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    Robson Out?

    by Will Apr 12, 2006 22:54
    A Yahoo! User Apr 14, 2006 23:52 Flag

    I have to agree that Robson has to go. From the game against Middlesboro he has failed to pick the right team for virtually every game. Middlesboro - Kanu's firstgame back should have been teamed up with Ellington. At the time Middlesboro's defence was leaking goals and I think Ellington would have scored even though he was lacking in confidence. Chelsea - why did we play 4 5 1 against a Chelsea team that were actually in a dip in form! Ok I know we created some chances but without a natural goal scorer we never looked like scoring. It was only when we did go 442 that we created a decent chance and scored. Blues - Again should have been 442. Ellington scores with his first touch. Kamara couldnt hit cows #$%$ with a banjo. Man U - should have played 451. Man u at the moment with Liverpool are the inform sides in the league so Robson should have kept it tight, instead he gives them the freedom of the midfield and we loose. Spurs - right formation, wrong team. how the hell did Andrew Johnson get in the team! Ok he runs round like a headless chicken and covers every blade of grass but he doesnt have any passing ability compared to Inamoto. Liverpool - see my coments about Man u! Villa - At last, he plays the right formation and the right team. One game where I dont blame Robson for us not winning.
    Lets see what happens against Arsenal. Again I think we should play 451 and keep it tight. The problem is if it goes wrong and Arsenal score early I cant see that we have the players to change it.
    As for buying and selling players I still dont think that Robson knows what palyers to buy. 25000 of us knew in January we needed a decent goal scorer, but what does Robson do, buys 2 midfield players, and a defender and then sells 2 strikers. I agree that it was great bussiness to get £3M for Earnshaw and how the hell did he sell Horsefield for £1M, but that leaves us with 2 carthorses (Kanu and Campbell), Ellington and a kid. Bloody hell i have gone on a bit, but if we do go down I lay the blame entirely at Robson, its his team!

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    If we stay up...

    by Will Mar 24, 2006 05:43
    A Yahoo! User Mar 28, 2006 19:54 Flag

    you do realise that the Albion board will never pay the wages for any of those strikers especially Solskjaer and Hasslebaink. And as for Mellor do you think he would move from Liverpool (chance of Champions league etc) to us (Kieron Richardson springs to mind). I dont know what the answer, but I think you are dreaming. I agree we need to look at the strikers but 25000 fans new that in January, its a pitty that robson didnt. I still think that Andrew Johnson at Palace would do a job for us and I actually think he is an Albion type player. Another shout for me would be Miller over in Dingle land. As for buying a premiership striker it wont happen!

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    WBA v Sunderland

    by A Yahoo! User Jan 20, 2006 22:51
    A Yahoo! User Jan 23, 2006 19:56 Flag

    Humble pie being eaten here! I should have realised as soon as Carter was named in the squad we had no chance.

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    WBA v Sunderland

    by A Yahoo! User Jan 20, 2006 22:51
    A Yahoo! User Jan 20, 2006 23:06 Flag

    Nice to know that the care in the community scheme is working in sunderland then! You haven't a clue do you!

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    robbos best eleven?

    by A Yahoo! User Oct 13, 2005 18:41
    A Yahoo! User Nov 1, 2005 23:03 Flag

    No room for Earnshaw then.
    My best 11 Kirkland, Albreksen, Robinson, C. Davies, Clement, Gera (right), Greening (left) (I wish he would deliver crosses first time though instead of trying to beat defenders 2/3 times), Inamoto and Kanu in the middle, with Earnshaw and Ellington upfront. Subs - Chaplow, Kamara, Big Dave, Campbell. Kamara does have the ability to chage a game and Campbell does occasionally have the knack of scoring. Chaplow and Big Dave could be used to tighten things up if we ever get into a lead with only 10 mins to go. Sorry for leaving out Horsefield but he doesnt look like scoring again this season. I know he only normally gets 10 mins but he looks disinterested. I think Watson and Scimica are long bast their best.

