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    Is football now just business?

    by John Oct 21, 2014 09:49

    Yeh! But what about the workers!!!??? How do we get to Europe? Oh I know. Lets try another landing at Normandy. We could take out Dortmund, Munich, and be in Berlin by lunch time. Scones with jam, cream and a cup of tea anyone ???.......but you're right of course John. It's only been a matter of time. Its been coming a long time now, and once the Arabs, Russians and Asians got their fingers into the pot of rich pickings, it was downhill all the way from then on for the workers. and they guarding the coffers don't give a stuff either as long as the mugs who really cant afford it get themselves into debt and trouble trying to keep up.... and there are plenty of them out there, including you if you don't mind me saying so John... hum hum!

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    Van Gaal seems to learn, why does Wenger not?

    by Govinda Oct 28, 2014 09:35

    Well I suppose I should concede you the few points you make. However, I have never seen Fellani as a Man Utd type of player, and never will. It was only the fact that Moyes did(why I shall never know) that got him to United in the first place. I could hardly have seen LVG bidding for his services had it been different. Could you??

  • Same old Arsenal. As predicted. No leaders, no tactical ability or instinct, no ability to defend. This could have been posted 5,6,7,8,9 years ago or last year. It remains true.

  • just when things were back to normal, without the tiresome moron Ricki 'the cabbage head' Altree, we now have to wipe the forum floor with this poor excuse for a £10 pom. trying to convince nobody on here that he has been away travelling. If he hadn't been such a boring liar most of his existence, we may have believed him. As it is you will have to forgive us Rikki but nobody even remembers who you are let alone asking anyone to accept your nonsense. Was there no way they would let you stay in the bali bush with your tin cup loin cloth and sandals ? You are and about as welcome and worn as a beggars purse on here, and just as empty of any credibility.

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    the poor beggar of the boards....

    by TheButchNemesis Dec 5, 2014 23:16

    CHOMP, CHOMP!! Another BITE!

    Here fishy fishy fishy!


  • ...and in they marched into Old Trafford and collected a 0-1 win!

    Lovely start to 2015 I think...you gotta larf, really, you do!

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    Another derby defeat...

    by OINK OINK Nov 3, 2014 17:36

    You know that it's watching and resisting the urge to reply...you gotta larf!

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    The boot....???

    by Jacks Nov 25, 2014 11:00

    I am not sure what position we should prioritize, a DM or a CD? Should Kos be back to full fitness I would chose a very good DM over a central defender. I think Schneiderlin might be one of the best in the PL. But should Kos continue to struggle than we clearly should prioritize a central defender IMO.

    In an ideal world we should sign one of each. Maybe a Virgil van Dijk at CD and a clear upgrade (Khedira? bender?, Carvalho?) on Flamini and Arteta.

    However I don't see Wenger sign a quality DM this window or any tie soon.

    What do you think?

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    Not so pointless....

    by Jacks Dec 22, 2014 14:26

    I think it was a great and important result. Of course to give it away late leaves a bad taste in our mouth but like you said, if you play panic football in the last 20 minutes you are likely to concede against a better team and Liverpool had been batter all game. Liverpool trailing us in the table and possibly competing with us for 4th meant a draw was better result for us than for them.

    We look likely to survive an other round in the CL but what will that lead to and will it harm our fragile squad and chances for 4th in the PL? Who knows. At this point in time I find it hard to get excited about the prospects of beating Monaco, an other mid-table average team.

    I hope against reason and history that Wenger will buy a starting type caliber defensive player either CD or defensive midfielder during the January window. Schneiderlin would make me very happy.

    I think Chaimbers had a stinker and I wonder if he is not, at this point, a better CD than RB. Clearly Wenger thinks Debuchy is the better CD. I also think Mertesacker is not having a great year and that is costing us even if it is in his failure to organise the defense during set pieces. I am sure it frustrating to every Arsenal fan to continue to concede from set pieces year after year. To me that should be one of the parts of the game you can practice for and improve on yet it is hard to see such improvement.

    I still don't think we take 4th this season and I fear we might be exposed by West Ham. We are lucky Song is leaving for the ACN.

    11 dropped points from winning positions thus far, that would have put us in contention for the PL title.

  • Time to rest Sanchez and give Walcott, Ozill or Campbell some minutes?

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    Wengers best team...???

    by TheButchNemesis Oct 3, 2014 08:13

    Would you not put Marc Overmars in, in place of Freddie?

