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  • Is any of this going to be shown on terrestrial tv? This is the kind of stuff that could be really good for cricket but no-one ever gets to watch it...

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    Carling cup system

    by mykie g Dec 23, 2008 22:18
    Chuck Chuck Jan 27, 2009 18:40 Flag

    I suppose its fair to argue that fixtures pile-ups are a concern but I reckon there needs to be a way to differentiate the carling cup from the fa cup.

    Do other leagues in Europe have two major cup tournaments?

  • The final is coming up. Is there anyone out there that thinks Tottenham stand a chance against Man Utd for the Carling Cup?

    Fair enough, they went into the final last year as underdogs but are hardly ehading into the final on the back of numerous victories.

    I can see this as an embarassing 3 or 4 nil to Utd.

  • Can the Kazakhs seriously threaten England? It would certainly be the end of English football should they even get so much as a point.

    England should use this game to try to get as many goals as possible for the sake of goal diference.

  • It all went downhill when we sold Reidy. We've only won something like 5 games since he got injured mid December! Flogging your skipper and the best palyer in the division (a cert for team of the year) was a massive mistake. We're destined for mid tanble obscurity for a couple of years unless Pards pulls off some amazing business this summer, which given his track record is unlikely!

    And isn't this our lowest finish since the season before we won the playoffs against Sunderland, so 1996/97! Unbelievable...

    To be honest I don't really mind finishing mid table, as long as we play a bit of football and it's OK to watch. Unfortunately we're very much kick and rush at the moment, which is really boring.

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    Best Looking Footballer

    by Slyshooter Apr 19, 2008 23:55
    Chuck Chuck Apr 21, 2008 21:47 Flag

    Definitely Gary Neville or his ever-so-slightly-less-attractive brother Phil. Hang on... BEST looking footballer? Hmm...

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    Champions League Quarter Finals

    by Erik Hartberg Mar 14, 2008 19:30
    Chuck Chuck Mar 14, 2008 19:53 Flag

    I reckon we'll see an All-English final. Liverpool will beat Arsenal and go through to the semis to face Chelsea (who should easily beat Fenerbahce). Schalke will be brushed aside by Barca who will face Man U in the other Semi (although to be fair, their game against Roma won't be easy).

    Final will be Chelsea vs Man U. I might whack a few bob down on Chelsea to win - there's not much else for them to go for this season!

  • And suddenly Newcastle were only a few points clear of the bottom three. Could they actually get relegated? Or does King Kev have what it takes to stop the Newcastle ship from sinking? He's not exactly had the best of starts.

    What can he do to stop the rot?

  • It seems increasinly likely that Bristol City will actually get promoted to the Premier League. But do they stand any chance whatsoever of surviving or are we looking at another Derby County? Is there a chance that they'll survive the drop should they get promoted?

  • Wow! A great away win for Spurs. No doubt about it. But how much of a struggle was the second half? They didn't seem to be able to control the game properly.

    It should have been 4-0 at half-time. But fair play to Slavia. They really fought well in the second half and when their shot hit the cross-bar later in the second half it looked as if they could've snatched a draw.

    But despite this spirited performance, i think Slavia will struggle in the second leg at White Hart Lane.

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    Championship sides will struggle

    by Erik Hartberg Feb 13, 2008 18:56
    Chuck Chuck Feb 13, 2008 19:56 Flag

    Money is definitely a problem here but it is pretty hard to know what to do to improve the situation.

    Should Championship sides be given more money upon promotion? Or would that just increase the gulf further? It seems too predictible at the moment that Championship sides will not challenge Premier League sides enough...

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    Britain still in with a chance!

    by Erik Hartberg Feb 13, 2008 19:40
    Chuck Chuck Feb 13, 2008 19:51 Flag

    All-British final would be awesome. Isn't the final in England this year? Manchester City I seem to remember.

    I don't reckon Everton will be there though. They've clearly gotta concentrate on the the League. They did an amazing job of not dropping too many points over the ACN period so they'll want to get back to securing that 4th spot surely?

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    Britain still in with a chance!

    by Erik Hartberg Feb 13, 2008 19:40
    Chuck Chuck Feb 13, 2008 19:49 Flag

    Everton are looking really strong. I'm not too familiar with SK Brann (their oposition in the coming round) as a team but now that the Yak is back they must be feeling pretty confident.

  • It seems as if Federer might be suffering a bit with some kind of stomach virus. Is this likely to affect his performance int he Australian Open or is it more likely to just be a precaution?

    Part of me thinks that this is all mind games!

  • So, another test series abroad. This time against New Zealand. How will England do this time? It is probably fair to say that the performances they treated us to over in Sri Lanka were far from perfect so will the changes to the squad make a difference?

    No disrespect to the Kiwis but Sri Lanka are a stronger side. Does this mean England fans can expect victories?

    Strauss is back and Ambrose takes over from prior as Wicketkeeper. Will that have an impact?

  • Reports are flooding in that the Dakar Rally has been cancelled due to fears over security: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/04012008/58/dakar-2008-dakar-cancelled-security.html

    Seems a shame that the threat of terrorism once again stands in the way of major events but do other Dakar fans thing that cancelling was the right decision? Was it really dangerous or are the organisers being over-cautious? Would it have been better to rearrange the race either in terms of when it takes place or the route it takes? Last year saw certain sections in Mali cancelled suggesting that there were alternatives.

    Is the Dakar rally too dangerous? What can be done to improve it?

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    Who will win in 2008?

    by Erik Dec 19, 2007 18:35
    Chuck Chuck Dec 28, 2007 20:28 Flag

    Tricky one this. Part of me thinks that it'll be someone other than Federer and Nadal. don't get me wrong, they're both incredible athletes at the top of their game but other players will be trying very hard to knock them down. It'd be great for the game too.

    I'm going with Djokovic or Davydenko...

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    Who will win in 2008?

    by Erik Dec 19, 2007 18:35
    Chuck Chuck Dec 19, 2007 19:02 Flag

    My money's on Nadal. I think 2008 will be his year. He's going to be desperate to beat Federer. Generally speaking, he must be gutted to be playing tennis at the same time as Federer. But it probably makes him a better player - he has to push himself that much harder to compete against Federer. Its bound to pay off sooner or later...

  • The Pretty Boy and the Hitman clash in the fight of the year at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas - a promotion tagged "Undefeated". But which of the two undefeated fighters is going to win? Can Ricky Hatton beat Floyd Mayweather? Many are claiming that Hatton will have to knock Mayweather out in order to claim the WBC welterweight title in Vegas.

    Only two fighters have faced both Hatton and Mayweather. Tony Pep and Jose Luis Castillo. Pep has been reported as saying he doesn't think that Hatton has what it takes to go the distance with Mayweather - an opinion recently echoed by Lennox Lewis. Lewis suggested that Hatton has to go in very strong in the early rounds and fight for the KO. However, Oscar de la Hoya is backing Ricky to come up with the goods.

    Who will win the fight of the year? And how will it be won?

  • So England face Croatia again. This time for the World Cup. But can they get revenge over the side that were largely responsible for England's failure to qualify for Euro 2008?

    England have the summer to regroup now. There's a new manager to come who will no doubt want to change a few things. But can England do the business and qualify for the World Cup? Will they get revenge over Croatia in the qualification stage for the World Cup? What needs to happen for an England side to beat the Croatians?