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    Who is out?

    by Sfer May 31, 2013 14:07
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Jun 4, 2013 20:53 Flag

    Evening fellow yids.
    Not quite sure if i would like to see BAE leave unless we get a good replacement for him, as i don't think Nuaughton is quite up to the job yet , although i'm sure he will definately improve with time Sfer.
    As for the rest you mentioned your'e pretty spot on.
    Also i would like to see Caulker maybe go out on loan as he seems to lack confidence, which imo is something you definately don't need in your back four.
    I know i've said this before but i think that Holtby and Sigg are just short of CL quality and therefore we need 1 or 2 quality midfielders(like Modders) and a proven Striker,even if it's someone like Michu, at least the guy showed desire and would certainly have converted more of the chances given to Ade than he did.
    What saddens me more is that we always have to look elsware for such talent and feel that our homegrown youngsters are left with scrapes.( how on earth are they ever gonna prove themselves ).
    Anyway, would love the job of one of AVB's assistants for a season and would quite happily do the job for FREE. ATB JEFFALL COYS

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    St Totteringhams....

    by FABONGRASSS May 19, 2013 18:20
    JEFFALL JEFFALL May 20, 2013 12:29 Flag

    Whilst your in such an ecstatic mood you can even dream of of bringing BALE to the emiratrs.
    Sweat dreams!

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    End of Season....

    by Jlock May 20, 2013 09:51
    JEFFALL JEFFALL May 20, 2013 11:37 Flag

    Morning John and fellow Yids.
    Dissapointed with the final outcome yesterday, but at least we won, with another superb finish from Bale.
    Although AVB mentioned the loss to Everton yesterday, for me it waqs the Fulham game that cost us, which i'm sure most of us(including the pundits) had for a Spurs home win and this is where that sort mental attitude of going into some games where we take our foot off the gas instead of going for the jugular.
    Pretty much agree with the signings bit though as equally Glen Hoddle pointed out a couple of weeks ago.
    I dare say we will have quite a clear out this summer and can see the likes of Hudd,Caulker,Parker hopefully Dempsey and maybe even Sigg or Holtby being sold to raise funds for more talented players,to strengthen our midfield and attacking areas.
    We all know this is not easy as all the big clubs are almost looking at the same players but if we can get in early instead of waiting for the final day of the transfer market then we may just get lucky.
    Felt we should have gone in for Sturridge when he was available as with his pace i'm sure we could have fitted him in with our preferred stiking game of using the flanks as Bale was alouded to roam.
    Hopefully the scouts can find another Mata or striker like Droghba (sorry to mention 2 Chelsea players) but these are the type of players that you need to help get CL football.
    I would like to think that spurs can still attract 1 or 2 big names to the lane and if we can hold onto Bale that we can continue to challenge for the future.
    At the end of the day we missed out on CL football, but we were never going to win it and niether will the goons.

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    You Guys

    by Alan H May 10, 2013 21:27
    JEFFALL JEFFALL May 13, 2013 20:38 Flag

    Evening H and fellow Yids.
    Was really hoping Sunderland would win against Southampton yeaterday and that Newcastle would lose to QPR ,but as you already know, it all went #$%$ up and now we've ended up with Wigan or Newcastle doing us a big favour in bashing up the GOONS.
    We really are in sqeaky bum time and i'm hoping that lady luck can see it in her favour to shine down on us at last.(you know we're due some).
    Hopefully the final outcome falls in your favour too and we all end up looking forward to next saeson of EPL for you and CL for us.
    atb .....JEFFALL......COYS.......SPURS ..FOREVER....

  • Was a wee bit surprised that no one started a thread to wish Gareth Bale "all the best" on winning the two player of the year awards.
    He has been exceptional and truly brilliant on many occasions this season, both for club and country and would have loved to see him in an England shirt(but we can't have it all).
    At least for now we have him at the Lane, which gives us some bragging rights.
    The boy has the world at his feet (literally) and i hope he goes on to be one of the best players in the world.
    Hopefully his head won't be turned by massive wages and dreams of grandure and that giving at least 2 or more seasons at the Lane,we can build a better team around him to help him fullfill his footballing dreams.(one can only hope).
    Well once again young man :WELL DONE and all the best for the future......JEFFALL...COYS

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    What about that ...Citeh win

    by Jlock Apr 22, 2013 09:19
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Apr 22, 2013 19:33 Flag

