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  • Same old story I have always said we got the worst defence for years now after all this time Dave Jones finally starts seeing what most of us been seing for ages.

    Spend wise in January in defence as this will be your last chance if we dont go up this season I think.

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    by Natasha Nov 12, 2010 08:27
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    As a Cardiff fan I would love to see Warnock incharge of Cardiff, I think that all his sides are hard to beat he installs passion in his team and always has a good defence which is what we lack this season and last just look at what he did at Sheffield he was robbed of a place in the prem by the mancs playing a wrong player but nothing was done about it in my opinion. As for Blackwell and Sheffield I hope he stays there as easy 3 points lol.

  • Being a bluebirds fan for many years and writing a few blogs regards Cardiff City and players I hope that Dave Jones strenghens the defence as I think this is the worst defence we have had in many years and Hudson is not the replacement for Roger Johnson or Glen Loovens, on another point we need players who will play and not just be squad numbers like we have had in the past we seem over the last 3-4 season to be top or there abouts at christmas then fail through lack of players of enough quality to rest the other quality players in the side.

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    by A Yahoo! User Oct 5, 2010 01:29
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    If I was a middlesborough fan I wanna consider supporting another team as I just seen an appointment of another no hoper Tony Mowbray named as manager or would I consider getting a consortium together to oust the current board prob be the latter to stop this happening again and again

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    by A Yahoo! User Oct 5, 2010 01:29
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    southgate must be laughing his head off now with whats going on there he was sacked being 1 point off the top of the table at the time then he gets replaced with strachen and it goes pear shaped. ok he got them relegated to the chamionship but look at how long he kept then in the prem sad days for the boro even worse seeing their rivals go up. I think they going to do a leeds and go down a couple of divisions before he gets the sack. Also im suprised southgate not taken over another team in the lower divisions

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    Craig Bellamy

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 17, 2010 19:49
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    I hear what people are saying about the bellamy transfer and the high wage and cardiff debts but just a couple of points does anybody ask about your wages that you get paid for working in your job after all football is a business now not a sport there are a lot of company struggling to pay wages and to stay afloat these days who own money to other people for goods this being the same as in football as the players become the goods on another point make you wonder about the management team for the new company as they would of known of the debts cardiff had when they looked at buying the club from the books and if they truely had the money they seem to be boasting about then why not clear all the debts in one go and not let these things drag on on another point if these debts were hidden by the previous regime Mr ridsdale then he should either be forced to pay them back himself or pay back the investment money the new board paid for the club because its fraud and also they have been mis sold the club

  • This I think will be great for the player and both the clubs because the player will score for fun in the championship so will make him a better player (confidence) also whilst he is playing here man city if they want him back will benefit from his confidence to score more goals but most of all cardiff will benefit as ticket sales will go up I think and I just hope its not another Robbie Fowler just a name and not play many games for the city but what will also be interesting is who will Dave Jones drop to play him I think chopra as same sort of player and personality. looks like the city are on the way up it must be this season as I cant remember any other season when the division didnt have big guns in that came down from the prem and were automatically fav to go back up.

  • I would not mind Marlon King coming to Cardiff could be good for both club and player. We not got any money and he needs to start somewhere so if he scores us 15-20 goals better than none as we will soon be selling the likes of chopra and co to pay bills and that. He could be bought to the club on the promise if he does well he might even get other teams knocking on the door for him .