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    It's VERY quiet in here!

    by You Gotta Larf! Oct 7, 2014 15:06

    AAAAARRRRHHHHH! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha That's hilarious.....that will have them rolling the aisles on the Arsenal board

  • 10 years ago Arsenal went the season unbeaten, resulting in the team being labelled 'the Invincibles'.

    This lead to an infamous quote by David Dein after lifting the Prem trophy, 'they will go on to dominate for the next decade'.

    It didn't quite work out like that, so why was he so wrong?

    I'd like to know peoples thoughts on this fact, even if they are excuses formed from personal bias.

    For me, the buck stops with Wenger. Its documented fact hes had plenty more money available to him than he spent, signed inadequate replacements for big players he let leave, criminally in some cases, and thats if he replaced them at all, which he more often than not hasnt. He has no plan B, you cant play the same exact way every week home and away, so do this for year on after year seems like very poor judgment, and thats not so much opinion as what seems to be basic observation universally perceived.

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    10 Years on: Where did it all go wrong?

    by Aaron Oct 18, 2014 15:11

    Considering Wenger has spent over £100m recently Im not sure we can blame the owner too much.

    What annoys me is that despite spending all that money, you're no stronger than you have been the past 10 years and are nowhere near good enough to challenge for the title, the main priority. This side looks like another 'long term project', which has been the case the past 10 years also.

    Like you (and Mourinho) say, Wenger has the best job in football. He gets paid silly money, his job is forever secure and he doesnt have to win anything. Winning a domestic cup barely counts as none of the top clubs 'try' for it, so if a top 4 side does it should be theirs considering the quality of opposition that usually features.

  • I am sure all Arsenal fans have been waiting anxiously for a sign of improvement of form. A sign we are about to go on a much needed run of wins.

    Last night there was no such sign despite a good result. The squad we fielded should have been able to do much better and our defending is still horrendous. Ironically in the last few games it has been Mertesacker who has let us down if you ask me. He was always burdened with a lack of pace an athleticism but age seems to have caused him to drop of a cliff. As I must have said 10 times this season, there was a reason Mert was not trusted to lead the German defense during the World Cup and we have to hope Wenger wakes up to the wisdom of Joachim Low sooner rather than later.

    Once on Wenger's favorite list he tends to stick by his players longer than he should. Just as once on his #$%$ list (Podolski, Campbell) no matter what you do you won't get into the starting line-up without all options ahead of you being exhausted.

    I still think we will struggle more than ever to finish in the top 4 and injuries should have nothing to do with that. The teams we have been able to field this season should have won more than they have.

  • ...and I know how hard it is to keep all the joy and excitement of an Arsenal win under control on here, but please, this is ridiculous . Once upon a time there were people who actually supported one football team or another, or gave vent to the smug joy of Newcastle knocking over Totters on their own ground. Or how lucky Manure were today to have an old Arsenal discard grab a point for them. Instead I'm greeted by stony silence, as though The Emirates had just burned down, or Wenger had just sold Ramsey and Sanchez to Manure. What does it take to get you lot motivated, another team of invincibles ? But even that I think wouldn't do it. Tickets for the Burnley game ? Anyone. Anyone!

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    Butch still away with the Fairies......

    by Jacks Sep 26, 2014 09:28

    Butch in Bali...more BS!!!...she's just in hiding because Man U are shyte...you gotta larf!

  • Hi my little sunshine. I won't rub your face in the fact that I don't post under another name. Neither will I rub your face in the fact that you can clearly not make a distinction between the following two sentences. "Next in line is a spanking by Van Gaal and his struggling team" and "Next in line is a likely spanking by Van Gaal and his struggling team." The first sentence is a lot like Sanchez saying the 3 points from the Swansea game are coming back to London.

    Finally, apparently unlike you, I prefer Arsenal winning over my expectations being correct.

    Let us hope Wenger hits his head and travels back 10-15 years in time and goes out and buys Hummels and Khedeira or Carvalho.

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    the poor beggar of the boards....

    by TheButchNemesis Dec 5, 2014 23:16

    Hahaha, I knew it wouldn't take long for you to BITE!

    " nobody even remembers who you are" ..... Except YOU, Mr "I Watched From The North Bank Fifty Years Ago" Brown!

    And the Geordie Child, of course, he's been worried sick for seven weeks that I wouldn't come back, cos I'm all he lives for, I'm his online fantasy world, along with his pretend house in France, his pretend property empire, his pretend fleet of classic cars, and his pretend wife!

    So get back to "normal", yank, run down everyone who has an opinion on football .... John and Govinda, and show us just what a twot you are!

    PS: How's Gillian, has she found the number for the cops yet? I'll bet they're just itching to track me down for insulting you!


  • ...defending again against an equally shambolic Stoke, as were some of the other results today. shambolic Chelsea, as well as L'pool, Tottenham, Everton, and most of the top ten. So its not just Arsenal. The result didn't matter at all in terms of position in the league. Manure going dutch, will as usual go backwards again and we are all back to where we were a week ago. Time to wake up another shambolic human, who is probably well into his third bottle of rum on a Saturday night. We should be getting some of his bucolic vomiting on here some time soon. He's about as boring as Manchester's football......