    Pretty much summed it all up there John.
    I was almost happy to take a draw in the second half,then all of sudden we're 3-1 up.
    As you say it looked like we were running out of ideas and in dempseys case out of steam.
    OK, so he scored a tap in, but equally missed a sitter with his head (unchallenged).As i've said before, i don,t think he's good enough for Spurs and would be happy enough to give him away, let alone sell him.
    Don't think anyone played particularly well and to give Bale MOM seemed a wee bit odd, as a lot of his touches seemed pretty poor to me, except his goal of course.
    Maybe i've come to expect too much from him?
    Definately missed Lennon on the wing and any wide play, and it seemed like when the changes came with the subs and Bale went wide, that we eventually looked like getting something out of the game and we did.
    Thought BAE played quite well and although he's not everyone's cup of tea i've always been a big fan of his.
    Also if you look at the last 3 or 4 games that we've started without him and played Naughton (whom i sure will come better with time) that we've had poor results.
    Quality strike from Daffy, which we all know he has in his locker and to be honest was a wee bit surprised to see him on the bench behind Dempsey.
    Anyway was pleased to see AVB's changes come to fruition (something Arry lacked) and get us the 3 points and lift all of SPIRITS for the run in.
    UPWARDS...UPWARDS...UPWARDS...is what we need.

  • Seems like the popguns got a wee bit lucky today,with the help from the officials.
    Don't get get me wrong,the popguns were always going to be in it untill the final whistle,but with only 5 minutes to go and a wrong call from the ref,thus leading to a corner,which eventually leads to a penalty,all of which should of been a goal kick to start with,then it doesn't come much luckier than that.
    Must have knocked the stuffing out of Norwich and especially Chris Hughton, who is still a Spurs man through and through.
    The only prem game to alter in the last 10 mins and it had to be that one.
    So the fake north londoners are in front of us for the first time this season(i'm sure a little goon will put me right if i'm wrong)and so THE FIGHT IS ON.
    At least the Europa is out of the way and the only thing we need to concentrate on is the PL which the popguns have had more time to catch up on.
    Hopefully with players returning from injury will increase our task of taking maximum points from all remainig games and the popguns end up where they've been all season,in our DUST.
    Get ready for the one man team comments about the man they would love to have at the emirates.

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    europas ruined our season

    by Layla Apr 4, 2013 23:20
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Apr 10, 2013 20:16 Flag

    Evening fellow Yids.
    Havn't posted for a bit, but still been reading the posts,which i normally enjoy.
    This one's one of those(interesting).
    Some good points raised with reference to injuries,though i'm sure all PL players love to play in european games against foreign teams as this is a way of showing your wares and equally getting to play against some of the best players in the world,also to experince some of the different atmospheres these games bring.
    Sadly all games will bring injuries of one sort or another and to our cost this seems to be the case for Bale and Lennon,or are we just looking for excuses.
    The sad thing for us is that it had to be 2 of our most dangerous and influentual players.
    I'm sure if Chelsea were to lose Mata and Hazard at the run in of the PL,then they would be as anxious as us with the run in.
    What angers me is the fact that both Chelsea and the Popguns are revelling in the fact that we have 2 key players injured and will take great pleasure in Spurs slipping up in home games as we did against Everton on sunday.
    Yes,this was 2 big points dropped,even though we equalised late on,but i do think we at least deservd the draw.
    One thing that did annoy me though,was that he didn't start with BAE in the back 4 and went for Caulker,who i feel is not up to to the job yet.
    Vert is not a natural LB and was part of downfall to Everton's second goal.
    For me the back 4 is vital at full strength with key players missing in the middle(ie-Bale and Lennon)and so therefore i thought he should have gone with-
    This gives us solidarity in the middle and pace down both flanks in defending and attack.
    Sundays game also highlighted a weak bench,although i did think the Hudd did a decent job when he came on for Dembele, which seemed a bit strange at the time.
    Just hoping we can get players back in good condition for the run in,as it will seem like a massive kick in the nuts to have gone most of the season in 4th/3rd only to slip up at the final hurdle.
    Anyway here's to onwards and upwards with a wee bit of luck and no more injuries to key players.


