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    Rooney to choose between Chelsea and Arsenal

    by Dan Jun 11, 2013 12:34
    A Yahoo! User Jun 14, 2013 23:22 Flag

    Rooney has two years on his contract so if he leaves utd will have a big say in where he goes and I can't see them letting him go to a domestic rival...unless they get a player they want in exchange. Rooney for either Wilshere or Mata sounds like a good swap to me.

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    Guillermo Varela

    by Eric Cantona Jun 8, 2013 12:18
    A Yahoo! User Jun 10, 2013 00:13 Flag

    If you haven't seen utd's latest signing play how can you say that the other Varela is the better of the two players? There is the world of different between an assumption made because you are an abu and a realistic assessment based on watching - on a regular basis - both players play.

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    Meulensteen & utd

    by A Yahoo! User Jun 4, 2013 11:00
    A Yahoo! User Jun 9, 2013 12:20 Flag

    According to other rumours Gus Poyet is the favourite to take over at wigan. I wouldn`t be too surprised if all 3 are on the shortlist and I can see why Poyet`s success with brighton would make him the leading candidate. Of the two utd coaches I think Phelan probably has a better chance than Meulensteen as the latter`s stint with brondby didn`t end well and might count against him.

  • Contrary to the rumours a quote said to be from Meulensteen in the Dutch magazine ELF Voetbal seems to indicate that all the rumours about him leaving utd are false.
    . "So far I will report on July 1. I am still under contract at the club. I didn't step down, and also I was not sacked by Manchester United. I am still employed."

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    by A Yahoo! User May 27, 2013 14:48
    A Yahoo! User May 30, 2013 00:22 Flag

    The latest reports now say that Moyes offered Meulensteen the role of assistant manager. However, it would appear that Meulensteen wants to be a manager as his name is being heavily linked with the wigan job and what many journalist think will soon be the vacant manager`s job at brighton. One or two other reports do suggest that Meulensteen decided to leave because even though on paper he was being promoted he would actually have less input on the coaching side because unlike SAF who left that side of the game to his staff Moyes likes to be more heavily involved in training sessions.

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    by United do rule May 28, 2013 15:54
    A Yahoo! User May 29, 2013 14:34 Flag

    Monaco are currently in a dispute with the French FA and may be banned from playing in League 1 next season. Its all to do with Monaco being a tax haven and claims from other French clubs that this gives their rival an unfair financial advantage when it comes to attracting players. From what I understand the French fa want to introduce a rule that says that all French clubs must be registered in France and therefore have to pay the rate of tax in that country. They then said that for I think its around £150 million euros they will allow monaco to continue to register in Monaco. The club don't want to pay or register in France and are threatening to go to court. So if they do go to court and the judgement goes against them they will have to either fork out a very large sum to the France fa or find themselves barred from playing.

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    Kolo Toure.. I like it!

    by Jason May 21, 2013 00:56
    A Yahoo! User May 28, 2013 23:41 Flag

    "he has been back up for the countries best defence for the last 2 years" the keyword there is back up. He only played 15 league games for City this season and only 14 the season before - and that includes substitute appearances. All this what a great signing he is rubbish reminds me of the way Arsenal fans tried to put a positive spin on their club's signing of Silvestre from United a few years ago. To get in to the top 4 you don't need just a top 4 starting 11 you need a top 4 quality squad and you don't get that by signing players a top 4 club thinks is no longer good enough to even be a back up player.

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    Paul Pogba

    by A Yahoo! User May 28, 2013 13:44
    A Yahoo! User May 28, 2013 15:25 Flag

    I've read the article in the Daily Mirror about Pogba to Arsenal and like many rumours there is absolutely nothing of substance to it. The whole story is built around one incident of racial abuse and Pogba getting into trouble for spitting - and that's it. Nothing from the player or his agent about being unhappy in Italy, nothing from juventus and nothing from arsenal. This time of year it seems that there is some sort of collective madness that sweeps through the press and any rumour - even one whose source could turn out to be some spotty kid on twitter - is treated as if it were genuine.

