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    Tottenham Massive! Joke!

    by Charlie May 19, 2013 21:25
    DAVID DAVID May 19, 2013 21:49 Flag

    well hopefully Charlie it will be you lmfao.

  • Right then Harry just a couple of pointers for you, Get Bale to play on the left wing and get Lennon to play on the right wing. Theres a good chap!

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    Bolton to drop FA Cup?

    by Theo M Mar 19, 2012 17:52
    DAVID DAVID Mar 20, 2012 18:24 Flag

    I totally agree with HRJ. I think Fabrice would want them to play Imo. And I also hope that with the great news so far of his recovery the Spurs squad will be feeling much better, and beat Stoke. COYS.

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    Fabrice Muuamba

    by RAMBR0 Mar 17, 2012 18:56
    DAVID DAVID Mar 17, 2012 18:58 Flag

    My thoughts and prayers are going out to you Fabrice.

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    bring on defoe harry!

    by A Yahoo! User Jan 14, 2012 15:53
    DAVID DAVID Jan 14, 2012 19:09 Flag

    I totally agree should of taken off vdv instead of lennon. But for me personally I still prefer Defoe to Ade. The guy just seems to be constantly offside.

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    What is Harry on about now??

    by lts Jul 23, 2011 23:37
    DAVID DAVID Jul 24, 2011 21:22 Flag

    If we could have 27m plus Sturridge, I would def take it.

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    by Kentish Maid May 31, 2011 01:33

    I apologize for my language. I just get so ....... annoyed. It seems to me if that ..... wants a player we just bend over for him.

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    by Kentish Maid May 31, 2011 01:33

    That red nosed Kunt can go and fuck himself. If we sell Modric to them fking scum, We may as well admit defeat in ever being a top top team. What the fukk do the bosses at spurs want a fking deal with Manure to become their feeder team.

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    Adebayor vs spurs

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 6, 2011 04:06

    Lubov you really need to try and grow into a man. Its all fine being pathetic like this when your a ten yr old, but come on your not really ten are you? And if you are ten my apologies. Im sure you will eventually start acting like an adult. (well 8-9 years time anyway) LOL.

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    Fergie & Wenger

    by Kentish Maid Mar 11, 2011 18:23
    DAVID DAVID Mar 11, 2011 20:11 Flag

    I dont have much of a problem with Wenger. Imo I do think Van Persie heard the whistle, But I think the ref could of just said to him one more time and I will book u not book him there and then. Pathetic reffing as far as im concerned. On the other hand Ferguson is a piece of shit. And I wouldnt piss on him if he was on fire. COYS.

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    Gallas Earns His Spurs!

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 10, 2011 05:44
    DAVID DAVID Mar 10, 2011 17:52 Flag

    I have never really liked Gallas ( prob just because of Arse connection). But I have to admit his play has changed the way I think about him, Last night he was excellent, The goal line clearance was amazing and not so much just for the clearance but the run up to it. He starts running towards the striker, and then realising Gomes is going to and seeing that he has fucked up and aint gonna get there. He changes direction and starts running to the goal. Fantastic defending. Im starting to worry a bit about Gomes if im being honest. But for me Sandro was man of match by a mile. This guy justs keeps getting better and better COYS.

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    Fergie HIDES from the media!!!

    by FABONGRASSS Mar 7, 2011 03:38

    Alex Ferguson you are a sad twat. I think its pathetic enough not to talk to viewers from around the world, But when you wont even talk to your own supporters. All Alex Ferguson want to do is prove that as far as he is concerned he is bigger than the club and can do what he wants. What next for the small brained one. (Im not going to talk to my team at half time because we are losing and I didnt give permission for that to happen). You need to grow up Ferguson and stop behaving like a pathetic little toddler having lots of strops.

  • I have a major dilemma. I managed to get a ticket for AC Milan at home, Was so excited couldnt actually believe I managed to get one. Then when I have calmed down again a few days later It dawns on me that its on the date of my little girls 5th birthday. Now I dont know what the hell to do, because travelling from Bristol means I would prob be going b4 my baby gets home from school. Im in a right pickle. I think the majority of people I see on here regularly are decent people and I cannot for the life of me decide what to do for the best so I am going to look at all the sensible replies and then make a decision. Any help or thoughts would be great. COYS.

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    WTF Happened...losing 3-0

    by RAMBR0 Feb 23, 2011 05:42
    DAVID DAVID Feb 23, 2011 06:04 Flag

    I am so thoroughly fucked off. A big big big chance to qualify for champions league next year and we fuck it up big style. I dont know if its just me but Bassong IMO just aint good enough. No need to ever give the penalty away that he did. Ekotto why the fuck didnt he just smash the ball out for throw in. And If this aint proved to Arry once and for all that we dont want anymore midfielders what we want is central defender and very good striker I dont know what will. Saying all that even though Im totally pissed off. Hopefully the bollocking they get for this will sort it out for the next few games. Oh and what the hell is going on with Defoe he hasnt just lost his touch or confidence (its been shattered I think) Heres to a win in our next match COYS.

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    Lucky spurs to go out in the next leg

    by A Yahoo! User Feb 16, 2011 14:53
    DAVID DAVID Feb 16, 2011 18:35 Flag

    Lubov the Looney. Yeah of course we were so lucky, Playing Milan off the pitch. Me thinks you had better go and have some of what Gattuso took. Oh silly me you already have. COYS.

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    by dorsetspur Dec 2, 2010 19:10

    If it was up to me he would never ever play for Spurs. Dont like the guy at all, complete trouble maker. And if everything is not going his way, he will be more miserable than Berba. But its not my choice COYS.

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    No more SB posts please

    by Sfer Sep 27, 2010 18:22
    DAVID DAVID Sep 28, 2010 05:01 Flag

    I have to agree with some on here. I also see what SB says, and some of it I agree with, and some of it I dont. But the fact is she is a Spurs fan, and thats good enough for me. Im not interested in putting down a fellow Yid. Im sure I will never agree with everything she types. But also I still have interest in what a fellow spurs fan thinks on different things. COYS.

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    Balls! (of the WC variety)

    by A Yahoo! User Jun 15, 2010 16:47
    DAVID DAVID Jun 17, 2010 05:13 Flag

    I def agree that this ball is shite. Some of the commentators on BBC and ITV keep saying its nothing, but it seems to me hit it and hope. Made me laugh earlier in the SA v Uraguay game. All the commentators where saying Forlans first goal was fantastic and how much of a dip he got on his shot. The only reason it dipped was because it hit the shoulder of the defender. If it hadnt as far as I could tell it would of flown over the crossbar. But I def think against Algeria we just gotta keep shooting and hoping.

  • Does anyone know what exactly the rules are on injury time at the end of a game. I only ask because I was watching the Swindon Millwall game and there where 4 mins added on at end with Millwall winning 1 nil. Anyway Swindon got a corner with about 45 secs left and even their goalie came up for it. The ball was cleared by Millwall to about half way to a swindon player who put the cross back into the Millwall area as the ball was in the air the ref blew the whistle on 3mins 55sec. Even the swindon goalie was still up in the area. Anyway just asking theres only 1 team for me COYS.

  • So wanted you to win I have met Ian Holloway a few times in Bristol. Such a down to earth hard working genuine guy see you at the Lane.