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    who to play up front

    by michael Oct 6, 2005 21:15
    A Yahoo! User Oct 7, 2005 21:33 Flag

    Only one answer for me - Michael Owen with Andrew Johnson of Crystal Palace! Both natural goal scorers, both capable of 20 goals a season, and Johnson would die for the cause. Unfortunately Johnson plays in the Champioship and wont ever get a look in even though he plays for a London club!
    In reality I guess it will be Owen and Crouch. Atleast by playing 4-4-2 they may have the service needed to score some goals - aint gonna be easy though!

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    England world cup chance

    by A Yahoo! User Oct 6, 2005 23:58
    A Yahoo! User Oct 7, 2005 21:26 Flag

    The problem with Englands World Cup chance is that we actually haven't qualified yet!
    At least we look like we have a chance of qualifying by playing 4-4-2 but i still think the Poland game is a difficult one!

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    beckham was the only good player

    by michael Sep 9, 2005 19:45
    A Yahoo! User Sep 9, 2005 20:55 Flag

    What utter rubbish.

    Beckham looked good because he was allowed by Ireland to have the ball at the back. He practises endless 50,60 yard passes and does them for fun. The reason Lampard and Gerrard were ineffective was because of Beckham bypassing the midfield infront of him to get the ball out to Wright-Phillips. Owen was ineffective because the midfield was terrible because Beckham bypassed them.
    If Swen had the bottled to drop Beckham and play 442 our midfield would have created more for Owen with Rooney playing next to him - not stuck out in the car park. I also think that a better goal scorer at the moment to play with Rooney would be Andy Johnson - the most natural goal scorer since Alan Shearer!

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    Richardson... is he the answer?

    by Paul May 30, 2005 19:49
    A Yahoo! User Sep 9, 2005 17:08 Flag

    Just to correct you - Richardson was at West Bromwich Albion which isnt in 'Brum'!

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    sunday league stuff

    by paul Sep 8, 2005 19:51
    A Yahoo! User Sep 8, 2005 20:24 Flag

    Sounds like my team - did you play up front for us.

    Great thread

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    Lets all jump on the bandwagon

    by elizabeth Sep 8, 2005 17:02
    A Yahoo! User Sep 8, 2005 17:33 Flag

    I dont think there is any jumping on the bandwagon

    This performance has been coming for some time.
    My opinion - best players in their best position, simple.
    If that means leaving the likes of Beckham and Owen sitting on their backsides then so be it. Swen doesnt have the bottle to leave his 'mates' out.

    I also think the best english goal scorer is Andy johnson from Crystal Palace but Swen (when he plays him) sees him as a winger!

    Swen - no idea who the best players are, or the best positions to play them.

    Boing Boing

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    Enough's enough - Sack The Swede!

    by A Yahoo! User Sep 8, 2005 07:57
    A Yahoo! User Sep 8, 2005 17:12 Flag

    I've always been baffled as to why national teams FA's pick foriegn coaches. There will always be a conflict between nationallity and position - thats human nature.
    In my opinion we need an English Manager (god knows who), and someone who is not afraid to drop our primadonna 'stars' (Beckham!) rather than trying to accommodate them in an unworkable system.
    Over the last 20 years we have had the excuse that England players are not good enough. That excuse is now not acceptable. We do have good players (very well paid player at that). Again in my opinion those good players should be played in their best position and if that means leaving Beckham back on the beach then so be it. I also think that the best players dont just play for the big clubs and how Andy johnson from Crystal Palace is not playing is beyond me. The most natural goal scorer this country has had since Alan Shearer. Mind you when he did play for England Swen thought it best to stick him on the wing - enough said!!!

    Boing Boing

  • A Yahoo! User Jul 27, 2005 19:55 Flag

    Give the guy a chance. He hasn't even kicked a ball yet and you've written him off!

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    best manager in prem.

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 14, 2005 23:52
    A Yahoo! User Jul 18, 2005 20:32 Flag

    No competition - Bryan Robson!!! Should have got manager of the season last season.

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