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    What we need

    by Raider Mar 14, 2013 17:15
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Mar 15, 2013 15:45 Flag

    I would be chuffed if we only addressed the defensive side of things for now. We need defenders who attack the ball on set pieces and who are fast and athletic. And Diaby, Ramsey and now Arteta should not be starters. Poldi may be gone next year and the Ox has not developed enough.

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    What we need

    by Raider Mar 14, 2013 17:15
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Mar 14, 2013 17:42 Flag

    I would say Begovic or Mignolet
    Capoue or Wanayama and Eriksen

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    Team evaluation and why we are not competing.

    by Raider Feb 26, 2013 11:13
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Mar 1, 2013 16:32 Flag

    IMHO we need to #$%$ whom among the current players would get into the side that Wenger inherited from Rioch. Me think that apart from Wilshere, Walcott and may be Cazorla no one would make it into that team with Poldi and Verm may be on the bench. This is how badly we have regressed. The question is how did this happen? In my mind only one person is responsible for this and the blame rests firmly at Wenger's door.

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    What's missing?

    by Raider Feb 14, 2013 13:17
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Feb 15, 2013 17:06 Flag


    You have summed it up perfectly. Our defense is crap and they do not get much help from the midfield. Remember in 1997 after a set back against Blackburn; Adams said the defense was not getting help from the midfield. Back then we hade Viera and Petit!!!

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    Bayern predictions?

    by Govinda Feb 12, 2013 08:06
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Feb 12, 2013 15:52 Flag

    Bayern are running away with the Bundesliga and have a lead similar to Manure's over Dortmund. The latter made Shitty look ordinary in group stage. So long as we come out of this one with a chance to go through over two legs, I'll be appeased. Over two legs we have a zero chance of beating Bayern. They are probably the second best team in Europe behind Barca.

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    Capoue to the Emirates

    by Raider Feb 7, 2013 15:41
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Feb 7, 2013 17:47 Flag

    Capoue or someone of the same ilk will be a much needed addition. If we can get CBs who can attack the ball, esp on set pieces; we will be much better defensively. And of course if we get rid of all the deadwood and bring in useful replacements, then we can possibly challenge. Or at the very least better than we are right now.

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    Repulsive Poulis.........

    by JamesB Feb 2, 2013 19:55
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Feb 3, 2013 01:23 Flag

    If there is anything positive about the current squad it appears to be the 'never give up' lately. Quite a few times in the past we would have settled for the stalemate; but these lot they keep at it. Now there is not much left to do than to get behind our team and hope for the best.

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    Who do we really need to make a difference?

    by Raider Jan 30, 2013 16:12
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Feb 1, 2013 14:58 Flag

    I think we need a CB in the mold of Shawcross (yes!!!); a defensive MF like Makelele; a back up for Jenkinson and we'll be much better. Tactically we need to change too. The zonal marking does not seem to work with the bunch we have. It worked when we had Cole, Sol etc. If we fix our defensive frailties, we will be much improved. A back up Scez or even a starter also needed.

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    An other desperate article.

    by Govinda Jan 31, 2013 12:05
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Jan 31, 2013 14:38 Flag

    Our case is hopeless. Our defense is an abomination. The four goals we have conceded in the last two games can confirm this. Wenger talks about nerves. I think it has more to do with lack of abilities. And with Gibbs' injury we are well and truly screwed. Well done Wenker!!!

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    An article on Stan Kroenke by a yank.

    by Govinda Jan 23, 2013 09:19
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Jan 24, 2013 16:38 Flag

    The bottom line is that all his team are shyte. Of these perhaps only the Nuggets have realistic chances of playoff. St Louis Rams seemingly have a platform to build on. But this team has been so bad for so long makes me wonder. He says he does not take money from his teams. He also does not invest in his teams. As for the Avalanche, they were competitive before the introduction of the salary cap in the NHL. They have been shyte for a while now. I do not feel good about having Kroenke as owner, but we are stuck with him.

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    Another example of Wengers BS

    by Govinda Jan 16, 2013 07:35
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Jan 16, 2013 15:32 Flag

    Apparently according to some papers "Wenger has warned Arsenal fans that Arsenal won't be active". What is this guy smoking? Apparently now he is fixated on building a team around a core of local lads. When will this guy learn that it is all about the right balance. He probably has only 4M burning a hole in his pockets for all I know. But delusional as Wenger, I have rarely seen. In my mind he has done more than a full circle. In fact he has now a team that is weaker than the one he inherited. That team had Seaman and the famous back four as well as Wright, Bergkamp, Platt, Parlour and Merson. And thanks to his socialist policy, we are stuck with players that we can't seem even to give away for free. And he has also contrived to destroy Arshavin, who was a topmost talent in Europe when we signed him. Now for whatever reason he does not want to play Rosicki and imposes Ramsey on us. The bottom line with Wenger is that IMHO; he is a poor man manager, he simply cannot cope with other big egos.

