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  • Hello folks,

    I haven't been on here for a while, so my good lady wife and I would like to extend all the best to all the fellow Spurs fans on this forum for the Season..

    I'm delighted to see that Spurs are still playing the kind of football that we love to see them play, and our win's over Villa & Newcastle stand testement to the fact that we now have a squad well capable of matching anyone in the Premier League and Champions League..

    Well here's to 2011 and Spurs continuing the form that has seen us become the team that everyone is talking about!

    Keep the Faith in the mighty Spurs!

    Kind Regards Galway!

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    Ralph Coates-RIP

    by richard j Dec 19, 2010 08:56
    A Yahoo! User Dec 19, 2010 16:33 Flag

    I always remember his goal and celebration when he scored in the League Cup Final against Norwich in 1973.. In latter years he was often seen around the Lane on match-days, a very amiable chap who was always willing to talk to supporters young & old alike.

    My deepest sympathies & condolences are with his family at this very sad time..

    Ralph Coates.. Rest in Peace!

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    could we draw Arsenal?

    by Mc G Dec 9, 2010 02:39
    A Yahoo! User Dec 9, 2010 03:31 Flag

    Thats true RM... but can the Gooners be considered as English? - most of their players can't even speak the Queen English..

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    transfer news

    by ed Dec 4, 2010 00:18
    A Yahoo! User Dec 8, 2010 19:46 Flag

    The thing about tabloid transfer speculation is we have been linked with all kinds of players and most of these reports can be dismissed with a pinch of salt..

    Gareth Bale was linked with a £60m + Adeybayor move to Man City in the News of the World ( we do have the tabloid newspapaer over here in Ireland ) which has since been dismissed by Harry Redknapp as pure journalistic nonsense..

    We DO NOT need to sell or buy as we have a squad well capable of maintaining a push on the Champions League stage as well as in the Premier League..

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    I've been thinking - Part 2

    by Kentish Maid Nov 17, 2010 08:08
    A Yahoo! User Nov 20, 2010 15:19 Flag

    Really looking forward to it Mel, only 1 ticket for me as Mrs G isn't a big football fan!!

    As I'll be flying in from Shannon I'll have to check the flights once they become available.

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    typical week

    by Layla Nov 7, 2010 06:53
    A Yahoo! User Nov 7, 2010 15:31 Flag

    Agree 100% Spursbabe,

    While I am obviously delighted that we are now in the Champions League, it has become something of a distraction when it comes to League positioning.

    IMO we are not mature enough to have a team capable of performing in both the CL & Premier League as our League form always invariably suffers after we play in Champions League..

    We always seem to suffer in the following League game after a mid-week match, so even if we beat Sunderland, I can see us having a real struggle against Blackburn..

    We haven't kept a clean sheet at home since the opening day of the season so I think a 2-1 win against Sunderland followed up with a 1-1 draw against Blackburn

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    Pride, Passion & Belief..

    by A Yahoo! User Nov 3, 2010 14:53
    A Yahoo! User Nov 3, 2010 15:52 Flag

    Too true..

    It has often been the case that we always seem to suffer a Champions League hangover in the following league game.

    Bolton at the Raebok will not be at all easy, in fact I would be happy with a point against them.

    I can't see any reason for us not to take all 3 points against Sunderland & Blackburn - that will set us up quite nicely for the North London derby on the 20th of November!

  • Wow! What a display against the European Champions last night.

    I'm still on cloud nine, I must be the proudest man in the fair County of Galway..... nay I am the proudest man in the whole of Ireland this morning!!

    I will be wearing my Spurs Shirt with a great deal of pride today!

    Spurs have taken on the best, now bring on the rest... COYS!!

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    by A Yahoo! User Oct 11, 2010 21:08
    A Yahoo! User Oct 13, 2010 02:34 Flag

    Excellent posts chaps!

    I, as well as all of other decent posters on here really appreciate your kind words in tribute to one of our own (Berlinspur).

    It goes to show that life is indeed fragile and like Nige (Tilts) has said everyone of us should live for today.

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    Joe Cole (who)

    by jp_gumby Oct 5, 2010 04:57
    A Yahoo! User Oct 10, 2010 15:18 Flag

    EY, That's if the wheels haven't been nicked... ha ha!

    Seriously though, Cole made the decision to go to the Scousers because he thought they were a more realistic long term CL bet then we were..

    Once they go a-tumbling out of the Europa League and with a possible 9 point deduction out of the Prem, he will have plenty of time to think about his move to Merseyside while he is watching us play in the Champions League.

