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  • CalgaryResident by CalgaryResident Sep 17, 2012 22:24 Flag

    Defoe played very well against a team that did not offer much fight...Overall it was a good performance. Everyone is raving about Defoe, but we have seen it before (the half season wonder)..he will go on a great run and come xmas time he completely goes off the boil and cannot score a goal.

    Have we seen the tide turn and do we think he will be in for the golden boot running this year????

    I am yet to be convinced.

  • CalgaryResident by CalgaryResident Apr 29, 2012 19:51 Flag

    So Harry not going for the England job, why oh why did he not rule himself out from the start, unless he wanted the job that is.

  • CalgaryResident by CalgaryResident Apr 25, 2012 00:46 Flag

    So if Chelsea win the CL and Spurs win their remaining games, looks like we will still be in the Europa league.

    All ifs and buts but would suck all the same.

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    by RAMBR0 Apr 21, 2012 19:37
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Apr 21, 2012 19:57 Flag

    Agree.....it looks as if the season ended for Spurs eight games ago. Poor showing from a team that every opportunity to realistically finish third this year and let it slip through their fingers.

    Had a feeling the Adel would come back to bite us even though he has been gone for a while now. Whats happened to Gomes is he still with the club or out on loan?

    Other than the goal defensively we looked better than in other games. Out of the last 8 games I have not been able to see where the goals are going to come from. VDV goes not get in the box, modric giving the ball away cheaply, I guess he will move to Chelsea in the summer, midfield looks light and disorganised. Forwards are not a regular threat. Bale as young and good as he is, he is still not the finished article and is all over the place at the moment. He was more a threat when he stuck on the wings not just left wing. Lennon not getting games.

    If VDV leave this summer it would be no major loss, it may even allow us to re-organise to a different formation.

    If HR leaves the club will need to inject more money and can see another couple of season of disarray. If he stays because he wants too then its definately his fault for not taking his name out of the running for the England job as did Pardew for Newcastle.

  • CalgaryResident by CalgaryResident Nov 23, 2011 15:23 Flag

    On a free in January, proven goal scorer, only make sense. Sign him up HR.


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    The Villa Game

    by Joe Nov 21, 2011 19:23
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Nov 21, 2011 22:20 Flag

    Above the Arse,above the Scousers, above the Chelski's, and above the Geordie's life can't get any better. :)

  • CalgaryResident by CalgaryResident Sep 13, 2011 15:43 Flag

    Should VDV get an automatic starting place now it seems that Defoe and Ade might be able to form a good partnership up front?

    Against wolves we looked more solid in midfield, more balanced, even though we had both Luka and Niko playing to together.


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    Jenas and Hutton to Villa

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 31, 2011 17:56
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 31, 2011 23:01 Flag

    So apparently Hutton is a perm transfer and Jenas is a season long loan.

    Both are currently under going medicals according to AV web site.

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    Jenas and Hutton to Villa

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 31, 2011 17:56
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 31, 2011 22:47 Flag

    No news on these two either.

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    This is a joke

    by Berkshire Yid Aug 31, 2011 22:17
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 31, 2011 22:44 Flag

    No CB and no FW.........this is crazy two transfer windows and nothing.

    What happened to signing Samba???? Badly needed since Bassong, Kaboul and Dawson by themselves are not good enough.

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    Lets get Cahill...

    by me Aug 29, 2011 12:11
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 31, 2011 21:13 Flag

    Not going to happen by the sounds of it.

  • CalgaryResident by CalgaryResident Aug 30, 2011 22:15 Flag

    FOOTBALL: Fulham agree a £10.6m fee with FC Twente for Costa Rica winger Bryan Ruiz, Sky Sports News reports. The 26-year-old scored 39 goals in 61 games fr the Dutch club.

    Weren't we meant to be looking at this guy???

    A winger who would be competition for Lennon, are we only to sign aging stars?

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    Harrys had his head turned

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 30, 2011 11:36
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 30, 2011 15:06 Flag

    Rumours are that OH is now signing for city. We like many clubs are going to be linked with everyone under the sun.

    Wouldn't want him aways just another King in the making with those dodgy knees.

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    VDV out for a while, Good or bad???

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 29, 2011 17:42
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 29, 2011 23:15 Flag

    He is a great player when he can be bother to turn up. For all those who actually watch spurs play can tell the difference when the balance in the team is not right, and VDV does not want to or cannot play in any other position other than in that hole in front of the midfield. Which limits the formation of the team to only 4 5 1.

    If they play 4 4 2 with him we end up light in midfield as he always wants to get forward and does not track back in time.

    So yes great when we came because he gave the team something it did not have but once all the other teams got to grips with it it became useless and we have not adapted to any other style of play.

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    replace arry

    by oldspural Aug 29, 2011 12:08
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 29, 2011 18:57 Flag

    HR said when he started at Tottenham that its his job to get players playing and if thats not happening then he and his coaching team are not doing there job.

    Now sacking HR 3 games into a season is not the answer. We have come a long way with him.

    I think Mr Levy has some explaining to do on who actually is making the decisions on bringing players in. If I am not mistaken it was Levy that brought in VDV, not a request by HR as it was all last minute.

    Football is a strange financial beast because if you cannot afford the best then you are going to be buying average players and on that odd occasion one of those turns out to be a gem, and inevitably they want to move on to those teams that can afford the best.

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    VDV out for a while, Good or bad???

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 29, 2011 17:42
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 29, 2011 18:07 Flag

    Agreed it may well be a good thing. Before VDV and before we got into the CL, we used to play a lot using the 4-4-2 with Crouch and Defoe upfront and scored a lot of goals.

    I think Ade and Defoe could be a good partnership.

    Why oh why have we not shifted some of these fringe players.
    Gos Santos, does not feature at all. Considering we over paid for most of these players, will no doubt have to take a loss on most of them, so ship them out at a reduced rate and be done with it.

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    Modric 65min ? He's gone

    by Roger Mellie Aug 28, 2011 17:07
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 29, 2011 05:13 Flag

    Good post and agreed with all said.

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    OH NO... not Joe Cole as well!!!!!!

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 25, 2011 10:59
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 28, 2011 23:50 Flag

    Spurs cannot and do not want to bring in top quality signning, and the simple reason is that they do not want to pay the silly wages that the likes of Man Utd and Man City are paying.

    The club is run as a business first and a winning football club last. Until the club get a rich billionaire owner who can spend like its change in there pocket, the club will never be able to sign players that are at there peak or approaching it. They can then settle for the likes of Parker, Cole, Bellemy, VDV, who in the past were at there peak and are now in there declining years, but still a club or two away from retirement. The club has always done this Klinsman, Ginola, Ferdinand, etc, etc.

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    Woeful tonight!

    by Joan Aug 25, 2011 21:25
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 25, 2011 22:00 Flag

    Agreed about Pav and Bassong, other than that it was a game to give the kids some European experience so would not read to much into it.

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    Who the Falque!!

    by RAMBR0 Aug 25, 2011 20:38
    CalgaryResident CalgaryResident Aug 25, 2011 21:54 Flag

    Its Delboys chance to prove he would have been able to make in the prem and stick one to Spurs. There was a rumour a long while back that Chelsea want him.

    Spurs fans should not moan and groan if we only sign unknown players as the chances of us finding a rare gem are now remote. For as much I hated Clownolli he was able to find talent.

    Just saw that Yago joins on loan confirmed on the spurs web site.