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    Messages also going missing...?

    by Jlock Mar 21, 2013 08:00
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Mar 21, 2013 20:43 Flag

    John,yahoo is a bit like the thunderbirds quote,"of anything can happen in the next half hour".
    Was trying to reply to your message on the 20.3.2013 about the Spurs v Fulham game.
    Like yourself,i thought we played well against the pool but there was definately something missing agaist fulham.
    I think NBR hit the nail on the head with reference to Lennon being missing and had no attack going down the sides.
    I know Walker has had a couple of bad games this season,but he links up well with Lennon and without them two on the right we look flat.
    Also he played Calker, who IMO lacks confidence which also seems to put Vert off his game a wee bit.This coupled along with not playing BAE seemed a poor choice of team to me and i'm left with the thought that he totally got his tactics wrong, in thinking thi was going to be a comfortable home win?
    Well we all know what happened next and thats our 3rd defeat in a row and away at Swansea next is no easy task.
    The sooner we get back to a full strength side the better,and maybe reverting to our more natural game with Bale and Lennon both starting out wide.
    Well with fingers crossed and everything else lets get back to winning ways a keep a tight grip on that 4th spot.
    ATB...........JEFFALL..........SPURS FOREVER

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    How on earth did we lose that?....

    by Jlock Mar 11, 2013 07:17
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Mar 11, 2013 19:01 Flag

    Evening fellow Yids.
    Wouidn't exactly say we were walking it John and it was allways going to be a tough one at anfield.
    Thought we done well to get back in it after going 1-0 down althoughit was agaist the run of play.
    However at 2-1 i thought we looked better than expected and could actually see us getting a third and putting the game to bed.
    Midway through the second half,i thought that some looked alittle bit leggy and this for me hilighted the fact that our bench looked a tad weak.
    Holtby for Gylfie was fine and although Livermore wasn't having a great game,i felt that Carroll seemed a little frail on the physical side in the middle
    Not that you need brute strength in that possition as players like Modric etc have proved,but sadly Carroll is not in his class and this is where it is nice to have a slighly better indepeth squad,which i'm sure we will be able to put together if we get CL next season.
    As you said though John 3 mistakes was our undoing and pobably the POOL couldn't believe thier luck and would of been more than happy with a point at 2-1 down.
    Still,we must pick ourselves up and concentrate on our game with Inter,as without Bale and Lennon(who we definately missed yesterday)things will be a lot tougher and the midfield will have a tough battle on thier hands.
    This is when we need to dig deep and keep the faith for that 3/4th spot.

    ATB ..............JEFFALL...........SPURS..FOREVER

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    Looking good.....

    by Jlock Mar 6, 2013 12:43
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Mar 6, 2013 19:45 Flag

    Evening fellow yids.
    As you say john,LOOKING GOOD.
    With reference to AVB, I thought that if he was good enough for Chelsea, he can't be that bad,after all they must have done thier homework on him and he felt that it would be a change to have a young Manager with fresh ideas.
    So far so good and providing he takes so notice of the LOYAL FANS then i'm sure he can keep taking us in the right direction.
    Still enjoying the win over the POPGUNS and hope that with some small changes here that we can overcome INTER and the POOL.
    Think we're definately more flowing without Dempsey and should continue with the 5 in the middle.
    ADE definately needs a goal ASAP or i can see him becoming a long term bench warmer behind Daffy who looked very sharp against woolwhich when he came on.
    Nice to see GYLFIE get a start and would like to see him find the back of the net to boost his confidence as i'm sure we haven't seen the best of him and feel he deserves a run of games ahead of the newly arrived HOLTBY.
    Anyway enough of me and here's looking to more good things to come.

    ATB ...............JEFFALL..............SPURS... FOREVER

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    Come on the Arsenal!

    by FABONGRASS Feb 27, 2013 12:21
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Mar 3, 2013 01:10 Flag

    On paper the SPURS team is far superior and JW is possibly the only #$%$ at the mo who could get in the Spurs first 11,so this should really be a walk in the lane for us.
    However,derby's are allways a tough battle and provided we keep that little #$%$ wiltshire quiet we should keep the popguns with a 7 point gap between us.

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    by Joe Feb 6, 2013 11:19
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Feb 6, 2013 18:21 Flag

    Descent stats Joe and i'd play Gylfi over Dempsey any day.

