teams. Yesterday the game passed these to slow players by and we got ever run. There is a reason Mertesacker didn't play any important games for Germany in the WC and there is a reason Arteta is not in the Spanish squad and Flamini is not in the French squad.

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    No proper DM not top 4 and no trophy.

    by Govinda Sep 18, 2014 10:57

    No one has really been on this board for a while, other than you and me.

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    No proper DM not top 4 and no trophy.

    by Govinda Sep 18, 2014 10:57

    I am tougher on my own team than on competitors, I am aware of that but...

    It was not down to Arsenal that the score was not 5-0 and other night and it might have been 5-0 in Dortmund.

    What worries me is that Wenger has not learned what even Lowe learned. Don't play Mertesacker against good and fast teams. Mertesacker didn't feature for Germany in their last 3 games during the WC. Wenger doesn't only play Mertesacker but adds an even slower player to the mix in the person of Arteta.

    Last season we got ripped apart by Liverpool, City and Chelsea as a result of our lack of pace. IMO our lack of pace cause us to play a lower defensive line (closer to our goal) to compensate for Mertesacker, this tends to leave a much bigger space between our midfield and defense when we have the ball which means acres of space between our midfield and defenders to take advantage of when we lose the ball making playing on the counter against Arsenal very easy. Dortmund did nothing Liverpool, City and Chelsea didn't do last season. Wenger just has not corrected it by either bringing in a much quicker and better DM or by benching Mertesacker against better teams. To me that is a worry. It seems good managers in the modern game adjust and fix these type of recurring problems, same goes for set pieces.

    If you want to be an attacking team you can not have slow defenders since they will be asked to play one-on-one when possession is lost. The duo of Arteta and Mertesacker does not fit our type of play. Perhaps a Kos and Schneiderlin, Blind, Bender can comensate for Mertesacker's lack of speed but Kos can not compensate for both Arteta and Mertesacker's defensive liability on counter attacks.

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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    ".... I wonder why?"

    Well he's obviously so sloshed all the time that he can't remember which lie he told and when.

    According to the website "alcoholism.about" .....

    "Research has shown that heavy alcohol use clearly damages retrospective memory, that is, the learning, retention and retrieval of previously presented materials."

    Mr Brown needs our understanding and sympathy, don't forget, it's dementia next, then he won't be here for us to take the p*ss out of, because he would have forgotten how to log-on!

    OINK OINK!!!

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    Spurs game

    by Govinda Sep 27, 2014 19:27

    *We need to go into next weeks game with the idea of taking a point off them. (Chelsea)*

    Reading that back, looked like it didn't make sense. Apologies.

  • I'll hazard one guess as to who is reporting message threads so that they get deleted!!!

    Fill your boots Butch or your pants, which ever is the easiest for an irritated old granny like you?


  • I said it was harsh to judge his scoring ability based on the fact he was played out wide mostly at Man United, but it is way too early to judge him either way yet. We will have a clearer idea of what sort of striker he is for Arsenal at the end of the season, and I will reserve judgment until after maybe his second season, as the prem is filled with one season wonders and flops.

    Once England started playing him upfront we saw what he was capable of, but the reality is Man United have been alot better than England for some time, and competition upfront meant he had to go. Fact is he has immense power, pace, technique and works hard for the team. I said if he gets a run upfront (which he has never had) and gets his confidence up he will develop into a real force of nature.

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    Question to ask yourself...

    by TheButchNemesis Oct 2, 2014 20:03

    "Welbeck hits a hat-trick, the people who were knocking him on here fall silent!"

    Except for the THREAD and POSTS they made!

    Geordies, if god hadn't invented them we'd have had to make them up!


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    The Welbeck report.

    by The Alcoholic Brown Family Oct 6, 2014 12:23

    How typical is this ... when Welbeck was contributing nothing, the Brown idiots were nowhere to be seen.

    Then he scores against a bad team and they're on here calling him the new Henry, and claiming it was Wenger's best ever buy.

    Now he's had his typical anonymous game, and where are they?

    Nowhere to be seen!


  • No attempt of a reply now in over 10 minutes? I bet she's off for a little lie down now, feeling all defeated and muttering "geordies, geordies, geordies, geordies" under her breath!...you gotta larf!...AAAARRRRHHHH!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HIC!!...and more ..AAAARRRRHHHH!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

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    by Alan H Sep 2, 2014 20:48

    I'm equally baffled...

    ....unless it was financially...if not strategically... advantageous ...

