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  • There is no place for what Santi cazola did in this game. Blatant diving, he should face a long ban. Of course the AKBs, amongst the most deluded fans on the planet think all decisions go against Arsenal. Well, lets see them explain that non penalty. I apologise to all who love football on behalf of all proper arsenal fans, the club let the game down today, that should not be forgotten.of course the manager did not see it. I will not be attending games or buying merchandise until wenger gazidis and kronke are gone.

  • So a win against the old enemy and the AKBs are getting above their station. Pathetic. Is beating Spurs now the limit of ambition? Wenger is a busted flush. The definition of insanity is keeping doing the same thing and expecting different results. Ring any bells? Yet again, Groundhog day. And it is the ridiculous AKBs who keep him there. Wenger should be sacked and Moyes bought in, transforming this lot of underacheivers into a proper British team.
    How many AKBs does it take to change a light bulb? As many as OGL tells them, thats how many.

  • The only reason this team finished third was due to the failings of others, helpful referees, poor keepers and massive slices of luck. Chelsea appointed a clown who they had to sack, Liverpool lost key players, Spurs were clearly a far superior team but scuppered by the clueless FA intent on destroying the greatest current English manager. Wenger has yet again proven tactically inept, incapable of organising a defence. He only wants yes men around, Bould will last all of 3 weeks. RVP will leave, the likes of Hoilett will come in. Denilson will be like a new signing. But for the ridiculous AKBs and JCLs, all is ok. Swansea, Wigan, QPR, Fulham ...and in years gone by, Hull, Wolves, Wigan again, Charlton...anyone see a pattern? Unfortunately Wenger does not. His team beat City so all is ok. They say you get the leader you deserve AKBs.
    Next season, Wenger will carry on regardless, but I can assure him that Arsenal will be nowhere near third

  • You have heard and will hear all sorts of fancy names linked with the club, but as Arsenal fans , we all know to pay no heed, these things hardly ever come off due to a manager and board lacking ambition.
    But good news, one player is almost a done deal. No, dont be silly, not the German, wengers dithering will most likely mean he goes elsewhere.
    I refer to a premiership ready attacking player, who will come very cheap......and his last name rhymes with toilet........

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    Swiss Ramble - Updated AFC Financial Blog

    by Willie Young Feb 28, 2012 16:19
    Dave SE Dave SE Feb 29, 2012 12:42 Flag

    correct, FFP is an instrument to keep in check English clubs, Platini clearly approves of the PSG situation

    English clubs will eventually, with others break from EUFA

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    Arsenal 5 - 2 Tottenham

    by A Yahoo! User Feb 26, 2012 15:32
    Dave SE Dave SE Feb 26, 2012 21:07 Flag

    One swallow does not a summer make - do not be fooled by this result , only papering over the cracks of a desperatly poor team.
    It pains me to say it, but Spurs will finish 2 or 3 places above Arsenal. Do not know what Redknapp was doing tactically today, but even greats can have an off day.
    Wenger just got a very temporary stay of execution, nothing more.

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    Arsen's shopping list

    by Raider Feb 23, 2012 14:06
    Dave SE Dave SE Feb 24, 2012 00:28 Flag

    Bischoff, eisman, whoever, they all merge into one, they are all useless to the cause of arsenal, just a one in a thousand gamble wenger is fond of that he may get another superstar for a few hundred thousand or less. That is the stuff of wengers dreams I'm afraid, the only manager in the world averse to buying good players. Imagine the concept, you win fifty seven million in the lottery and choose clapped out Renault Clio , that is what OGL stands for. Damned if I can understand him. Still, they say you get the leader you deserve

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    Arsen's shopping list

    by Raider Feb 23, 2012 14:06
    Dave SE Dave SE Feb 23, 2012 19:08 Flag

    Hilarious list!
    We all know that anyone he signs will be completely unknown or free like his star Jan signing this year....Bischoff or whatever he was called.
    That Toillett guy at Blackburn may be an option, and Demba Ba as he will be a perma crock after this season, right up wengers street.
    And dont forget, Diaby will be like a new signing! for at least a game anyway....a bit like Gibbs....

  • They are not fit for the premiership, but look who picks them and pays them 70 grand a week! Yes, denialson almunia djourou, bendtner walcott squilacci and vela earn more that bale and modric. I know , incredible, I admire them! The reason, arsenal had to invest a percentage of turnover on playing staff as part of the stadium loan agreement, and guess what, he refused to pay transfer fees, so he put it on wages, killing hunger in young , fairly useless players and making it impossible to sell them! And once more ,he cannot be sacked as no top manager would take over such a situation, we are stuck with the dead and dying wood for years! All down to the vanity of one man. O neill gave him a lesson in work ethic, tactics and management, just imagine what redknapp will do! Now, it is not just vp who wants put, it is song and theo as well! What does that say! pains me to say it, but I want arsenal humiliated again this weekend, then something may be done. A very poor third behind a very poor second in London, how does that feel akb sheeple? Make no mistake, akbs, the board, wenger and shite players are equally to blame. Wake up idiots!