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    Will Bale succumb to the media hype?

    by Jlock Feb 5, 2013 09:27
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Feb 5, 2013 19:28 Flag

    Personally John,i prefer us to play with the 2 wide men.
    But only if they have pace and the ability to go get past defenders with confidence which currently Bale and Lennon can do.
    I'm hoping that Holtby might be encouraged to cover the left hand side(if playing) when Bale goe's on one of his runs which still gives alternatives on both sides,should he get blocked off by 2 or 3 defenders as he does seem to drag half of the opposition with him.
    As you've already mentioned,Lennon doesn't seem to possess a pair of shooting boots and unless he finds apair in the near future should stay wide as normal and continue as he is with his crossing into the box for others to get on the end of.
    Sadly none of our midfield seem able to strike the ball as crisp as the lkes of Gerrard and Lampard who seem to get on the score sheet quite often(especially Lamps).
    I was hoping that Dembele was going to be an improvement on Modric's tally but to my knowledge his debut goal is the only one.
    Yes we get the odd one here and there from the others,but aren't the midfield players the one's with all the skill and should all be able to find the back of the net like Mata of Chelsea but sadly this is not the case at the LANE.
    Our goal tally looks pretty poor to the 3 teams above us and even the Arse and so shooting practice should definately be on our agenda as i can't remember the last time we scored 3 goals or more.
    So it's shooting pactice or a very good striker for me.


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    Formation without Defoe?

    by not_blonde_really Feb 3, 2013 14:34
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Feb 4, 2013 23:15 Flag

    Meant to put in after the word few:-up thier game a bit.

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    Formation without Defoe?

    by not_blonde_really Feb 3, 2013 14:34
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Feb 4, 2013 21:59 Flag

    Would like to see Gylfi get some starts over Dempsey.
    He(Dempsey) seems like he's dragging a beer barrel behind him,he's too slow, has poor ball control and rarely goes past anyone to create any chances,should of stayed at Fulham where they don't play at such a fast pace.
    As for Gylfi on the other hand,has the pace and i'm sure given some playing time will create his own chances and at least be able to keep up with play.
    As for the rest i think it should be.






    As for the midfield,I think that we should always try to play 2 wide men with maybe Holtby covering for Bale,although i'm not quite sure if he's played in that position,he has a good left foot and sure he can deliver a good ball in for the attacking players.

    At the mo,Bale is looking awesome and i'm convinced that if some of the rest(WALKER,BAE,DEMBELE)to name a few then we can start playing with the passion that you need to make it into the CL.

    atb .............jeffall.......COYS

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    D-Day - it's arrived!

    by not_blonde_really Jan 31, 2013 12:57
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Feb 1, 2013 23:40 Flag

    evening fellow yids.
    So no additional stiker then.
    Well at least Holtby may be the missing link we're looking for in midfield.
    Had a look at him on a few wed sites and from what i've seen is not too bad.
    Has good ball controll/passing/energy/vision/pace/can score goals and is not frightened to get stuck in,which he showed against Norwich in his brief substition.
    Also any player getting into the German national side comes with a good ENGINE.
    With Sandro out for the rest of the season,i'm sure that Holtby can fill his boots and maybe,just maybe,he's the missing piece to our jigsaw?
    At least AVB seems to know where we need to control games and if we can convert chaces into goals,then CL is ours.
    Looking back,Berba was a snip at 6 mill and i'm sure we would be sitting at 3rd right now (JUST A THOUGHT).

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    Redknapp Jnr, Neville & Dempsey

    by Jlock Jan 22, 2013 11:03
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Jan 22, 2013 19:48 Flag

    Spot on John.
    But did not Nev add,that if Dempsey had gone down that we would have been awarded a pen and that a red card would have to be given,hence,pnalty being scored and with man u down to 10 men, would have been a significant advantage for Spurs.
    Maybe these are some of the things being taught to players behind closed doors but no one would ever admit to.
    Anyway, we thoroughly deserved our point, if not all 3,and i'm sure had the equaliser had come earlier that manu would have stepped it up a gear and we could have found ourselves with a bit more defending to do.
    On the whole i think we played well,though i'm still not sure about Caulker and sadly Dempsey is way off the mark for a first team shirt.

    atb .......jeffall..............COYS

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    Nearly safe.......lol

    by A Yahoo! User Dec 31, 2012 09:26
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Dec 31, 2012 10:30 Flag

    Happy NewYear to you LTS and all the rest of our beloved SPURS fans.
    Hope the New Year brings you all you wish for and that the mighty Spurs good run of form continues.
    I for one would be happy for the table to end as it currently stannds and maybe a trophy to go with it.
    Again HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.
    SPURS FOREVER..................atb..........jeffall

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    defoe, teddy & keane!

    by Layla Nov 27, 2012 21:49
    JEFFALL JEFFALL Dec 4, 2012 18:28 Flag

    Evening fellow Yids.
    Whiles't were chatting about all our great strikers,i thought it might be appropriate to throw GARY LINEKER into the equation.
    Must have one of the best CVs in english football.