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  • For once, I felt the defence played very well. Alby was definitly MotM and Barnett played very well also. I thought they attacked the ball very well.

    I have a couple of points about how and why we lost this game. Number 1, James Morrison. Although the loss cannot be totally blamed on him (sadly), what purpose does he serve? I've had a season ticket at the Albion since 02-03 now, and Morrison week-in, week-out churns out some of the worst performances I've seen of anyone in a WBA shirt. He can't play on the wings, as he's too slow and can't cross a ball, and can't play in the centre either, as he's far too weak. So, why does Mowbray insist on playing him every week, in must win games, dropping vital players such as Gera and Brunt. I'm beginning to think that Morrison is Mowbrays lovechild, as there's no other logical explaination of why he's still in the team.

    Secondly, Mowbrays tactics. I am, and have been a big fan of Mowbray since Day 1, but his insistence to play 'pretty' football does annoy me, sometimes in this league you have to play unattractive and Route One football, as it is effective, as Stoke have showed so many times. After Morrison's anonymous first half performance I thought that it was obvious to bring on Brunt, and supply Bednar with some service. Mowbray thought differently. Why he left Morrison on for 90 minutes, I will never know. Also bringing off Bednar and Philips for Miller and Moore, and also Greening. At the end, we were playing 4-2-2-2 formation, with absolutely no width. How were we meant to score like that?

    I walked out after Folan's goal, only the second time I've ever done it at a Baggies match.

    Any thoughts?

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    OH HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 30, 2007 18:42
    A Yahoo! User Aug 31, 2007 00:12 Flag

    So happy we got rid of Ellington, such a clown.

    Can't believe someone wold be stupid enough to actually pay for him, I would have happily released him. I would have prefered to play any of our strikers ahead of him, including MacDonald.

    Farewell Duke!

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    Burnley vs WBA

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 24, 2007 06:13
    A Yahoo! User Apr 25, 2007 03:55 Flag

    If by some miracle we do get promoted, or (the more likely) we stay in the Championship, I would like to see the following players leave.

    1. Chaplow.

    I don't think I have ever seen a worse player in an Albion shirt, I have a friend who is a Burnley fan and he was giving rave reviews about him, so I was excited when we signed him. At the start I put his performances down to him still being new at the club and being young, but now I have been saying that for two years and there has been no improvement. I would happily pay money to get him out of the club. I rate him as the worst player to play for Albion in my lifetime ahead of Van Blerk, Carr and de Freitas. A disgrace.

    2. Gera.

    The 2004-05 season. The Great Escape. That season Gera epitomised Albion. The underdog that never gave up. He put in 100% every week. Last season he was unlucky with injuries. But when he came back this season I was hoping for that same commitment and drive that we saw in 04-05, this season there have been glimpses of his old self but nothing like he was. A one season wonder.

    3. Ellington.

    If you cast your mind back to the Summer when we signed him, him and Darren Bent were the two top scorers in the league, Bent went to Charlton and Ellington to us. You now look at their development, Bent has scored twenty goals a season for a couple of years, and has won England caps. And Ellington?

    When we were playing Stoke, and losing 3-0 at half-time, when I saw Jared Hodgkiss coming on, admittedly I put my head in my hands in despair. But how wrong was I? In that match I saw a player who cares about the club, a player who was willing to take an opportunity when it came to him. That is the sort of player I want at the club next season

    It is rather ironic that our defence are (almost) the only players in the team that actually look like they want to play and we are leaking goals left, right and centre. Robinson, Sodje, Hodgkiss and Albrechtsen are players worthy of a place in our team, unlike the prima-donna 'Premiership - class' players of our squad.

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    Burnley vs WBA

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 24, 2007 06:13
    A Yahoo! User Apr 24, 2007 06:56 Flag

    I have supported Albion for 12 years of my 15 year life, and had a season ticket for the past five. And how do they repay us? With a performance like that. Please can someone tell me what Chaplow brings to the team? Everytime he got the ball he gave it away within 10 seconds. Yes, we were unlucky with the sending off, but we still should not have lost that game.
    When we got promoted in 01-02 and 03-04, we did not play fancy football. We did not have players who thought they were bigger than the club. We had players like Derek McInnes and Larus Siggurdson who gave 110% every week and played with their heart on their sleeve. I didn't see a glimpse of that grit or guile from most of team tonight.
    If we are "fortunate" enough to get in the playoffs, God help the players when they play against quality oppostion, unlike a struggling tem like Burnley.
    It is typical of Albion to throw away a 2-0 lead. It takes a special king of #$%$ to do that.