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    by mr_lister2000 Feb 14, 2011 02:03

    Yeh mate

    You forgot to put in

    Relegated 2012.

    Muppet. Typical LFC moron, lives in the past and not the present.

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    Which Players should be sold?

    by Boba Fret May 19, 2010 16:53

    I agree apart from Osman, he is one of the most underrated players in the EPL. He should be in England Squad.

    I would sell.

    Vaughan (I know thats 3 of our 5 forwards but they are useless)

    Ami / Vaughn we would be looky to get 5 goals a season out of both of them. V always injured, Ami for a big lad likes to go to ground any time anyone goes near him. Yak finished unfortunately. Hibbert I don't think brings much to the team anymore, he used to attack down the right a lot, now he tends to hit 40 yrds all the time.

    Just my opinion.

  • Why consider selling Pienar, he's a qulaity player who is doing what all pro footballers do these day's he's after more money.
    Everton under Moyes are looking to strengthen the team each year so, we need to keep Pienar and add more quality fire power up front. Recent signings are purely cover, Yakubu looks finished I was hopeing the world cup would get his fitness back, however, still looked slow too me.


  • Hardwork for nothing, typicle LFC supporter, what about the revenue we got from qualifying. What is it with you breed of Liverpool supporters you think your a top club, yes you won the champions league this year and as an Everton supporter I am glad a merseyside team has won it. But what have you done in the last god knows how many years. I remember that fluke of a season under Hullier when you won a few trophy's but before and after that nothing but barron spells, so get off your stupid soap box and act like a true football suppoter and acknowledge that one of your country teams let alone from your own area are in there and should be getting your support until they have to face each other.

  • Massive acheivement from a club who everyone had written off to get relagated before we kicked a ball.
    All credit goes to everyone from the Chairman to all the players and especially the manager. Well done from a massive Everton fan down under.