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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    Sorry to note your Portugal trip was not successful.

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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    Oh, that sounds good but I thought you went to bring William Carvalho over to Arsenal

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    Spurs game

    by Govinda Sep 27, 2014 19:27

    Geez Mar, it wasn't that bad!

    We dominated possession, but did the old trick of trying to walk it in. That and Spurs sat with ten men behind the ball throughout the whole of the first half pretty much.

    Their goal came from the only mistake our defence made the whole game. Gibbs was inches away from blocking Chadli's shot too.

    We need a DM no doubt. Hopefully we can get Kedhira in January. Artetat is too slow these days and Flamini gets carded within minutes of coming on....but I still like him for that.

    We got nothing in the first half yesterday, apart from two injured players. There was some poor refereeing, but that didn' t cost us the game. Lack of shooting and direct, quick attack stopped us.

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    Butch still away with the Fairies......

    by Jacks Sep 26, 2014 09:28

    I think a sing song on YouTube would be a great idea!

    Perhaps they could all be sung and recorded on a beach in Bali?

    Oops! That will have her hitting the report button quicker than you could say "Butch is getting OWNED again!" - LMFAO!!!

  • I think it would be better to evaluate Welbeck at the end of the season. It is not unknown for an ex-utd players suddenly get a lot better after they have transfered. I hope Welbeck follows this pattern.

  • Yes of Course Butch! Why not. Anything you say. Keep wriggling. Your good at that. Must have been doing that all your life. Is that why you live alone?
    Who would live with a snake like you. Seen the Manure board yet. You're in top position..AARRHH!!........!!!

  • Hahaha! Another bite!

    OINK OINK!!!

    Here fishy fishy fishy!!


  • I think it's very sweet how you've especially knitted a little geordie bloke for yourself and even stitched in the word OINK into the back of it - believe me, LOADS OF FRIENDS of mine have had a right laugh at how much I've got under your skin and wound you up!


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    Serious Question If Poss

    by Alan H Sep 1, 2014 23:05

    Hi Al, long time ..

    This place is dead, haunted only by the Geordie trolls, especially the 100 ID wannabe frog, in his tenth year of posting the same post, tens of thousands of times.

    Only the Arsenal board has an inkling of football chat, no thanks to the same trolls, who try their hardest to reduce it to their level.

    If you can't find it, try adding this after the mb/ in the above url .... ?bn=UKS-FO-arsenal

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    The Welbeck Affair....

    by Jacks Sep 3, 2014 07:48

    maybe we should consider his an ever evolving perspective? (credit to those who can analyses and adjust there point of view or position a rather than defend a stale and outdated point opinion.)

  • Rooney devrait avoir été vendu l'année dernière devant le ridicule contrat qu'il a signé

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    It's VERY quiet in here!

    by You Gotta Larf! Oct 7, 2014 15:06

    just look at me will you!!! Ive been bent over so many times, and look what its done to me...Im a f...,,g wreck....AAAAAARRRRHHHH! Ha ah ah ah ah ha ha ha ha ha jhaAAAARRRRHHHHH! ha ha h ha ha ha ha ha
    " its the braun family that's responsible you basterds"........AAAARRRRHHHH! ha ha ha ha ha h ahh ha ha ha ha ha.......

  • ".... its hard to understand what he/they are getting at??"

    "They" aren't getting at anything. This group of alcoholic nobodies started life here as Dodgybanana, an ID he kept until his wife found out. She posted here threatening us with the police if we didn't stop abusing her husband, this was her post ....

    ""Right. That's enough. I have reported this to the police and to Yahoo, and I will contact the Australian office as well. I'll not have you abuse me and my husband anymore. You are even following his posts around on Yahoo, and I've read your foul comments, and the one about my friend Sharon Grainger in Urunga. I wanted to do something about you then, but my husband stopped me. I have enough information about you to make a case. I am a respected member of my community, with a very responsible job. So when I say I am going to do something about you, I mean it. Whoever you are, I will see to it that you are banned. And I will go public on this.""

    After this post the Dodgybanana ID disappeared, it briefly became Nabby Adams, and then The Londoners. He was obviously afraid his wife would catch him posting. It was around this time, after saying he was out of here for good, that the rest of his multi-IDs started to appear .... Jack S, Jacob, Baldrick, Rick, Sandra, etc..

    He claims he's a reformed alcoholic, but it doesn't take an Einstein to read his posts and deduce the obvious ... HIC!

    Just for fun, search this forum for the word basterds, see who uses the misspelling.

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    Mesut Ozil

    by John Oct 8, 2014 17:11

    Ramsey will never be as creative as Cesc, however he is more dynamic. I like Wilshere and Ramsey infront of DM powerhouse (like Song?), but both are so injury prone and I dont see that changing.

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    Wengers best team...???

    by TheButchNemesis Oct 3, 2014 08:13

    Would you not put Marc Overmars in, in place of Freddie?

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    Is football now just business?

    by John Oct 21, 2014 09:49

    Arsenal clearly has been run like business for the last 10 years or more. In fact Arsenal is likely one of the best run football businesses around. As a fan I don't give a s%&t about how well the business side of the club is run provided it does not risk bankruptcy. I rather win the PL with a net profit of 5 million than place 4th with a net profit of 50 million.

    I think this might also be part of the reason the club is reluctant to let Wenger go. A transition year would most likely mean a year of finishing outside the CL places, although I think as you know, that this will likely happen in any event this year. No CL less profit.

    Let people invest their money in well ran businesses but I would prefer my club to be a well run club which to me means winning major trophies, rather than a well ran business which means making big profits.

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    Is football now just business?

    by John Oct 21, 2014 09:49

    I agree completely with bring in pace and physicality. The games we have done well in have involved Sanchez and Ox on the wings and Welbeck in the center. That is a very fast forward line and that is our strength. I think Ramsey should get a rest after having been out for a while and being injury prone so I would start the following:

    I play Bellerin as left back because I think we drop less at left back when we play him over Chambers then we lose playing Monreal as CB. Chambers is a solid CB and pairing him with Mert should be more solid than pairing Mert with Monreal. I leave Cazorla in but would have him play as a nr10 and not on the outside. I would have Ox play in the center but with the freedom to slot into either the left or right lane, putting double pressure on defenders if they have Sanchez and Ox barreling down on them or Ox overtaking Podolski on the left allowing Podolski to cut into the box sooner rather than trying to keep the pitch wide.

    Alternatively we could give Sanchez the free role and move Ox to the right wing. I think Cazorla as a true nr 10 can be good he is much less effective when asked to play out wide.

    Podolski - Welbeck - Sanchez
    Cazorla - Ox
    Gibbs - Mert - Chambers - Bellerin

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    Running out of things to say

    by Govinda Nov 5, 2014 08:06

    I think the result was not as bad as the effort. At least Wenger seems to realize, judging by his post match comments, that this was an awful performance.

    I do think had we won the game we could have pulled of a small miracle and beat Dortmund at home with a chance to win the group and avoid some of the big teams who will kill us of in the round of final 16.

  • Go ahead, tell me how we should have won and were the better team and all that other stuff that Wenger lovers used to spout. We lost be cause we are not good enough and that includes squad and manager for the last 10 years or so.

  • ........is Welbeck well worth the payback for RVP's desertion of Arsenal to Manure? By the comments some are making out there(like R Ferdinand) about the surprise deal made by V Gaal, it sure is.