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    by A Yahoo! User May 27, 2013 14:48
    A Yahoo! User May 27, 2013 22:48 Flag

    According to the reports United want Meulensteen to stay so if he goes its his decision. I'd like him to stay as would I think most United fans but we have been here before - Meulensteen himself left the club briefly in 2006, Queiroz left, Mclaren left, Kidd left and at the time people were saying they were indispensable. The abus in particular used to try and claim that utd's success was down to SAF's assistants rather than him - a claim they stopped making when Phelan became his right hand man. What we are seeing tends to happens at every club when a new man comes in but we aren't used to it because we haven't had a new manager in 26 years. The assumption seems to be that the replacements will come from amongst everton's coaching staff but I wouldn't be too surprised if Moyes brings Phil Neville with him in some capacity. Then there is the question of what sort of coaching role is going to be given to Giggs. If as seems likely he is going to continue playing for another year then that surely limits the coaching roles available to him. Also according to press reports he met with both SAF and Moyes shortly after the latter's appointment which seems to indicate that at the very least Moyes views Giggs as the most important player to have on his side in the dressing room.

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    by A Yahoo! User May 27, 2013 14:48
    A Yahoo! User May 27, 2013 20:08 Flag

    you don't need to subscribe to any sports programme as all this information is free on the web - which is where I found all of the above. Wikepedia is a good source as long as you treat everything it says with a bit of caution and double check some of their more outlandish sounding claims. Plus apart from the Times most papers sports pages are available on the web at no cost.

  • Looks set to follow Phelan and Steele out of the club. He has been offered a role within the club, head of youth development, but reports suggest that he will turn it down. There has also been talk linking him with a move to fc twente as their manager. He did leave utd once before to take over as manager of brondby so he does seem to have ambitions in that direction. Wonder what this means for Brian McClair because as far as I'm aware he is the current head of youth development at utd.

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    David Gill

    by A Yahoo! User May 24, 2013 14:50
    A Yahoo! User May 26, 2013 13:39 Flag

    As we say down here, what has that (the that being mutv) got to do with the price of fish?

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    The best league in the world?

    by A Yahoo! User May 26, 2013 09:05
    A Yahoo! User May 26, 2013 13:36 Flag

    Bayern are expected to complete the treble when the contest the German equivalent of the fa cup, they finished over 20 points ahead of their fellow CL finalist, they have already signed dortmund's best midfielder and are expected to sign their best striker. Next season The German league will be even more of a one horse race than it was this season - so where is the competition going to come from in this so called best league in the world? At least in Spain there are two clubs who could win the title and in England three, possibly four if arsenal get their act together meanwhile bayern look all set to be a superior version of celtic.To be the best league in the world there has to be competition and unpredictability to go alongside the quality.

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    Which players to sell

    by A Yahoo! User May 24, 2013 14:09
    A Yahoo! User May 24, 2013 23:10 Flag

    It is fair to jettison Nani and Anderson for the simple reason that they have had the most time to prove their worth - they both joined utd in 2007 so they had 6 years to make the necessary progress. Young has only been at the club 2 years so I think he deserves one more season to prove that he's a utd player. As for Valencia, who joined in 2009, outside of the season he missed through injury this has been his worse at utd. Last time around (2011-2012) his contribution was excellent, in fact he was so good that he was voted utd's player of the year both by his teammates and the utd fans - he also won the vote for utd's goal of the season. So he has shown in the past that he can deliver consistently and on that basis deserves a chance to try and get back to the form he showed in 2011-2012.

  • has been elected to UEFA's executive committee. Well when I say elected its more like appointed as one of the candidates dropped out of the running leaving 8 remaining candidates for 8 seats.

