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    Cheer up Alan Shearer!

    by Inter city Apr 14, 2013 13:52
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Apr 19, 2013 08:59 Flag

    Write this on the Sunderland or Newcastle Board instead. Something more interesting would be Alan thinking Rooney should leave United.

    Honestly Rooney starts to struggle once the star is not him. He was very unselfish when Ronaldo was around. He doesn't look quite the same these days. I think I'll start a topic on it.

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    Thoughts for the new season

    by Hobsey Jul 21, 2011 10:03
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jul 27, 2011 05:24 Flag

    1) United
    2) Man City
    3) Chelsea
    4) Liverpool

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    Alvaro Pereira

    by dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 24, 2011 20:05
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jul 27, 2011 05:11 Flag

    My bad. sorry...

  • Now even a yahoo uk writer dares to write Liverpool off as not part of the big 4.


    2nd last paragraph. "The Liga season will start with two title contenders - the Premier League with at least four (depending on how frisky Liverpool and Tottenham are feeling) - and even those in the middle of the pack are spending like drunken sailors."

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    Welcome to LFC Mr. Doni

    by Hobsey Jul 15, 2011 12:20
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jul 26, 2011 17:06 Flag

    I'm not sure but is this the same Doni who got beaten 7 times in a match playing for Roma against United?

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    Fergie - no new signings

    by dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 24, 2011 16:12
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jul 26, 2011 16:55 Flag

    The fact is we don't bring in ready made world class players.

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    Alvaro Pereira

    by dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 24, 2011 20:05
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jul 26, 2011 16:50 Flag

    "if we're looking for real creativity and width from a full back there are few British lads who fit that description."

    Who are they exactly?

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    Mata is available at 23m!

    by Ricky Y Jul 21, 2011 11:44
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jul 26, 2011 16:44 Flag

    Maybe you could offer Aquilani plus some cash for him? Selling players is what Liverpool need to do now. Buy maybe one or two more quality players are needed.

    A defender is a priority though. Get Carragher's replacement now whether buying one or providing the experience for a reserve/youth player. Better mudfielders would also benefit Liverpool. Maybe De Rossi or Lucas da Silva of Santos would be ideal.

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    Decent Keeper available

    by Govinda Jul 22, 2011 12:23
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jul 26, 2011 16:29 Flag

    The Arsenal squad needs a revamp. Selling a chunk of players and getting some quality ones are what's needed.

    I agree with you Mar. VDS previously tipped Stekelenburg as a potential replacemnt for himself.

    Sell Almunia. That guy is a cause of HPB. Pulls of some world class saves and has a few school boy errors the next.

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    Nasri for Cash and De Jong?

    by Govinda Jul 24, 2011 10:12
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jul 26, 2011 15:49 Flag

    No offense but at the moment Arsenal seem to be a club on the decline. No trophies in how many years again? Fabregas could be gone. Maybe Nasri too.

    I know this sounds strange but with the way things are going , for De Jong Arsenal would be a step down from city.

    Players that I think Arsenal should sign (realistically speaking) :

    1) Barton - He would add the bite you need in midfield. A thug yes but if managed well he could be a good midfielder. He's English as well.

    2) Lucas of Brazil. No not the one at Liverpool but the one at Santos. Would be a superb replacement for Nasri and Wenger likes them young.

    One more thing Wenger has to try to make Chamakh and Van Persie play up front together. If he can do that then I believe Arsenal would have lethal strike force.

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    Fergie - no new signings

    by dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 24, 2011 16:12
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jul 26, 2011 15:13 Flag

    I'm sorry Fergie "won't sign players for over the odds". Berbatov was way over the odds. Do you actually think De Gea is worth 17 to 20 million pounds? United at one point wouldn't cough up 25million pounds for Ronaldinho. I just think United kinda suck at negotiating.

