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  • Just wanted to put my two cents in here, I think it is likely that any real gains in performance next season will be from improvements in the players we already have. New signings normally take time to settle and show there best form, we have a number of young players who have been in the team for a year or two who could now start to really pull their weight. Young athletes can make huge strides in a short time, and whilst we can not put expectations of such on any particular player I am hoping that one of the likes of Hendo, Allen, Borini can make a real contribution to the first team next season. However it would be my bet that young Raheem Sterling is where are best hopes lie. That kid looks like he possesses real game changing talent, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him a year older and with a healthy amount of first team prem experience under his belt.

    I'm not holding out on us making a marquee signing that will miraculously change our fortunes (Go on FSG surprise me!). More Coutiniho's would be great but that guy is special and by definition that means there aren't many around. Instead I'm looking forward to good coaching and youth policy taking effect next season. Let Tottenham and Arsenal spend as much money as they want on media darlings and big team flops, I won't be jealous. If I had to choose I'd much rather be a Dortmund fan than pay to watch the sky blue millionaires club.

    Am I a hopeless optimist, always. Next season IS our season.

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    by Paddy Apr 21, 2013 18:05
    Aurelio Aurelio Apr 22, 2013 13:42 Flag

    I'm not going to start hating on Suarez now, we all know he's capable of this, it is the flip side of the same animal instinct that causes havoc in opposition boxes. Ivanovic will survive, but I think Suarez should see a doctor. To feel compelled to do that is not normal. I feel sorry for the guy, imagine having to face your wife and kids after that.

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    Some Cheeky Summer Moves..

    by Jason Apr 17, 2013 15:18
    Aurelio Aurelio Apr 18, 2013 13:42 Flag

    Fair point. Sinclair certainly had enough coverage on MOTD for me to notice him. Would defo be worth a look at and i'm sure he hasn't slipped Rodgers attention. It is a little concerning that he hasn't had a look in at city though, not even the game time that Johnson had before he left. Also his salary is prob pretty high right now, would we be willing to match it? The salary problem prob goes for QPR player as well.

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    Some Cheeky Summer Moves..

    by Jason Apr 17, 2013 15:18
    Aurelio Aurelio Apr 18, 2013 13:05 Flag

    Guilty as charged. I guess I just haven't heard enough about Williams on MOTD for him to be counted as one of those diamonds in the rough! If he was from a Spanish or Portuguese speaking country i'd probably change my mind to be honest!

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    The Ashley Williams debate

    by Loki Apr 3, 2013 23:23
    Aurelio Aurelio Apr 18, 2013 12:05 Flag

    Looks like we've missed out on Dede, there are a few sites saying he has gone to another Brazilian club for under 5mil. I guess he probably wants to stay in Brazil until after the world cup ala Neymar.

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    Some Cheeky Summer Moves..

    by Jason Apr 17, 2013 15:18
    Aurelio Aurelio Apr 17, 2013 16:01 Flag

    Love this. Some great names in there, Remy and Cabaye are obviously pure class, both have fitness issues and will be sought after. Still both would improve our team if we could land them. I think Colocini really wanted to head home for personnel reasons, can't see him moving to another prem club, would have been useful though.
    I hadn't thought about any of the WBA names you've mentioned, I've heard Yacob being talked about but havn't taken any notice. i'd best get on youtube!

    I think I've said in other threads that I think we need someone with a winning mentality, someone from a top team who knows what it is to be expected to win every match. How about Raul Albiol?? Out of favour at Madrid and with the emergence of there young star (can't remember his name) doesn't look like he'd stand a chance of getting a regular first team place. He's been in the Spain squad for a while so with that and Real knows all about winning. Can play CB, RB and DM. So could be the cover for Lucas that we need as well.

    On the Kelly/Wisdom point. I think Kelly could be ready to play a bigger part next season, we'll see. But if we don't give him a chance he can't hang around for ever.