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    Wenger out - Moureen in?

    by Govinda Jan 15, 2013 13:50
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Jan 15, 2013 17:35 Flag

    I agree that Mourinho is a winner. Having said this he has covered himself in glory with the squad he has at Real. He would demand at least 100M as transfer kitty, which we do not have. I would prefer someone like Klopp, or even Laudrup. Among those from UK, Moyes is my choice. He has done well with little or no transfer funds.

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    5 signings that could save our season

    by John Jan 10, 2013 17:16
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Jan 10, 2013 22:44 Flag

    I'd be happy with either Mbiwa or Howedes and Capoue. Ben Arfa would be a great bonus, but I do not see Newcastle sell him to us.

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    Ramsey for Fellaini

    by Raider Jan 9, 2013 10:40
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Jan 9, 2013 16:42 Flag


    Are you joking man? Wenger will never cough up the amount of money someone like Fellaini would command. We do not even know if he has any money. And Ramsey as part of the deal! This is what kills the deal.

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    Buy now or Bye Bye!

    by Raider Jan 7, 2013 10:45
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Jan 9, 2013 16:31 Flag

    I am with you Mar on the need to get protection from midfield for our back four. Remember the inquisition that happened after a loss to Balckburn in Dec 1997. Tony Adams said the back four was not getting help from mid field. And we had Viera and Petit then as well as combattive Parlour. Now who do we have. We are trying to play Arteta as a defensive midfielder. Our reinforcement need to be in defense. M'Villa has physical presence. I do not know a thing about Biglia, so I cannot comment. But what is wrong with Coquelin that he cannot get ahead of a shit Ramsey? Has he pissed off Wenger? I would go for Shaw or Baines and a back up for Jenkinson. I do not see Sagna here next season. Another one who may have rubbed Wenger the wrong way. A dominant CB is a must too. Only after we have addressed our defensive frailties can we start adding attacking players. Even when we were shyte during the tail end of Graham's days, we are not bullied by anybody. As for goalies, Sketelenberg went for a paltry 6M and Hamdanovic did not cost much more either. Titon at PSV is way better than Scez.

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    Buy now or Bye Bye!

    by Raider Jan 7, 2013 10:45
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Jan 7, 2013 16:39 Flag


    Are any of these players mentioned above 'Super, super' players? I think not. Then Wenger won't buy any of them. My guess is that noone of any note will come in and Wenger will say no one that he wanted was available!!! As usual Wenger will use the distraction of Theo's contract as an excuse. BTW who was the player who 'headed' the corner into the dangerous area for Swansea's equalizer. Areteta? And where was the marking? I sincerely believe Bould or Brady can get better results than Wenger, at least these days. Why was Ramsey playing? Right off the bat, we are at a disadvantage...

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    by Raider Dec 3, 2012 13:06
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Dec 3, 2012 22:36 Flag

    I think he already has. The team he got had: Seaman, the magnificent four in defence, Bergkamp, Wright, Platt, Merson ... That team was way better than the current one in terms of quality.

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    A new shopping list

    by Raider Nov 27, 2012 16:27
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Nov 29, 2012 16:46 Flag

    Spot on Mar. Even if Wenger leaves (willingly or otherwise), we are stuck with Stan and Ivan. Stan's teams are all mediocre in the US. For these teams, just making the playoff is an achievement! This is why qualifying for the ECL is becoming like making the playoff in the US. The change has to be with ownership. And I do not see how this can happen any time soon. We are going to accept that we are now a second tier team.

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    Who might not be staying!

    by Raider Nov 29, 2012 15:03
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Nov 29, 2012 16:37 Flag

    Why and why we have so many rubbish players on so much money? This should be placed firmly at Wenger's doorstep. The concept of equal pay for a harmonious atmosphere is utter crap and this is what is hurting us most. On another note we seem to have embraced the approach of American teams with regard to free agency. Each year in the US most teams let good players go for various reasons. However there is always a pool to dip from (draft, free agency, trades). Why are we letting players contract almost run out now? The players invloved: Nasri, RVP, Sagna, Theo... Is this the Gazidis paradigm?
    To return to the original post, I'd be real pissed if we lost both Sagna and Theo. They are among our better players right now.

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    Last chance saloon!

    by Raider Nov 13, 2012 11:23
    Ahmad K Ahmad K Nov 14, 2012 17:04 Flag

    I agree with you. No more kids. Proven players may be able to help us. Look what Arshavin did in his first year at the club. When you count the money we spent on absolute rubbish, you must wonder what our scouts get paid for. As for 12 million for Zaha, Reus went for approximately the same price. Why Wenger never made a move for him when he was available is beyond me. About 30 years ago we were among the first club in the land to spend 1 million on a player (we bought Clive Allen and then swapped him for Samson). In 1995 we bought Bergkamp for 7.5 million, which was among the most expensive at the time (probably the equivalent of 35 million today at least). What I am trying to say is that we have not always been stingy. Is it really the BOD or Wenger? Noone will ever know...