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    Hey Fabongrass - guess what?..

    by A Yahoo! User Oct 7, 2010 01:35
    A Yahoo! User Oct 7, 2010 02:19 Flag

    So you have been behaving yourself Fab old chum!

    I have seroiously missed these message boards but the missus and I have rekindled a dwindling spark in our marriage since I last posted on these boards 6 months ago ( my marriage was seriously close to coming off the rails ).

    I still go out cycling at the weekends, as the roads over here in Oireland are a little quieter then over there in good old Blighty.

    I trust you still do 'your other hobby - fishing' and you have not depleted the rivers of fish stocks... ha!

    As for football ( this is a football forum after all ) your win against our kids was well deserved, but our debut in the CL against Bremen & Twente were a delight for all to see!

    Regards GY

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    i.e. KM's 'i've been thinking' thread.

    by Jabba Oct 4, 2010 17:14
    A Yahoo! User Oct 7, 2010 02:07 Flag

    Ok thanks Mel,

    I will be delighted to attend, if only to raise a glass or two in memory of our dear old friend Berlinspur..

    If you could give me about a weeks notice before the event, so I can arrange for time of work and to book outbound/return flights from Shannon, I would be extremely greatful..

  • Galway Yiddo has returned!

    Greetings from Ireland, old bean.

    Its been about 6 months since I have posted anything on these message boards. I trust you are keeping well and have been behaving yourself on the Spurs message board.

    Regards GY

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    i.e. KM's 'i've been thinking' thread.

    by Jabba Oct 4, 2010 17:14
    A Yahoo! User Oct 7, 2010 01:20 Flag

    Hi KM,

    The missus & I are very well thank you, not being on the internet day-in, day-out for the last 6-7 months has rekindled a spark in our marriage that was sadly missing.

    I am in complete shock with regards to Berlinspur, very sad news indeed... his inputs on this forum were always worth reading and he was one of the original posters on this board.

    Berlinspur - gone but definately not forgotten!

    I will be delighted to attend the get together, but I will not be able to geet over to Blighty until the new year..

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    i.e. KM's 'i've been thinking' thread.

    by Jabba Oct 4, 2010 17:14
    A Yahoo! User Oct 7, 2010 00:52 Flag

    Hi folks!

    Greetings from Ireland.. I trust that everyone has been behaving themselves while I have been away?

    Regards Galway!

  • No I'm not on the move again to some far-flung corner of the world where there is no internet connection, I'm talking about quitting these message boards.

    Since I first started posting threads on here in May 2007 it has always been interesting to discuss Spurs related topics with like-minded individuals and this board has been relatively muppet free up until now.

    I have decided to move on from these boards and will log out of my Yahoo account with immediate effect, however I will check in periodically to find out what the latest Spurs gossip is.

    So thats it fellow yidsters.... Galway is gettin' outta here once & for all!


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    Modric - left or centre?

    by KURT Apr 27, 2010 08:11
    A Yahoo! User Apr 27, 2010 13:13 Flag

    Spot on Kurt,

    Modric and Hudd proved that the CM positions are their best positions for the club, the proof in the pudding are the recent wins against the Gooners & the Chavs.

    I'm not certain what position Modric plays when he pulls on the Croatia shirt but I'm sure it isn't on the left.

    Hudd's range of passing always seems to be more effective & accurate when he is in the centre of the park partnering Modric, whereupon WP doesn't have the confidence to attempt anything quite so venturous, he often mis-places simple passes putting the team under pressure ( a-la Manure game as an example ).

    But on the plus side WP does add a lot of steel to the side, showing heart & commitment when he does decide to play well..

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    Have we done the hard bit?

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 26, 2010 18:45
    A Yahoo! User Apr 27, 2010 01:40 Flag


    Villas goal diff is +16 ours is +27 and barring any kind of disaster they will not overturn our GD!

    Villa have only 2 games left one of them being at Man Citeh & if they both cancel each other out then 4th will be ours to win or lose!

    We should beat Bolton at WHL & now that Burnley are relegated we should get the 3 points on offer at Turf Moor.


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    Manure Game Mk2

    by Born2Suffer Apr 24, 2010 22:05
    A Yahoo! User Apr 25, 2010 16:47 Flag

    Hugely disappointed with yesterday's result.

    The Mancs were missing Rooney & Ferdinand, but it didn't seem to affect them in their push to regain the EPL title. They won fair and square - so well played to them.

    On the plus side it was good to see Aaron Lennon back after 4 months out. Modric was good early on but seemed to fade as the match went on. THudd had a solid game. Daws & King did well to keep them out and until Nani's goal we were very much level-pegging with them.