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    The views of ex players

    by Loki Apr 9, 2013 12:39
    Aurelio Aurelio Apr 10, 2013 14:41 Flag

    A few interesting things said on here, I'd like to disagree with some of them!
    Loki/Colyn - I don't think that a change in manager will take us back to square one, Rodgers has said himself that if the board decide he isn't the right man then someone else can come in and build on systems he has put in place. We shouldn't be scared to get rid of the manager, not that I think we should right now.
    Colin - I've never actually seen Liverpool play 'tici-taca', I'd like to know what the highest number of passes are that have then led to a goal, I don't think it would be very many. Steven Gerrard seems to have been given the freedom to play 'hollywood' balls whenever he see's fit, defiantly not tici-taca. on Andy Carroll, he had all of last season to try and prove he could be part of a plan A, he was rubbish most of the time. Not good enough for LFC as a plan B, C or D.

    I'm in a controversial mood, here is an article where former Liverpool player Danny Murphy backs Roy Hodgson as Liverpool Manager http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/l/liverpool/8779076.stm
    They'll say anything to get in the papers! :)

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    The Ashley Williams debate

    by Loki Apr 3, 2013 23:23
    Aurelio Aurelio Apr 8, 2013 10:01 Flag

    I mentioned Dede earlier in this thread, what is being said about him in the press certainly makes him out to be the next Thiago Silva or whoever you like. Every big club is being linked with him however, and I also think it's easy to get carried away with a few quotes from the tabloids and the fact that he is Brazilian makes us all believe he will be incredible. He doesn't play for a big club in Brazil and he has never played outside of Brazil, that sounds like a bit of a gamble to be spending 15mil on. I'm happy to leave up to the scouts to decide. To be fair to Rodgers I don't think he has actually said anything about Williams, as Loki said at the start of this thread, it's all paper talk right now.

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    The Ashley Williams debate

    by Loki Apr 3, 2013 23:23
    Aurelio Aurelio Apr 4, 2013 13:27 Flag

    For me it's just because i'm a wary of players from mid table, we have witnessed how hard it is for players to adjust to the expectations of liverpool. If we are to get someone who is older who can come straight into the first team I would rather that was someone who has experience of playing with a big club, in big games and preferably winning. A been their and done it kind of guy. Williams would have a lot to prove and i'm not sure he would be able to command the respect from the other players that a centre back sergeant needs. There must be better out there although I confess that I have no idea who the ageing great that i'm on about might be.

    De Vrij seems to be mentioned a lot in the press as someone we are keeping tabs on, a young promising player that fits the FSG transfer mould. Same goes for Dede apart from everyone is interested in him and is supposed to be 'the next big thing', would be coup if we can sign him. Both are also reported to be very comfortable on the ball so would appeal to Rodgers. I can't see him going for Samba in a million years.

    I said on another thread before that I think Kelly and Wisdom really need to considered as candidates as well. When you think about it Kelly's CV is just as good as the young guys mentioned in the press.

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    Kevin Gameiro.

    by Colyn Mar 14, 2013 10:09
    Aurelio Aurelio Mar 15, 2013 16:19 Flag

    Interesting points about our centre backs Dave. I think it is safe to say that Wilson does not have a future with us, and as for Coates he has not really impressed in any of the games he has been given. Like most I am very impressed with Wisdom, and think he should get the nod above Coates if situation arises but the main one for me is Kelly. He's a regular at CB for the England u21's. I think when he comes back form injury he should be making a real effort to nab a first team place, just as Caulker has done this season at Tottenham. Although I agree that a quality CB coming in would be ideal*, I would really like to see what Kelly and also Wisdom can do there. It does seem a bit harsh Skertl that he is the one to lose his place as Agger has been just as guilty of errors this season (unable to mark players at set pieces!), but if he wants out and someone chucks 30mil at us for him, so be it.
    *This does not mean Williams.

    Sorry for changing the subject. I'd give Gameiro a go at the the right price, could end up being a clever buy.

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    Team to face Wigan?

    by Hobitez Feb 25, 2013 12:18
    Aurelio Aurelio Feb 28, 2013 14:50 Flag

    It will be interesting to see if Skertl gets back into the starting line up, it will have to happen at some point. Martin Kelly must be hoping that that position is still open when he gets back. I like Kelly.

    I thought Henderson had a dismal game against Zenit, although he was stuck out on the left for most of the match (WHY???!!). It could be important to get him back in the staring line up to keep him momentum going. Also a strong shout for Assaidi to play, and I would love to see Suso alongside Suarez and Coutinho.


