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  • On paper we are still in it against Monaco tonight. With the squad we have compared to Monaco we should have more than the 5% chance we are given.

    Having said this, Monaco has performed better then their squad would imply IMO and we tend to under perform in the big games. We saw 2 pleasant surprises this season, one against City and one against Man U.

    I think Paulista playing would help but as it stands I predict a draw tonight. I expect to fall pray again to the Monaco counter attack, a weakness we have had for years and I fear we will start rushing and play panic football way too early.

    Clearly an early Arsenal goal could spice this game up but chances are higher IMO that a first half Monaco goal would kill an already dead tie of completely.

    The silver lining is that being eliminated from the next round of CL football will save us 2 games our squad doesn't need and will allow us to focus on the PL 2 and 3 places (hopefully) and the FA cup.

    With Man U, Liverpool and probably City all out of Europe at least it would level the fixture burden a little amongst those teams fighting for the top 4 places.

    Direct qualification for next years CL would be a big bonus IMO and better than making it one more round in the CL.

    Dear ghosts any thoughts?

  • Too bad Arteta is back because he is not prepared for this level. We are getting run over in midfield.

  • I have expressed my opinion this summer that we are too weak in the spine of defense. Mertesacker is too slow and doesn't even start for Germany in their must win WC games and if you add Arteta to that mix, quality teams like Dortmund will run circles around you all season long. We will not win many games with Arteta as DM in front of Mertesacker. Flamini is a better tackler but seems to have lost something this season and is a bit panicky. We could have had blind for £14 million!!!

    "While some of the blame for the lack of stability has been placed on the defenders, and rightfully so, Wenger’s 4-1-4-1 formation with an absence of a solid defensive midfielder is ultimately killing this team. 32-year-old Mikel Arteta was used as the lone defensive midfielder in Tuesday’s match in Germany and looked completely out of place at the position (although it must be said that it is not 100% the player’s fault, as Arteta is not a true defensive midfielder).

    Mathieu Flamini, 30 years old, has also filled the role in front of the back four defenders this season; however, the Frenchman appears to have lost some of the athleticism and command that made him an outstanding free agent signing in 2013. Flamini is also dealing with a concussion at the moment as well.

    Pushing Özil out wide has also hurt the Gunners. As one of the best “number 10’s” in the world, Özil is best suited in the space just behind the center forward, not on the left flank. Özil’s best attributes are creativity, passing, and vision, and deploying him on the wing is like purchasing a Ferrari California to pick up the kids after school.

    The question some fans and pundits are asking is if Wenger loves the 4-1-4-1 formation so much, why didn’t he go after a top defensive midfielder during the transfer window? William Carvalho, Lars Bender, and Sami Khedira were all linked with the Gunners over the summer, but Arsenal and Wenger could not seal a deal for any of the imposing midfielders."

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    Welbeck, five shots .....

    by HRH Gillian Brown BO Sep 15, 2014 14:17

    "I didn't see the United game, I was away"

    LMFAO - Aye, a likely story and I'll bet you'll soon be 'away' again after the 5-3 STUFFING off Leicester City earlier today.


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    No proper DM not top 4 and no trophy.

    by Govinda Sep 18, 2014 10:57

    I dont think its wise to overreact to the Dortmund game, as they are basically a superior version of Arsenal, and would beat most English teams 2-0 in Germany.

    Flamini I felt was a typical Wenger signing over the past 8 or so years, but perhaps the last of his kind given his new found relationship with his chequebook. I suspect he will add serious quality to the DM position in the near future. One thing he wont change is his need to take his time to get (what he thinks is) the right player. Ozil Im not sure will ever come good here, I dont think he fits the style of the premiership but could be wrong there. Veron mark 2 possibly.

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    Welbeck who......?????

    by TheButchNemesis Oct 1, 2014 22:46

    ...Ohh! I forgot. Well done The Gunners....and two fingers to Govinda. Pick the bones out of that result....sunshine

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    Chelsea game predictions

    by Govinda Oct 4, 2014 11:45

    Should be a comfortable win for Chelsea. As we have known for some time, Wenger plays one way and even the likes of McLeish, Allardyce and my 4 month old baby know how to render this style ineffective, so Mourinho should have Wengers number. I can see Chelsea scoring maybe 3. I would love to be wrong and see Danny bully their defenders and perhaps Alexis score a wonder goal, but I can see chelsea exposing arsenal at the back. The unusual thing is that for the first time in Wengers reign the midfield looks weak, so Matic and Cesc can run the show.