    While they did a decent job recently in getting Ashley and Phil to come to United instead of pool I doubt that these players were high on our own wish lists. I have to admit it. United don't really get the world class players. We do however develop them. Sometimes getting a world class player in would get more world class players wanting to go to United. If you don't agree with me on my point earlier then would you call De Gea, Phil Jones and Ashley Young world class? I can't remember the last time United bought a player who was already world class.

    For me it's quite simple i wouldn't mind us not winning anything next season if it means giving a chance to the youth/fringe players. I think we can get an attacking player in our ranks.

    We can't replace Scholes like for like. I think Young can be used in an attacking mid position with Nani and Valencia on the wings. There's Cleverly and maybe Morrison. Fergie could actually let Anderson play his preferred position. Maybe Carrick would come good? I don't know.

    I however still think we need just one more player. Some one who hasn't hit the 30 mark but experienced at the same time. Schweinsteiger or De Rossi would do just fine. We need some who is slighlty more combative. De Rossi would fit the bill. We could use Schweinsteiger as a box to box player. I doubt Bayern would sell him though.

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    Pogba & Morrison

    by Salford Jul 24, 2011 13:29
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jul 26, 2011 14:40 Flag

    The thing is United don't really have much leaders on the pitch at the moment.

    Giggs is retiring soon. He won't be playing 40+ games next season. Carrick's not a leader. Fletcher's sick or injured.
    Nani and Anderson are still developing. That leaves us with Rio, Vidic and Evra. They're all at the back. Rooney isn't as mature as them in my book.

    Morrison is a hot head. Pogba is still young. I am all for them playing a decent part of next season. Cleverly too. I do however feel that we need just one experienced midfielder to come into our team. My vote is for De Rossi. I've always been a huge fan of his.

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    by A Yahoo! User Dec 8, 2010 06:56
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Dec 9, 2010 00:26 Flag

    We should cash in on Carrick. Get Van Der Vaart or Modric in exchange.

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    Possible CL opponents.

    by A Yahoo! User Dec 8, 2010 15:38
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Dec 9, 2010 00:23 Flag

    FC Basel and FC København are considered easy games. Teams to avoid: Inter, AC Milan and Shakhtar.

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    by A Yahoo! User May 27, 2010 23:28
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul May 28, 2010 15:41 Flag

    I think he's already got his permit cause he's selected for Mexico in the the World Cup

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    Luka Modric

    by A Yahoo! User May 28, 2010 00:19
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul May 28, 2010 15:17 Flag

    I wouldn't mind a swap. Modric in Carrick out.

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    Own goal - SECOND highest goalscorer

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 28, 2010 02:27
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Mar 30, 2010 01:04 Flag

    Our wingers and the other players that go down the byline deserve most of the credit. They're hit with such pace that's almost impossible to defend against.

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    Manchester & Liverpool United?

    by The Levy Mar 19, 2010 16:03
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Mar 20, 2010 11:25 Flag

    I think even before the red knights appeared the discussion of boycotting United matches was already talked about. Over here even. It's just something that doesn't seem entirely possible. For every supporter that boycotts a game there would be one jumping on the chance to attend one.

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    stevie g gets away with it yet again

    by Tenaka1974 Mar 16, 2010 22:20
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Mar 18, 2010 20:31 Flag

    My problem really isn't that he didn't get sent off even though he should have. It's the referees and the F.A. who look at the video evidence and don't think any punishment is necessary. Ferdinand was rightly banned for those three matches. He was stupid to appeal it.

    The fact is after all the evidence shown they still don't think any action should be taken. They are sending the wrong message. It will backfire on them some day.

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    Question on Owens Pay-As-You-Play deal

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 6, 2010 02:54
    Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Mar 6, 2010 03:00 Flag

    Owen was signed as a free agent and he and Fergie reached an agreement over the contract. Hargreaves was bought from Bayern Munich and signed a 3-5 year contract. I can't remember the exact details.

    Owen was on a pay as you play deal which meant he wouldn't be at United for the long term. Hargreaves was looked at as a starter for United. Tendinitis was the problem at Munich and at United. Most clubs at the top end of the table don't usually buy players on a pay as play. It's not very often that it happens.