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  • have to say you have had a bad start like the blues of everton .... but you will come good.. new manager and new belief its deffo showing .. we were both called for europe next year ( you and everton ) and i still believe you will pick up and battle on now lads... i love being the underdog to lpool and have to say THHHHHAAAAANKYOU for stuffing them.... we will both see euro footy next season just have faith.... fook the big boys, bring on pure footy FANS!!!!!!!

  • just like to say thanks for good fans at stoke... im an everton fan who really enjoyed todays game... first half was awful but the second was fantastic!! and the goal to bring you 2-1 back was quality. great game and not here to take the piss but to say im putting my money on you staying up this year cos with throws from delap and fuller causing probs you have no fear!!! ( as long as you can keep him come january ) was good to see you lot shaking davy moyes hand at the end which is quality spirit not like some teams would do... best of luck and stick a few past the red shite for us when you play them!!! ... still a deffo handball penalty tho lol

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    Thanks from a blue

    by Enda N Aug 29, 2007 03:10
    A Yahoo! User Aug 29, 2007 21:06 Flag

    last nights play of z-cars was the most touching thing i have ever seen.... the fact you done it is a tribute to how close lpool and everton fans really are despite the rivalry!!!

    i was also touched by the way your lads last night made 3 blue shirts in a swarm of reds feel welcome and i feel that when you sang YNWA was sang to them heartedly!!

    i was a deffo lpool supporter for the night after that and congrats on the win....

    maybe they should now call both teams " the peoples clubs" after that!

    once again thanks boys!

  • by A Yahoo! User Aug 28, 2007 20:18 Flag

    just seen on sky sports news that liverpool are to play z-cars when players walk out in memory for rhys..... think that is an outstanding thing to do for him and pat on the back to lFC

  • by A Yahoo! User Aug 15, 2007 06:40 Flag

    can someone explain to me why he aint in his national squad?
    what the hell his previous clubs were thinking sellin him is beyond me!!

    he is absolute class!!! and never seen a spaniard get stuck into tackles like him!!!!

    oooh aaah top the league ooh aah topthe league!!!

  • thats a mad news post regards your owner being in the #$%$ over land in thailand......

    sorry not here to cause trouble... im an everton fan so have nowt against you but makes you think is he hiding his money in the club b4 he is screwed!!!!

    what do you think?

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    everton is going to be relagated

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 13, 2007 22:32
    A Yahoo! User Aug 14, 2007 23:41 Flag

    oops meant mister stonk

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    everton is going to be relagated

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 13, 2007 22:32
    A Yahoo! User Aug 14, 2007 23:40 Flag

    i wouldnt bother lister... read the message again!!

    must be a 12 yr old !!!!

    normally there is alot more profanity than that!!!!

    most daft post ive read so far!!!!!!

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    Worst EFC Strikers.....

    by mr_lister2000 Aug 7, 2007 01:32
    A Yahoo! User Aug 7, 2007 18:37 Flag

    hahahaha yes lister thats the one blimey that brings back a few giggles!!!!

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    Liverpool Fans Are Retarded!

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 7, 2007 07:15
    A Yahoo! User Aug 7, 2007 08:31 Flag

    apart from the wanky start to the thread by rajman being all political on the matter the 1 thing that had me giggling was when gerard has his legs chopped of and he walked up to that guy.... he in his own mind must have thought " im gonna get sent off for this but F**k it!!"
    so with full view of the fellas face why didnt he knock him flat out instead of the girly shove? was waiting for the handbag to follow.... even you reds must have thought the same!!!!

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    *hitbag gerrard

    by duncan t Aug 7, 2007 05:35
    A Yahoo! User Aug 7, 2007 08:21 Flag

    made me laugh that... had full view to knock him out and then #$%$ slapped him... may as well swong a handbag!!

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    Worst EFC Strikers.....

    by mr_lister2000 Aug 7, 2007 01:32
    A Yahoo! User Aug 7, 2007 08:18 Flag

    who was the big african guy ... ivory coast i think? christ he was that bad ive forgot his name!

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    ....Cahill´s Buggered............

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 1, 2007 23:19
    A Yahoo! User Aug 2, 2007 00:10 Flag

    yep... looks that way sean!!

    maybe going after al smith if we get shot of beattie may be a good move after all!!

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    did you know about everton

    by navysealsrule Jul 29, 2007 21:24
    A Yahoo! User Jul 30, 2007 00:01 Flag

    Everton won their first ever Football League match as they beat Accrington Stanley 2-1 at home (which was then Anfield!) on September 8th 1888.

    Everton were the first team to wear the numbers 1-11 on their shirts in a football match. The match was the 1933 FA Cup Final against Manchester City, who wore numbers 12-22. Everton won 3-0, and Dixie Dean was the first ever number 9. Hence, the number 9 shirt has been coveted at Everton ever since!

    Everton were the first English club to appear in European competitions five seasons running (1962-63 to 1966-67).

    Finally, here's one to wind up the Kopites with when they bleat on about their 18 League titles. Everton have held the Division One title longer than any other English team, a record 20 years! The Blues were Champions on the eve of both World Wars and, as a result, held the Divison One title for five seasons between 1914-15 and 1918-19 seasons, and then held it for eight seasons between 1938-39 and 1945-46. No other English club has held the title for eight consecutive years!

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    everton legends

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 24, 2007 05:39
    A Yahoo! User Jul 24, 2007 17:44 Flag

    jesus i was opening a debate... i know who i think are greats ... just want to see what others had in mind!!!

    once again the good old everton board has reduced itself to give other blue fans abuse!!!


  • hi people !!!!!!!!!!!11

    i caved in and bought a playstation 3!!!!

    im now on line and playing againsst the world but need you help!!!!!!!

    my team is called "everton legends" but need your help on the matter!!!

    ill give you what i have please fill the gaps

    1= nev southhall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    9= BIG DUNC!!!!!!!!!!! love the guy sorry!!
    10= dixie !!!!! had to be!!!!!

    please filll the gaps and ill mention you alll!!!!!

  • cant beleive we got beat by a side called " real salt lake"

    apparently there bottom of thier league and we get beat 2-0.... takes the #$%$ really!!

    cant believe moyes has tried to take possitives out of that one!!!!

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    ...Shame the Lil Bynt Didnt Show...

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 20, 2007 05:02
    A Yahoo! User Jul 21, 2007 03:12 Flag

    jesus!!!! does this guy actually speak english? all i have read is he is an everton fan but slates efc fans and says hahahahaha.... hahahahahah.hhahahahha.... ahahahahahaha with dribble in between!!

    must be a a person who looks to start #$%$.... ill wet myself if he replys " #$%$ hahaahhahahaa #$%$ haahahahahahaa more #$%$ hahahahhaaha"

    have a word man!!

  • any ideas never heard of him b4 ?????? any good?

  • good to see our faithful board are doing the usual and puckering up tighter than a nuns #$%$!!!!

    seems everyone else is enjoying spending there part of the tv money we were all granted and what do we buy???? #$%$ all!!!

    just hope moyes makes me eat my words and gets some signings soon... they need to be with the team now not last min to gel so whats going on??

    nugent 6 mil..... apparently thats a bit much for a unproven striker ( england u21 and 1 game 1 goal for the first team) not saying i wanted him but with the transfer market booming in price 6 mil is cheap..... how much did we pay for beattie??? exactly!!!

    hate to say it but why as a euro qualified side have we bought a 4 mil ex everton youth from a relagated side and even wigan have signed and spent more..

    any comments?