    A bit lob sided but when we play well the position are fluid anyway.

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    Coping without Sturridge on Thursday

    by Loki Feb 19, 2013 21:11
    Aurelio Aurelio Feb 20, 2013 10:37 Flag

    I agree that Gerrard looks better further back these days, he can keep the tempo going and ping long passes for runners. Hendo is the obvious choice, but again I prefer him further back, I guess he Gerrard can take it in turns to push forward like they have in previous games. For me Suso isn't ready for a game of this magnitude. Sterling, Downing and Hendo or whoever plays need to have big games if we are going witness another european miracle. Fingers crossed.

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    Fiorentina want Borini!

    by Loki Feb 20, 2013 07:40
    Aurelio Aurelio Feb 20, 2013 09:58 Flag

    I hope for his own sake that he stays for a while. He has been bouncing around clubs the past few years and needs to get settle and work his way up through the ranks. He has had a nightmare season and I would like to see what he can do under better circumstances.

  • Aurelio by Aurelio Jan 25, 2013 14:42 Flag

    Seems to be a lot of speculation on this board at the minute, anything from Sneijder to Stock Car racing at Anfield. Well this one is the real deal, Micheal Ngoo has gone to Hearts on loan until the end of the season. Good move in my opinion. Rodgers doesn't seem to fancy him and I cant see him fitting in the fabled 'system' myself but he looks like he could be a good player so good luck to him.

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    Team to face Oldham?

    by Hobitez Jan 21, 2013 13:29
    Aurelio Aurelio Jan 23, 2013 11:14 Flag

    I hope Coates is sent out on loan without someone else coming in, with Kelly injured, Wisdom utilised at RB it leaves us with only three CB's. Saying that Wisdom is first choice right now so I'd give him a rest and chuck Flano in. Wouldn't mind Sturridge and Lucas getting some minutes to improve their fitness.

    I hope Borini can steal the headlines for this one and give the manager something to think about.

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    Coutinho vs Ince

    by Loki Jan 19, 2013 20:41
    Aurelio Aurelio Jan 22, 2013 10:26 Flag

    Don't speak to soon! Coutinho has just come out and said he doesn't want to leave Inter!

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    by LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jan 4, 2013 14:24
    Aurelio Aurelio Jan 7, 2013 16:35 Flag

    Is this Armchair in disguise?
    I profess to harbour secret hope that FSG will go transfer crazy again this winter and by buy Villa. We all agree this team needs to unlock a winning mentality, well signing a guy like this would surely go a long way to helping that? I know there is no chance of re-sell value, but surely 16mil and then 10mil in wages for a couple years, worth it if he gets us a bit closer to the top again. If anyone from FSG is reading, I promise to buy a new shirt with his name to chip in my bit.

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    Nuri Sahin

    by Aurelio Jan 7, 2013 10:03
    Aurelio Aurelio Jan 7, 2013 16:20 Flag

    In his defensive he hasn't been given a run og games to get into the swing of, couple that with him not playing at Real last season and he must be well out of practice. Whilst he seems to be behind Hendo and Shelvey in the midfield back up department he is still a useful guy to have around for the rest of the season incase we are unlucky with injuries.

    I can understand why Rodgers has favoured giving playing time to others and we should reap the long term benefits from this.

    I was one who contributed to the fan fare when he arrived, in hindsight it seems Diarra, who Kenny had lined up on a free, would have been the much better option. Doesn't our transfer activity make you cringe sometimes!

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    Nuri Sahin

    by Aurelio Jan 7, 2013 10:03
    Aurelio Aurelio Jan 7, 2013 13:09 Flag

    Yes I've read those rumours to, seems a bit odd to me for Rodgers/FSG to want rid, will leave us a bit soft for back up in the midfield three. I hope that there is a replacement lined up.

  • Aurelio by Aurelio Jan 7, 2013 10:03 Flag

    Has anyone got any news on the where abouts of Nuri Sahin? Seems a bit odd that he wasn't in the squad for Mansfield since he hasn't featured in the prem for a while.