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  • How well are the British likely to do in Vancouver? Will the pressure on them be higher following the impressive haul by their Summer Olympics compatriots?

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    Britain still in with a chance!

    by Erik Hartberg Feb 13, 2008 19:40

    Spurs have got to be in with a great chance of winning. Their manager, Ramos, is undoubtably a great Cup-run manager and now with their improved line-up (although i believe there might be some cup-ties...) and mentality they'll be disappointed not to make the final.

  • We're merely days away from the Australian Open 2008 so its about time we had a chat about who will win. Roger Federer has been in the press saying he's very keen to retain the title. Although he might occasionaly seem unbeatable, does anyone have any thoughts about who will win this year? Can Federer do it again or will there be challengers ready to fight him for the Australian Open?

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    Bye Bye Big Mac - Now, Who's Next?

    by Erik Hartberg Nov 22, 2007 17:57

    Yeah, well said Reefed. I'd only really add to that the fact that those points you lay out probably can't be done properly by the FA as it currently stands. So i'd like to add point no 5: Replace the FA. Perhaps bring in someone who's able to lead a massive organisation properly but who also knows a thing or two about football.

    Not really certain who. Any suggestions?

  • England will blatantly struggle to qualify for Euro 2008. A victory over Croatia is of course required but Russia's two remaining games will also have an impact.

    How much of this is down to McClaren's tactics/management? Should he be replaced and if so by whom?

  • Simple question really. What's the best football league? Is it our very own Premier League or could it perhaps be La Liga in Spain or Serie A in Italy? It is probably fair to say that players from all around the world are keen to play in all three of those mentioned. And don't forget the Bundesliga in Germany, Ligue 1 in France or even the SPL.

    Are some of the lower divisions equally exciting? Are there any leagues that will become popular in the future?

    Finally, what is it that makes a league great. The players? The teams? The money? Or is it the football?!!

  • So England suffer yet another defeat. Did Germany outplay England or should England have come away with something?

    If you were Steve McClaren, what would you take from the game? What changes need to be made before the forthcoming Euro 2008 qualifiers? Who performed well and who should be dropped? What tactical alterations need to be made?

    Do England have what it takes to pull it together and qualify?

  • Beckham looks likely to start. As does Owen. Will the latest England team be strong enough to take on the mighty Germans? Jens Lehmann doesn't seem to think so and Dietmar Hamann is under the impression that England will be incapable to keep possession in tonight's friendly.

    Who will stand out in this game? Micah Richards has looked strong for Man City but can he come up with the goods against Germany? Will Beckham be able to keep up following his injuries and trans-Atlantic flights? Is it too soon to be playing Owen? And who should have been included in the squad?

    And finally, how much can be learned from this game. Do people take friendlies seriously or are they just a waste of time?

  • Well, it has certainly been an interesting start to the season. The newbies started off well with Sunderland leaders of the promoted pack and Derby certainly holding their own. Birmingham also put up a good fight against Chelsea but failed to score points.

    Newcastle top the table following some fine acrobatics by Martins. Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal also came good by winning their opening day games.

    But how much can we take from these first games. Is it an early indicator of things to come? Has Eriksson put together a team that can challenge for trophies? Is the 'Keane Effect' going to spur Sunderland into more victories? Will there be any real surprises this season? What has been learnt from the opening games?

  • So, looks like Eriksson is the next Man City manager. Is he the right man to wake the sleeping giants and is Man City the right club for him?

    Presumably the money offered to him for player purchases will have been a deciding factor but what will he do to turn things round at Manchester City? Who should he bring on board?

  • Not being a very regular viewer of the big 4 Tennis tournamnets I'm not all that clued up on who the main contenders are. So, basically, who should i be putting my money on for the French Open?

    Does a good performance in this tournament give a clear indication of who will do well at Wimbledon?

  • Well, I guess the main question here is did AC Milan deserve to win the Champions League? I guess you can't really argue with the score but there will be some of us out there who will think that Liverpool played the more exciting football and created the most chances.

    There's also some reports in that Inzaghi's opener actually came off his arm. The Sun even ran the headline 'Armed Robbery'.

    So, what does everyone think. Fair score or did AC Milan get lucky?

  • So, Anyone shocked? It is probably fair to say that although many of us were hoping to see Spurs and Boro come good no-one is really that surprised.

    2x Main talking points:

    1. The Spurs fan that tried to lamp Lamps. How should the FA deal with incidents like that? Should Spurs have dealt with it better? Did Chelsea aggrivate the situation?

    2. Ronaldo's penalty. Was he felled or did he dive? And what about his overall performance?

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  • I was at the game last night. I thought we didn't really show up. We had a good 20-minute spell at the start and then another good 10-minutes at the start of the second half. And then everything else seemed to be Chelsea.

    Anyways, the point i was going to make was this... Do we really want our fans running out onto the pitch to try to assault players? That's not really the kind of behaviour you'd expect at White Hart Lane and I was quite shocked to see it. Besides, Lampard didn't really do more to aggrivate the fans than any of the other players. Drogba would have been a much better target. I guess he was scared of him and went for an easier target!!

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    west indies

    by Nazim Mar 13, 2007 19:17

    Well, to be fair, the Windies had a fantastic result against Pakistan. Very impressive. I think there's a good chance that they will make the Seims but i'm not certain about them winning...

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    World Cup Betting

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 6, 2007 19:39

    Some good suggestions there. If you like taking a chance that is. I personally can't see New Zealand getting to the finals. I know it was only a warm-up but getting beaten by Bangladesh didn't help.

    I think Sri Lanka have a great chance this year. E/W betting on them would be a good shot. Especially if you double up with a bet on top runscorer too. Like Jayasuriya for example...

    Anyone got any other tips?

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    League Cup final - Your thoughts

    by Erik Feb 26, 2007 17:11

    Yes, good to see that JT was back at the staduim celebrating with the team a couple of hours after being KOd! As for the game itself, as a neutral it was pretty good fun. The fight at the end did spoil things a bit. I don't think Adebayoor did himself many favours and i definitely think that there will be plenty more FA action against both sides.

    Agree that Theo Walcott looked very good but Chelsea deserved the win and Drogba just seems unstoppable at the moment. It must be frustrating to Chelski fans to be a9 points behind United.... I think that gap should be smaller based on Chelsea's performances...

  • So, its all over. And what a bit of fun it all was. First of all, probably worth praising anyone who was involved in John Terry's treatment and also to John Terry himself for pulling through what looked pretty terrible.

    So, onto the game itself. Should there have been more red cards? Were any of the cards that were displayed undeserved? In situations like that it can be very difficult to know exactly where the blame lies but could the referee have done more to resolve the flare-up?

    And of course, don't forget the goals... Drogba is on fire. And to be fair, Walcott scored a pretty decent goal too. Do you think 2-1 was a fair assessment of the performances?

  • So, the quarter finals draw is out.
    Chelsea play Spurs;
    Arsenal host Blackburn or Man City;
    Boro or West Brom play Man U or Reading
    Plymouth welcome Watford.

    So, who will win? Plymouth must be very pleased with their draw. Can they come up with the goods and knock Watford out to make it to the Semis? Can Spurs actually beat Chelsea for the second time in the season to progress?

    Let us know what you think about the draw and who you think will eventually win the Cup...

  • Watching England always brings on a strange feeling of Déjà vu. They start in a promising manner - some good play, a couple of exciting movements, maybe even a shot or two on goal. And then England start showing their true colours and every fan across the land gets bored.

    So. Here's the question. What needs to happen for England to win games against real teams? AND, are they ever going play any exciting football again? When was the last time any of you were truly thrilled by an England game?