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  • pay up pompey, pompey pay up, i did tell you what goes around comes around when you were giving us stick. i haven't seen you on our message board of late, so i thought i would rub it in here instead, hehe, grump.

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    im getting grumpy, grump.

    by A Yahoo! User Sep 19, 2009 00:59
    A Yahoo! User Sep 27, 2009 00:01 Flag

    hello jude, i know i have to be positive, but we are only taking a point a game and that will not do, grump. we will be in the bottom four if this continues not the playoffs. if we got a bit of money, mr swiss roll chairman, then i would like to see some spent in jan on the team. what is pompey fans favourite track? killing an arab (owner) by the cure, hehe, grump, come on you saints up up and a way, catch up soon, sanj.

  • new season, same problems, when will we win a game in the league, grump. i know i have to give mr pardew time, but he looks like he doing the same job here when he was at charlton, grump. on a positive note, we might beat pompey to getting of the mark, hehe, grump.come on you saints, mr grumpy sanj.

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    all hail "Sir Matt Le God of Southampton"

    by Jude Jun 18, 2009 18:21
    A Yahoo! User Jul 1, 2009 11:15 Flag

    all grump at sir matt le god of southampton, grump, mr grumpy sanj.

  • hello, just been on the echo site for some news on the saints, they have an exclusive, that lowe turned down ranson's 40 million pound bids last year, great reporting, if they didnt have their heads up lowe's arse in the first place, maybe the other donuts, the so called saints fans, who thought lowe was doing a good job, might have seen what the pompey loving idiot was up to, maybe the echo will be up to date with their reporting from now on, instead of brown nosing the new chairman, grump, saint sanj.

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    Pompey win, Saints down and admin

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 23, 2009 07:17
    A Yahoo! User Apr 23, 2009 22:53 Flag

    crap headline, mine was better, but thats natural because im a saint, hehe, you are going down next season, watch the players leave in the summer, but you can always go back in time dr who in your turdis, hehe.

  • im glad that we got the 10 points deduction, if only lowe did before the 23rd of march, we would start with a clean slate, but its is time for all saints fans to come together and be one. things started to go wrong when we went into the stock market, loads of the board giving themselves free shares and thinking of themselves. a number of different managers, apart from gordon, should have never been giving the job in the first place. i would love to find out the real reason why gordon left. then there is rupert lowe, who wanted to run everything including which players were brought. who was he looking after, the club or shareholders? but thats enough grumping from me. its a new era for the saints and fans, we should learn from these mistakes and never let them happen again, thats if the fans who have their heads in the sands have come out for breathe. where is lowe now, you donuts, grump, saint grumpy.

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    Happy Birthday to me......Happy Birthday to me....

    by Jude Mar 31, 2009 22:35
    A Yahoo! User Apr 2, 2009 03:31 Flag

    happy birthday jude. i thought it was a joke, but with the fool lowe around, i know it was not, grump. if we dont get the 10 points taken away, then i feel we have cheated the other teams in the league. heres to the future, remember it was lowe who didnt want ray ranson's money last year. enjoy the game on saturday, hope we get three points, mr grumpy sanj.

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    pompey nil saints won

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 4, 2009 06:16
    A Yahoo! User Mar 14, 2009 10:34 Flag

    hey jude, oooo i can hear a song coming, i was at that game, i was standing behind the goal where mark wright broke his leg, i heard it and it didnt sound good. i can remember the game going into extra time and losing 3- nil, grump,with ian rush scoring. i cant remember us having a shot tho, i dont think we did, grump. those were the good all days, grump, one day we will be back, keep the faith, mr grumpy sanj.

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    Birmingham v Southampton

    by Pikey Mar 6, 2009 03:46
    A Yahoo! User Mar 9, 2009 00:21 Flag

    your wife only charges a dollar, hehe, grump.

