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    Racist Fergie insults our European allies

    by Mandy D Apr 8, 2010 05:50
    A Yahoo! User Apr 8, 2010 06:00 Flag

    Don't tell me he called Germans cheats!! If he did then I agree with him!
    Also there are a lot of countries around Europe (EAST and WEST) who have not got such short memories!!!!
    Think about it and then let's see who he and isn't racist!!!!

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    Strachan for Southgate! Big mistake!

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 17, 2010 16:55
    A Yahoo! User Mar 23, 2010 03:36 Flag

    Southgate seemed to me like he would have become a good manager. Boro was his first team and for 2 seasons he did a good job. Then last year Boro went on a real bad run as did Newcastle,Hull and a few others. This season Southgate got the sack even though Boro were in the play off zone and about to go second!
    Really,at the start of the season Boro looked good and like they were going straight back up with Newcastle. They would be where West Brom are now if he'd been left alone but just like the 'Dowie thing' at Hull it was a total f**k up and it wouldn't be a surprise if Boro remain in the Championship for a long time now!
    I'm sorry but others stayed with their managers and went straight back up,Boro didn't and I think it's going to have a bad affect on their chances of ever getting back to the Premier League.
    At the start of the season Boro were still a Premier League team(like Newcastle).
    So to sum it up West Brom have taken Boro's place and Boro will become something like Coventry,Ipswich,Charlton,etc.
    BIG mistake to let Southgate go! He had a team that was going straight back up and now the team is a f**k up instead!

  • Sol is now only the 3rd ever player to have played in all 18 seasons of the Premier League, joining Giggs and James. This is some achievement if you ask me!
    Also I was wondering that IF Arsenal do win the League would he get a winners medal! Up to now he has played 4 league games this season and there are 7 left.
    In FA rules a player has to play at least 10 matches to quailify for a medal. It does state that in some exceptional cases they might give a medal for a player who plays less than 10. I think that this could be one of those exceptional cases!
    Lets face it he's a bit slow but he's definitely helping some of the youngsters out there with his experience.
    If he was ready for the Man U and Chelsea games I think that Arsenal might be clear at the top now!!

  • Sorry but it was terrible mistake sacking Southgate.
    I remember Steve Gibson saying that it was time for a CHANGE at Boro! Yes,we know the CHANGE now,CHANGE the Premier league for the Championship. Boro would have had a much better chance with Southgate. After all it was just 1 bad run that got Boro relegated and it hapened to Newcastle also. Some of the other teams had bad runs also but were lucky(Hull,etc).
    Under Strachan Boro can't win games,draw,draw,draw,etc.
    Great CHANGE Gibson!