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    by The Alcoholic Brown Family

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  • LMFAO - and which football club do you honestly think is going to pay up an inflated asking price for an aging Wayne Rooney and pay him the £350,000 a week or whatever he is on at Mansucker Ushyted?

    Dream on, he's at Mansucker Ushted for life now!

  • United are now short up front, from a squad point of view.

    Hernandez is off to Real, and Welbeck possibly to Spurs, that leaves us with RVP and Rooney, one out of form, the other injury prone.

    In defence, when all are fit, we now have, Smalling, Jones, Evans, Rafael, Blackett, Shaw, Rojo, Blind and Keane ..... strong enough to sell Smalling and put Jones on notice.

    In midfield we have the youngsters, Powell, Lawrence, Lingard and Wilson, so now we can get rid of Young, Fletcher, Cleverley and Valencia.

  • Wilson is a striker, and from what Ive seen a big prospect who if isnt made 4th choice should be sent on loan. Rooney plays best with great players around him, not when hes the best (eg England). I think once Man Utd get their system sorted he could excel again alongside the likes of Di Maria and Falcao, but they need to sort their midfield out pronto.

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    It's dead in here

    by You Gotta Larf! Aug 28, 2014 23:00

    How you doing, Butch---it's been a while

  • A month ago, it felt like Arsenal were in a position to finally launch a genuine, sustained title challenge.

    Now it is business as usual. Does the club’s ambition stretch further than ensuring they finish in the top four and clinch a lucrative place in next season’s Champions League for the 18th campaign in a row? Their dithering and unwillingness to spend heavily makes it hard to argue otherwise.

    The word from within the club was that executives were getting frustrated with Wenger's indecision, but the Frenchman is an accountant's dream, treating Arsenal's money - and they have a lot of it - as if it's his own.

    Wenger signed a new contract at the end of the season believing a first title since 2004 was within reach after the FA Cup triumph in May - but three games and a bungled transfer window into the campaign it already looks like same old Arsenal.

    They don’t have the squad quality or depth to compete with Chelsea or Manchester City for the title over 38 games and it feels a terrible missed opportunity because they are so close.

    The statement signing of Alexis Sanchez needed to be backed up and the Gunners couldn’t do it.

    Wenger is left with six defenders in his squad to cover four positions and is an injury or two away from disaster. Calum Chambers, a 19-year-old, finds himself covering as both Arsenal’s third centre-back and backup right-back. That the Gunners allowed their former captain, Thomas Vermaelen, to leave in the second week of August and fail to sign a replacement represents a staggering oversight on the manager's part at best, a dereliction of his duties at worst.

    Just as worrying is Wenger’s failure to sign a defensive midfielder yet again. The likes of William Carvalho, Morgan Schneiderlin, Sami Khedira were all linked and would have infinitely improved the team, especially against top four rivals.

    Mikel Arteta isn’t strong enough to protect the defence in the big games and Arsenal needed someone with more physical presence and athleticism in that position. It's almost as is Wenger believes that position in the modern game is redundant but a quick glance at the impact Nemanja Matic and Fernandinho have had at Chelsea and Manchester City respectively would provide the Frenchman with some sobering evidence to the contrary.

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    The Welbeck Affair....

    by Jacks Sep 3, 2014 07:48

    Welbeck has NOT been played wide his entire time at United, take it from someone who has watched every single United game for many years.

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    The Welbeck Affair....

    by Jacks Sep 3, 2014 07:48

    He has played the majority of his career out wide, that is common knowledge amongst all football enthusiasts. Even Sir Alex commented that he sacrificed Danny out wide for the team to the detriment of his goalscoring. Im aware he has occasionally played upfront as shown by my 6 goals in 6 games upfront post. I have watched him plenty, I assure you, but Im not going to argue over split hairs.

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    Serious Question If Poss

    by Alan H Sep 1, 2014 23:05

    Hi Rikk...

    ..long time no come happy talky talky...

    ...mail me...?

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    It's VERY quiet in here!

    by You Gotta Larf! Oct 7, 2014 15:06

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    How many buses

    by Jacks Nov 1, 2014 12:26

    Well fortunately plan B Sanchez, finally kicked my scenario into touch with a magnificent performance. Pity you missed that eh John? One of Arsenals best by far and it should have been double the score. Do we have the new Thierry on board in Sanchez?

  • Sanchez yesterday: "'Going to sleep!' he tweeted. 'Tomorrow those 3 points are coming to London!!! #GUNNERS'."