  • Kagawa - goes without saying really
    Cleverley - needs to be given the opportunity to prove whether or not he's good enough
    Fabio & Buttner - the left back spot should be up for grabs soon and one of these two needs to prove that they should be the one to replace Evra
    Jones & Smalling- would probably have been given more games if they hadn't had injury problems, and just as Fabio and Buttner need to show they are good enough to replace Evra so these two need to show that they should be the partnership to replace Vidic & Ferdinand
    Powell - like Jones and Smalling his season was disrupted by injury. My only question is whether the game time should come at utd or whether he would benefit from a loan spell even if its just for the first half of the season.
    Amos - I think he should be utd's keeper for cup games. I think he's a better long term bet as competition for de Gea than Lindegaard.

  • There have been posts about who utd should bring in so I thought I would start one about who utd should sell. So here's my list:

    Rooney - has asked to leave and should be allowed to leave. He's the new Nani - capable one week of that bit of magic that turns a game and then next week all over the place with missed placed passes and wild shots on goal.

    Nani - for the reasons stated above. He's had ample opportunities to progress and add consistency to his game but the only thing that has been consistent has been his inconsistency.

    Anderson - another one who has failed to make the necessary progress. Also there are big questions over his fitness and injury record. He not only seldom plays but seldom manages to play the whole game when he does.

    Lindegaard - looked more than a decent number 2 keeper when he arrived but his recent performances have't been that good. Another one who is suppose to have indicated in the past that he would leave if he didn't become the number 1 keeper, although he does seem to have backtracked on this since utd won the title.

    I don't think I would sell anyone else. Neither Young or Valencia have had distinguished campaigns but both have had their injury problems, plus Valencia's performances did improve towards the end of the season.

  • There are strong rumours in the press that both coaches have been sacked by utd. If true I'm not too disappointed about Phelan but gutted for Steele - he more than anyone helped turn de Gea's utd career around. Apparently Phelan did consider a few years ago going in to management so I wouldn't be too surprised to see him turn up somewhere in charge of a club and I don't think Steele will be too short of offers.

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    Build Around KAGAWA....

    by Le Pruneau May 23, 2013 14:34
    A Yahoo! User May 24, 2013 00:08 Flag

    For reasons best known to itself yahoo won't let me post as anything other than a yahoo user - all my attempts to post as mudevon just vanish in to the ether.

    I agree that Alcantara would be a great buy, yep to Gaitan over Rodriguez - the latter is said to be on the verge of a move to Monaco anyway- but no to Fabio as right back cause I think he's better at left back and utd already have plenty of cover on the right with Jones and Smalling plus they have a pretty decent looking right back in the reserves in Vermijl. In fact given how promising the likes of Michael Keane and Tom Thorpe look I don't think utd really need any defensive reinforcements - it would be far better to spend the money on midfield. Hopefully Will Keane will be back soon and lets hope there is no lasting damage from his injury. As several people have already said Januzaj, Cole and Lingard look ready to step up to the senior squad and I would like to see Moyes go back to using the league cup as an opportunity to play some of the younger lads rather than as a means of giving some of the older fringe players a game. Then of course there is young Zaha to come in, he still has a tendency to make the wrong decisions but he certainly has lots of potential. As for Rooney, if he's not careful he's going to turn in to the new Nani - great when he's fully focused and on top of his game and a liability when his mind is elsewhere; where it seems to have been in the latter part of this campaign. Whether its down to him losing that edge he had as a youngster or whether he doesn't like having to play second fiddle to RVP only he knows but perhaps a move might be the best thing for both club and player.

    Oh and as for Moyes buying Gibson we are talking everton here, they aren't exactly going to be competing for the very best midfielders now are they and give Gibson his due he's done a pretty decent job for them.

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    Build Around KAGAWA....

    by Le Pruneau May 23, 2013 14:34
    A Yahoo! User May 23, 2013 18:14 Flag

    Its all well and good Klopp commenting on Kagawa but as good a manager as he is he doesn't know the Premier League and therefore doesn't know how difficult it can be for players to adjust to its demands. Take David Silva, we didn't really see the real player until late in the second half of his first season. In addition Kagawa's progress was hampered by a knee injury in the first half of the season which kept him out for around 2 months - a point which SAF made after Kagawa had scored his hattrick and everyone as raving about him. SAF then went on to say that Kagawa would be a key player for utd next season.