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  • Berkshire Yid by Berkshire Yid Dec 26, 2012 14:25 Flag

    Hey fellow yidsters can we still say that? Sing what we want sing what we wannnnnnnnt we are tottenham we sing what we want.

    Any who I've been away from the board for a while merry Xmas to you all yikes I have slipped right down in the prediction league.

    Just heard the Friedel has signed a new deal glad to keep the
    Fella aboard safe pair of hands between the sticks shrewd move IMHO by Boas anyone agree?

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    The Lane Tour

    by Berkshire Yid Nov 12, 2012 16:32
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Nov 12, 2012 17:23 Flag

    i get what your saying john but if this is the case with AVB then why was he employed?

    Surely if you was in Levy's shoes you would want the best man for the job? the right candidate to take the club forward?

    Think about it you had just got rid of fan favourite Arry who gave your side its best finishes in the prem ever got you into the champions league for the first time.

    Then you axe him and bring in AVB that didnt achieve anything with a club that had more money then your club and better players and then he gets sacked.

    Arry on the other hand had nothing anywhere near the kind of money to spend that AVB did but Arry's results are better than AVB's Arry didnt have all the fancy screens or white boards he got the job done with a whisper in there shell like and a pot of jellied ells lol.

    Seems strange that a man like AVB who pays so much attention to detail in the technical area of the game but still gets it wrong time after time he is supposed to be a master tatician but refuses to budge from the lone striker system that clearly does not work.

    Kinda like getting rid of Yoda and bringing in a Ewok IMOH to use your Star Wars Analagy John.

  • Berkshire Yid by Berkshire Yid Nov 12, 2012 16:32 Flag

    first chance i have had to talk about this i recently went on a tour of White Hart Lane kindly bought for me as a prezzie from the missus.

    and i must say it left me scratching my head abit when we went into the home dressing room there was white boards and tv monitors everywhere these apparently where put in at the request of AVB because we were told he is a strict tatician and anylises every minute of the game to get his tatics right, well if this is the case how come we are not top of the prem? and how come Arry did so well if he didnt have theSE aids?

    So it begs the question is AVB THE RIGHT MAN FOR SPURS?

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    by A Yahoo! User Nov 4, 2012 14:08
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Nov 5, 2012 15:18 Flag

    Sorry venessalee but i agree with sfer AVB is never going to improve we have had some really shocking performances this season ie still no win in the Europa.

    His appointment was a huge mistake from the start the guy obviously knows nothing about english football his arrogance in constantly sticking with a 4-5-1 with defoe alot of the time isloated up front other teams defenders can breath easy knowing he is no threat if the ball does not get to him.

    I really hope levy swallows his pride admits he got it wrong and goes cap in hand to David Moyes.

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    by Layla Nov 2, 2012 14:21
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Nov 2, 2012 20:07 Flag

    SB=15- 2-1 defoe
    Berks Yid=4 1-2 defoe

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    by Layla Oct 30, 2012 12:51
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Oct 30, 2012 19:40 Flag

    SB=13 1-2 sigs

    joe=5- 3-1 (to the might tottenham! can't believe your bettin' against us SB) tut, tut! Dempsey to score.

    Berks Yid=3 3-1 bale

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    by Layla Oct 23, 2012 13:54
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Oct 23, 2012 16:00 Flag

    SB=9- 1-1 ade
    Berks Yid=3 3-0 ADE

  • UEFA clowns once again bottled the battle against racism yesterday by fining Italian giants Lazio just £32,500 for their fans’ sickening abuse of Tottenham’s black stars.

    The paltry fine came just 24 hours after the 17 white officials who run Europe’s governing body were urged to take “the strongest possible action” against the racist Serbian thugs who abused England’s Under-21 stars.

    UEFA had the chance to flex their muscles after Lazio yobs yelled monkey chants at Jermain Defoe, Aaron Lennon and Andros Townsend during last month’s Europa League clash at White Hart Lane.

    But the pittance of a punishment for Lazio is the latest in a long line of UEFA slap-on-the-wrist fines for acts of racism.

    Five years ago, the Serbian FA were fined just £16,000 when their fans racially abused Nedum Onuoha in the Euro 2007 Under-21 finals in Holland.