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    Good to see....

    by Jacks Dec 10, 2014 11:18

    An easy 1-4 win for Arsenal against Galatasaray, it's just a shame Arsenal are not getting results like this week in and week out in the Premier League or they could easily be sitting top of the league!

    OINK OINK!!!

  • ....No!!!!??? Good God! I'm move to tears. Surely there has to some complaints like it should have been 10 - 1. Well 5 at least seeing how Welbeck never touched the other bloke before scoring. But I think I'll go to Rio on that result, rather than fly blown Bali. Anyway its full of kids and old bald blokes in thongs and Speedo briefs (Budgie smugglers ) with their fat gut hanging over them. Can't be much fun unless your into that kind of thing.

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    Why no Ronnie...????

    by Jacks Dec 14, 2014 09:10

    Good result, Lewis Hamilton, a SPORTSMAN, wins SPORTSMAN of the Year.

    Snooker is a GAME, not a sport, good luck to Sullivan for GAMER of the Year.

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    Happy New Year

    by John Jan 2, 2015 16:56

    Well the early news reports Podolski is off to Milan on loan.

    My guess it is with an option to buy at the end of the season.

    In my humble opinion, this just made our squad weaker.

  • bad result for us but the way we played we didn't deserve more IMO.

    Since this board seems dead, I will spare myself the typing of what we could have tried to do to improve the second half after a poor first half.

    I still think 4th is out of reach for us.

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    Monaco debacle

    by Govinda Feb 26, 2015 07:42

    Thanks for the reply John. Although I envy you for being able to go the games, I understand the mixed feelings you might have about paying for some of the performances in these big games.

    From television it looked similar to what you summarized. Although I think Ozil appeared a bit unlucky with his team mates in as far as some of his passes being squandered.

    Your summary could have easily been of an other Arsenal game though and that is the worry for me.

    IMO the best game we played as a collective, maybe not the prettiest, was against City. We seemed to press early, move up and down the pitch as a collective, not leaving big spaces between our lines for the opponents to take advantage of and maintained focus pretty much through out the game. It almost felt a little like Barca and Bayern play as a collective and press high on the pitch. But then we never seem to play like that again despite having shown we are capable of it.

    By now you know I don't think highly of Giroud and I hope we will add some depth at his position this summer, now that it seems likely Wenger won't spend on a top DM thanks to the impressive debut season of Coqleulin.

    As weak as it sounds, I think the ref for the return leg of the Monaco game is going to be the determining factor. Will he allow Monaco to foul us out of our rhythm or will he hand out some early yellows to give us a chance?

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    Butch still away with the Fairies......

    by Jacks Sep 26, 2014 09:28

    Looks like the OLD tranny from Cairns is off to join the fairies alright, heading off the off-licence for a few tins of 'tramp juice' and make a fool of herself in public!

    We all know what happens when those brags of "I'm going away" start from that OLD woofter, within a matter of hours she's posting on here, either that or sweetblindness magically reappears trolling everyone's posts!


  • .........It is time someone else got a chance.

    With his in depth knowledge of everything football, I would have thought the outback cowboy Butch would be a good re[placement. Just imagine the damage he could do with a team of humpty backed old guzzlers from his local........better than the team Wenger put out to be almost sunk by a leaky Hull....no pun intended...

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    How many buses

    by Jacks Nov 1, 2014 12:26

    Burnley were never going to give us a hard game. Sanchez's first goal was superb. His work rate all over the pitch is fantastic. Comparisons are being drawn, but they are more that he is like a Suarez type player. Let's hope he only copies his prolific scoring record and not his biting, diving and racism.

  • You lot should have beaten Mancnobber Ushyted after playing them off the park.

    Their glory boy fans are filling the Yahoo articles with gloating comments, it's sickening!

    I'm surprised that old fanny from Cairns didn't take a break from her imaginary tour of Asia to post a gloating comment, but perhaps she's had her electricity cut off again for not paying the bill?

    OINK OINK!!!

  • Seven weeks travelling around paradise with my son, and what's happened here?


    The sad, immature Geordie has sunk to new depths of immaturity with ..... wait for it ..... Mancnobber Ushyted ...... can you believe that? He gets younger as he gets older! I made an hilarious video on Sanur Beach in Bali, asking the locals what they thought of Geordies, I'll get it up on Youtube soon. Their reputation as idiots has crossed the world!

    Then we have the yank, who has responded to Govinda's football posts with his usual vitriol, a substitute for football knowledge. He can't compete one on one talking football, so he does what he does best, shows himself up with childish insults, and the usual reference to standing on the North Bank 50 years ago, with the claim that makes him a REAL fan.

    Govinda's repost to the yank's threat that he was, ".... saving this and I'm going to rub your moaning bl..dy face in it." was hilarious, it sent the yank right over the top! Good stuff Govinda.

    This place really should be put down. Luckily, I'm off next year, moving to Bali. I've got a nice four bed villa on Sanur beach with a pool, a cook and a maid, (mandatory there to employ at least one person), and the chance to take a stake in a local nightclub, not a pretend one like the whole of Geordie Child's life!

    I won't do what certain idiots did here last season, and brag about the fact Arsenal and United have swapped places, I'll leave that for the end of the season.

    Cue the idiots ....... LMFAO!