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    Eden Hazard to Spurs.

    by Govinda Feb 13, 2012 20:46
    Dave SE Dave SE Feb 14, 2012 00:50 Flag

    Do not know if that is true or not, but I can tell you arsenal will not be signing hazard, as gourcuff is a done deal, along with Mathias Suarez, and an attempt will be made for Podolski, but Liverpool may have something to say about that and you guessed it, we will not get involved in a bidding war with Liverpool as long as wenger and kronke are around.
    Hazard or gourcuff....interesting, problem is, one will cost twelve million, the other thirty five million euros, think we can guess which one wenger will go for.
    Fortune favours the brave, mid table mediocrity awaits the risk averse, kronke is just like randy Lerner lacking in ambition, wenger can no longer cope with the pressure of trying to win, which suits all those who run arsenal. this club would rather settle for seventh than spend. Rvp been nice knowing you

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    Wenger tactically clueless?

    by A Yahoo! User Feb 11, 2012 17:00
    Dave SE Dave SE Feb 12, 2012 00:00 Flag

    Yes he is. Wenger got very lucky today. Mon plays a pragmatic British style game with British style players. He is the master, wenger these days the imposter. Mon will have the last laugh in the fa cup. On a depressing note, how are we now behind spurs? Though it pains me to say, redknapp is clearly a managerial genius ,,maybe wenger should have shown ade more patience

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    Wenger for England??

    by Dave SE Feb 9, 2012 15:50
    Dave SE Dave SE Feb 9, 2012 20:55 Flag

    Don't get me wrong, wenger is not going to win anything with England, anymore than he will from now on at arsenal, but he just may be able to bring on youngsters sufficiently to enable them to win with a proper future manager, just like he develops players at arsenal who go on to win trophies elsewhere with proper managers

  • Redknapp will not take the England job, they cannot afford him and his backroom staff, who he will insist on keeping in the highly unlikely event he did move. Redknapps star is clearly on the rise at Spurs, in stark contrast, it has to be said to that of Wenger at Arsenal. However, Wenger could make an England manager, dont laugh, there is method in my apparent madness. England need to get rid of the divisive old guard and bring in youngsters for the future, Wenger does just that, to a fault.Harry, like Fergie or Jose is a natural winner, and will pick the best players available to him at any given time, Wenger is more patient and inclined to look to the future, arguably exactly what England need now.
    At England, Wenger would be freed from worrying about finances, obsessing about the design of lockers at the training ground. He would not have to worry about transfers. He lacks coaching and managerial skills, but some of the players come from clubs with managers who have these qualities in abundance. Wenger likes earning , but hates spending, the England job would be ideal. He would not have to enforce his own wage caps. He would only see the players from time to time, hopefully they would not be too exposed to his training methods, so harmful to the body, and so tactically inept with no defensive drilling. He would not have to worry about squad size. Even the most blinkered AKBs are now queuing up to hail Redknapp as Londons finest manager, (dont believe me, look at the forums) but the England job could be tailor made for Wenger, it could limit his many faults and even enhance his key strength. And best of all, if he took it, our club could make that call to Sunderland and get a proper club manager asap

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    Calm down AKBs

    by Dave SE Feb 5, 2012 12:10
    Dave SE Dave SE Feb 5, 2012 14:12 Flag
  • That was a win against a poor team, not playing for their manager, with players missing and down to 10 men, and even they Arsenal conceded!

    Next week, Wenger will face the man who he knows and we all know should be the Arsenal manager. What a job MON is doing at Sunderland, I know he has just arrived there, ut from what we have seen so far, he rivals Harry Redknapp for manager of the year.
    A true pragmatic British style manager who plays the game as a British style team should, unlike someone I can think of, who is lost in his Barca dreamworld. Arsene, if you have a knackered out Ford Fiesta, no point in pretending it is a Bugatti. Arsenal will never be Barcelona, this team will never even be Spurs

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    by Govinda Jan 31, 2012 13:59
    Dave SE Dave SE Feb 1, 2012 00:12 Flag

    I called this signing last night see exciting new signing thread. Hopefully I will get a bit more respect from some on this board, especially the akbs that have targeted me. I reiterate, rvp will be replaced by Mathias Suarez, hold me to it. I am a very successful man, I mix in circles whereby I get this info, and I have shagged a cheeky girl. Ignore my posts at your peril.

  • Thomas eisfeld, an injury prone mf from Dortmund under 19s, subject to medical. Price 450k. Ambition is alive and well at arsenal, that bischoff, sorry eisfeld could be the new messi! The champions league is ours after this.
    Rumours about some kid defender from Watford too. Just gets better! Mark my words, rvp out, mathias Suarez in this summer?

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    by Dave SE Jan 11, 2012 21:51
    Dave SE Dave SE Jan 11, 2012 21:53 Flag

    sorry, Coq of Frimpong in place of Song

  • Dave SE by Dave SE Jan 11, 2012 21:51 Flag

    RVPs agent in secret talks with Real for a summer move, Chelsea will buy Higuain , RVP will replace him.
    Arsenal have signed RVPs replacement on a pre contract, Matias Suarez from Anderlecht for 7m euros, the agreement with his current club means it will not be announced until June.
    Abidal loan a possibility but unlikely, Podolski says the summer but he is keeping options open in the likely event Arsenal are not in the Champions League next year.
    Theo will be shipped out to Liverpool to make way for Ox,Song to one of the Milan clubs to make way for Coq or Chamberlain. Wenger does not understand the concept of having good players in place and good players challenging them.
    All this on the day Arsenal say good bye to the top 4,and good bye to respectability as a club. Wenger and the board have lost all ambition, the fans know it, the players know it. The club is an insult to players it once had, and let go on the cheap, they make me sck to the stomach.