    ....but at least we have little Roo as Captain ...;(

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    Serious Question If Poss

    by Alan H Sep 1, 2014 23:05

    LMFAO - that got you biting! Hahahahaha It's as EASY as it has always been.

    Crikey Butch, you're like a babbling, crying, snitching little child who is telling another kid that I've just nipped your arm and that it hurt you.

    Always OWNED by a Geordie, 24/7 and will continue to be until the pop your clogs!

    OINK OINK!!!

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    It's dead in here

    by You Gotta Larf! Aug 28, 2014 23:00

    Sweetblindness appears to be one very confused stupid little person, first I'm dodge then Jack and now piglet.

    I started this thread, get your facts right!...you gotta larf at the confusion.

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    Mesut Ozil

    by John Oct 8, 2014 17:11

    I think Wenger is protected against himself to some extend. With Giroud out he can't play a striker too slow and only good at holding up the ball and linking up, with Arteta out he is protected to play a player not fast enough and not good enough to play DM and with Ozil out he is protected to play Ozil in the wrong place and to play a player who does not always seem up for it.

    I just hope Wenger will play Ox on the wing as replacement for Ozil. Ox has a lot to learn but I prefer his directness and speed. It is time IMO we play with only one real nr 10 and three speedy forwards in Sanchez, Welbeck and Ox. Cazorla as nr 10 behind them would do me fine.

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    Sign or part of our injury problems?

    by Govinda Oct 17, 2014 14:12

    Well oh dear we cant let the poor dears wear themselves out now can we. Well not for that money. Its disgraceful the work they are put through. Having said that though, there are very good players out there who would give their right arm to even get on Arsenal bench, never mind play. So what do you think AW meant when he said 'as soon as he can take enough pain again.....' ? Was he just saying ' I'm sick of these ballerinas paid a fortune for dancing around the pitch and getting blown over by a puff of wind. Then want weeks off on full pay...' Seems he was taking the rise out of people like you who probably have never had to do daily work outs and face 90 minutes of 'hard graft' for wads of money a week......Its a bloody hard life. In the mean time " what about the workers" ??? It used to be a pork pie, a pint of bitter, a packet of cigs, a cloth cap and a rattle once upon a time. Not any more. So #$%$ the footballers at the top. Personally the way 'football for the people' is going it doesn't matter a damn to me, if Hull turn Arsenal over tomorrow. Wenger should just walk away and give the basterds the finger. He's crazy taking anymore of the #$%$ thrown at him if he doesn't win. People like you Govinda will only understand once he has gone. Then you can move on and take your #$%$ to the next bloke who's mug enough to take the job on.

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    For the likes of Govinda (whoever TF he is)

    by Jacks Nov 24, 2014 14:47

    You better hope that Arsene Wenger doesn't turn it around, because I'm saving this and I'm going to rub your moaning bl..dy face in it.

    I thought you don't bother with the likes of me?

  • Probably by many opinions, the greatest snooker player ever to pick up a cue. Yet never once invited, when there were times he would have won the Sports Personality of the Year award hands down
    O'Sullivan's snub is not only thoroughly embarrassing joke, it is bloody disgraceful. A skier who is visually impaired and her guide have been nominated. So too has Charlotte Dujardin for a spot of horse-dancing, or dressage as it is better known, with her horse Valegro. But not a World Champion who has entertained and provided some of the greatest snooker, and 147 breaks the world has ever seen, for millions upon millions of BBC viewers
    You would have been as well nominating the Newcastle United fan who decided to do a spot of horse boxing a few years back. You couldn't make it up. But in the BBC's case you can. You would have got a better list of candidates asking the horse. The BBC? A place for fairies and horse faced women who prefer the former.

  • no sign of butch the cairns mongrel utd supporter when he's needed to explain how Manure cant win a trick with the Dutch 'master' ARRRRHHHHH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h aha....oh dear pmsl so much. What was that?? Van who?? AARRRHHH! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha........Rickety Rooney! AARRHHH! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....oh please!!!

    Now Govinda, if that didn't satisfy you watching Arsene Wengers team give Hughes and his Stoke bully boys a good spanking, sending them back to where they came from looking like well slapped #$%$ They were chasing shadows the whole game and couldn't believe they looked like wax statues we were playing against

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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    Not successful?

    I had a lovely holiday. Got a villa for the family and spent the days on the beach or just lazing are around the pool. Read a few good books and got through a lovely 16yr old malt whisky.

    I'd say that was a great holiday..:-D