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    Is football now just business?

    by John Oct 21, 2014 09:49

    Arsenal clearly has been run like business for the last 10 years or more. In fact Arsenal is likely one of the best run football businesses around. As a fan I don't give a s%&t about how well the business side of the club is run provided it does not risk bankruptcy. I rather win the PL with a net profit of 5 million than place 4th with a net profit of 50 million.

    I think this might also be part of the reason the club is reluctant to let Wenger go. A transition year would most likely mean a year of finishing outside the CL places, although I think as you know, that this will likely happen in any event this year. No CL less profit.

    Let people invest their money in well ran businesses but I would prefer my club to be a well run club which to me means winning major trophies, rather than a well ran business which means making big profits.

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    Is football now just business?

    by John Oct 21, 2014 09:49

    I agree completely with bring in pace and physicality. The games we have done well in have involved Sanchez and Ox on the wings and Welbeck in the center. That is a very fast forward line and that is our strength. I think Ramsey should get a rest after having been out for a while and being injury prone so I would start the following:

    I play Bellerin as left back because I think we drop less at left back when we play him over Chambers then we lose playing Monreal as CB. Chambers is a solid CB and pairing him with Mert should be more solid than pairing Mert with Monreal. I leave Cazorla in but would have him play as a nr10 and not on the outside. I would have Ox play in the center but with the freedom to slot into either the left or right lane, putting double pressure on defenders if they have Sanchez and Ox barreling down on them or Ox overtaking Podolski on the left allowing Podolski to cut into the box sooner rather than trying to keep the pitch wide.

    Alternatively we could give Sanchez the free role and move Ox to the right wing. I think Cazorla as a true nr 10 can be good he is much less effective when asked to play out wide.

    Podolski - Welbeck - Sanchez
    Cazorla - Ox
    Gibbs - Mert - Chambers - Bellerin

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    Running out of things to say

    by Govinda Nov 5, 2014 08:06

    I think the result was not as bad as the effort. At least Wenger seems to realize, judging by his post match comments, that this was an awful performance.

    I do think had we won the game we could have pulled of a small miracle and beat Dortmund at home with a chance to win the group and avoid some of the big teams who will kill us of in the round of final 16.

  • Go ahead, tell me how we should have won and were the better team and all that other stuff that Wenger lovers used to spout. We lost be cause we are not good enough and that includes squad and manager for the last 10 years or so.

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    Sign or part of our injury problems?

    by Govinda Oct 17, 2014 14:12

    Excellent piece of writing. Too bad it doesn't address any potential reason for our injury record, by far the worst of the PL teams and no longer explainable as coincidence. As long as the next mug is Klop or one of the other top modern day managers I will live with Wengers departure but I don't think he is going to walk away from his fat pay check voluntary. For now he will continue to take the #$%$ out of the owner the club and the fans. And who can blame hime? Best paid job and no performance targets.

  • This place is officially dead...

    ...even the Cairns fairy has suddenly decided to run off into the Bali sunset, hand in hand with an orangutan.

    Typical Man U gobshytes, only singing when they're winning and AWOL when the bad times fall upon them.

    Time to turn off the lights and leave this forum in the dark where it belongs, it's dead and all it's former residents have limped off with their tail inbetween their legs in defeat. - LMFAO!!!

    OINK OINK!!!

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    Van Gaal seems to learn, why does Wenger not?

    by Govinda Oct 28, 2014 09:35

    I think Van Gaal had many similarities with Wenger. They both like possion of the ball and they both like creative, technically gifted players and they both prefer an attractive attacking style. You will find many similarities if you look at Ajax under Van Gall when they won the the CL but also at Barca and more recently Bayern.

    I think Van Gaal is more versatile than Wenger. Van Gaal was vilified in Holland for abandoning the Dutch 4-3-3 philosophy when we lost Strootman. Instead he adopted Koeman's Feyenoord system which is much less attractive but more effective. Holland with an average team took 3rd in the WC. Van Gaal adopted his strategy to the personnel available. Wenger doesn't seem to do that. END

  • ...Mancknobber Ushyted field the most expensive side in Premier League history so far and STILL GET BEATEN!!!

    LMFAO!!! - no wonder all the 24/7 residents on this board went AWOL, they could see this all coming!!!

    OINK OINK!!!

  • I have said it before, don't expect a top 4 finish this season. In fact don't expect anything until we get a manager familiar with the modern game.