    Last year, UEFA ordered the Bulgarian FA to pay a measly £32,000 after their fans racially abused Manchester United striker Ashley Young.

    And Porto had to cough up just £16,700 for chants aimed at Manchester City’s black players Mario Balotelli and Yaya Toure.

    Spurs defender Danny Rose was subjected to vile racist abuse on Tuesday, while Serbian yobs also hurled missiles at Stuart Pearce’s players during their explosive 1-0 Euro 2013 play-off victory.

    Furious FA general secretary Alex Horne stormed: “We call on UEFA to take the strongest action against the Serbian FA, their supporters and anyone found guilty of being involved in the numerous instances of violence and abuse.”

    Seriously One big joke Uefa have once again made idiots of themselves

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    by not_blonde_really Oct 13, 2012 16:20
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Oct 14, 2012 08:55 Flag

    What a boring Weekend with no prem footie no Soccer Saturday no MOTD no Super Sunday :-(

    Roll on next weekend

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    2-0 Win

    by RAMBR0 Oct 7, 2012 17:44
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Oct 9, 2012 14:35 Flag

    hahahahaha you crack me up sometimes Alan

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    2-0 Win

    by RAMBR0 Oct 7, 2012 17:44
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Oct 9, 2012 14:34 Flag

    hahahahaha you crack me up sometimes Alan

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    by john Oct 6, 2012 11:19
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Oct 6, 2012 21:15 Flag

    SB=8- 1-1 (euro hangover! defoe)
    Remmah=4- 2-1-Ade
    joe=3- 3-2 - Dempsey
    Berks Yid=2 3-1 Defoe

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    Greece ?????????

    by A Yahoo! User Oct 4, 2012 21:36
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Oct 6, 2012 08:52 Flag

    DE-JA-VU Feeling we seemed to play alot like that last season great in first half's never bothered coming out for the second quite worrying really.

    Lloris looks like he needs more games under his belt made a couple of errors didnt have a whole lot to do really either way im not to bothered about Europa Prem is the most important.

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    2-3 view point...

    by A Yahoo! User Sep 30, 2012 11:47
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Sep 30, 2012 16:26 Flag

    just watched the highlights again i can't help thinking that yesterday's game reminded me a bit of when old OZZY was in charge with the famous five attack and we used to score like 6 goals and leak 3

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    Could you Adam n' Eve IT!!!!!!!!!

    by sledge Sep 29, 2012 19:26
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Sep 30, 2012 15:54 Flag

    As someone said earlier BAE will struggle to get bk in the team now.

    Another Player who deserves credit is Naughton he has looked good every time he has played weseem to be pushing through some really good young talent atlast.

    Any thoughts so far on who will get the young player of the season in know its still early.

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    PL Highlights on Facebook

    by Berkshire Yid Sep 30, 2012 10:29
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Sep 30, 2012 15:42 Flag

    lol well just click no unless you did add them SB lol

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    Made me chuckle

    by Berkshire Yid Sep 30, 2012 14:33
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Sep 30, 2012 15:32 Flag

    i fully agree SB he has got away with fergie time for too long about time officials stood up to him as i said in an earlier post his comments after the game was just dam disrespectful to us and stank of bad sportsmanship

  • Berkshire Yid by Berkshire Yid Sep 30, 2012 14:33 Flag

    check this photo sums up yesterday


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    2-3 view point...

    by A Yahoo! User Sep 30, 2012 11:47
    Berkshire Yid Berkshire Yid Sep 30, 2012 14:01 Flag

    I agree that his positional play is abit lapse sometimes not getting close enough when marking making rash clearances and giving the ball away but he is young and he will be a tremendous player of the future.

    I have just seen Fergie's comments and im really angry i consider them disrespectful to us he just expects helping hands from the officials when it suits him ie when united are losing and he wants 20 mins time added on the man is a disgrace such a sore loser.

  • Berkshire Yid by Berkshire Yid Sep 30, 2012 10:29 Flag

    dont know how many of you know bout this but there is a facebook page dedicated to Premier league highlights if you miss MOTD then this is the place to check out