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    pompey nil saints won

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 4, 2009 06:16
    A Yahoo! User Mar 6, 2009 00:17 Flag

    hello jude, i have a feeling we will do it, charlton look doom, blackpool and barnsley are on a slide, so there is hope, coming out to the kings of leon must be doing the trick, win our home games and will be playing pompey next season, haha, sanj.

  • hello people, is this right, the saints have won three in a row. im normally negative when i write on here, so i decide it time to be positive and shout from the roof tops that the saints are back, win another five games and we will be safe. thank you saints for putting a smile back on my face and thank you pompey for losing. life doesnt get better then this. come on you super reds. all hail the wotte. rupert lowe still to go tho, :0), saint grumpy sanj.

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    bye jan and lowe hopefully too

    by A Yahoo! User Jan 24, 2009 04:43
    A Yahoo! User Feb 1, 2009 04:21 Flag

    hello jude, i hope the demo was well supported, we need to get lowe out now, i was thinking today, that if we had kept our forwards and not loaned them out, we would be in a better position, just look at the last two matches, grump. we are in a relegation fight and have a forward at a club (watford) who we are fighting with, where is the sense in that. lowe is going to run the club down because of his investment and the old boys like big mac says nothing because they got shares i the club for free when the club was floated in the stock market. i would give mark wotte a chance in the job, shearer will do a hoddle if he became southampton manager as soon as newcastle comes calling he will go. we need to stay in the championship and if shearer comes in and we go down is a way to keep us fans quiet, then it will not work with this fan, please someone buy our club from lowe please, grump, sanj.

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    bye jan and lowe hopefully too

    by A Yahoo! User Jan 24, 2009 04:43
    A Yahoo! User Jan 28, 2009 09:27 Flag

    thank you for the kind offer jude, but i live in newcastle now, grump, but i would if i was still down south. i hope you are not going to watch the game, you need a mass demonstration in the car park so the sod cant get out to his car, grump. as we have not sold anyone yet, it looks like we will go into administration and get the 10 points taken away too, grump. watch out for march 22/23, last day you can go into administration, grump, on the bright side, lowe might go then, grump, sanj.

  • with jan gone now, dont you think that lowe should do the same? it was his great idea to get jan and not keep pearson, who kept us up, because lowe is a tight arse, grump. when bosses make big mistakes, they get the sack, look at the credit crunch, so why the hell do we southampton supporters put up with lowe who is taking us down again, wake up people!!!!!!!! its time for the fans to get together and get lowe out, red cards or sit ins wont do, dont go to the game would show lowe, as it will hit him in the pocket. lowe thinks he can run a foootball club and make the transfers, maybe he should look at the job he has done, grump. on a positive i might see the saints play hartlepool next season, grump, come on you saints, sanj.

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    by A Yahoo! User Aug 31, 2008 06:11
    A Yahoo! User Sep 1, 2008 13:12 Flag

    you should know about donkeys as all pompey women are donkeys

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    by Jude Aug 14, 2008 23:45
    A Yahoo! User Aug 24, 2008 05:00 Flag

    what my old country? i was born in southampton england, chris you are just showing your true colours, a racist, you cant come up with anything original and have to bring up the colour of my skin, im a proud british indian, if you have a problem with this, then fuck off back to the the hole you came out of, fratton park.

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    Flying high.

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 20, 2008 19:38
    A Yahoo! User Aug 21, 2008 07:47 Flag

    lmao at pompey, where are you in the league? bottom too, mr grumpy sanj.

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    well done

    by A Yahoo! User May 5, 2008 02:19
    A Yahoo! User May 5, 2008 06:46 Flag

    thanks mr hammer for your support, its funny that the pompey t**ts have shut up, come on you bluebirds, mr grumpy sanj.

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    Final Push

    by Jude May 2, 2008 18:03
    A Yahoo! User May 3, 2008 06:45 Flag

    come on you saints, show us some pride on sunday, look jude, even im being positive, grump, mr grumpy sanj.