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  • I must say that in Arsenal's most productive period of outstanding form and performances of individuals, the silence on this board is baffling; to say nothing of the once loud protestations about the team and Arsene Wenger when everything they did brought some kind bleat. Now with the acclaim from the media ringing in our ears, it seems that Govinda and all have been struck dumb. Probably with astonishment that all their dire warnings of doom at the Emirates, have come to nothing. Meanwhile I'll just enjoy a chuckle at the prophets of doom. As for you John I cant believe you of all people have nothing to say!!??

  • Any complaints after knocking the champions over today. Told you so but its getting like talking to a brick wall on here. Must get back to the Arsenal Club site, its shyte here.

  • The way we are playing at the moment, I've pencilled in a win for us at City. Foolish? Well you might have said that had I predicted a 3 nil win against Stoke. But seriously, its no great challenge the way city are playing and it would be no shock. Defeat? Well that wouldn't be a shock either now would it? Best of luck boys.

  • no sign of butch the cairns mongrel utd supporter when he's needed to explain how Manure cant win a trick with the Dutch 'master' ARRRRHHHHH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h aha....oh dear pmsl so much. What was that?? Van who?? AARRRHHH! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha........Rickety Rooney! AARRHHH! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....oh please!!!

    Now Govinda, if that didn't satisfy you watching Arsene Wengers team give Hughes and his Stoke bully boys a good spanking, sending them back to where they came from looking like well slapped #$%$ They were chasing shadows the whole game and couldn't believe they looked like wax statues we were playing against

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    Happy New Year

    by John Jan 2, 2015 16:56

    The only thing that's going to shift Wenger and his thinking, is if Tottenham knock us out of a place in the CL. And that is not as far away as some may think. A sobering thought for many, including the Arsenal board, who just might sit up and pay attention for once. BTW A Happy New Year to you and everyone. BTW again what was AW thinking of when he had 3 or 4 five foot 'nothings' up front against a six foot plus defence at S'hampton?

  • I personally think AW would have settled for a draw at the start of the game. And from a improvement point of view it made very little difference, as once again results in the PL keep yo-yoing up down each week. The equalizer was a matter of naivety. Should have been playing 'keep the ball' instead of waiting for the whistle to blow in desperation. However at the end of the season it will have had little effect on 3rd or 4th place. Also does anyone not see a golden opportunity in the CL having drawn Monaco?? I do, and I think we could be the very dark horses here. The unbeaten in several matches now, still leaves us with great potential. Though to read Yahoo and the rest of the Arsenal knockers, its 'the end' for Arsenal and AW. ....guffaw!

  • Probably by many opinions, the greatest snooker player ever to pick up a cue. Yet never once invited, when there were times he would have won the Sports Personality of the Year award hands down
    O'Sullivan's snub is not only thoroughly embarrassing joke, it is bloody disgraceful. A skier who is visually impaired and her guide have been nominated. So too has Charlotte Dujardin for a spot of horse-dancing, or dressage as it is better known, with her horse Valegro. But not a World Champion who has entertained and provided some of the greatest snooker, and 147 breaks the world has ever seen, for millions upon millions of BBC viewers
    You would have been as well nominating the Newcastle United fan who decided to do a spot of horse boxing a few years back. You couldn't make it up. But in the BBC's case you can. You would have got a better list of candidates asking the horse. The BBC? A place for fairies and horse faced women who prefer the former.

  • ....No!!!!??? Good God! I'm move to tears. Surely there has to some complaints like it should have been 10 - 1. Well 5 at least seeing how Welbeck never touched the other bloke before scoring. But I think I'll go to Rio on that result, rather than fly blown Bali. Anyway its full of kids and old bald blokes in thongs and Speedo briefs (Budgie smugglers ) with their fat gut hanging over them. Can't be much fun unless your into that kind of thing.

  • Its so good to see that the idiots of the boards are being ignored. We miss nothing with their exclusion from anything other than football. Now onto more pleasing things than them.
    I thought the team AW put out seem all to have played pretty well. The result was outstanding. Names I hadn't even thought of made a big move forward in wanting selection into the main squad. All in all, I have reason to smile for a while at least until things go pear shaped. But maybe not. As I said before the lastPL result could be a spring board for better things. Amen to that.

  • .....has to be a good positive result against S'hampton, which could trigger a good run over Xmas. We live in hope and expectation with Arsenal. BTW any news on the CL draw or am I early?

  • Wenger isn't going to be given the boot just yet, much to the annoyance of some. More likely supporters are seeking assurances of how Wenger thinks he is going to turn around their recent form. Some smart January buys would be a good start, with defensive reinforcements an absolute priority - and PLEASE not any more attacking midfielders.

  • Get over it Govinda, and get real. Its a game of football, no more and no less. To make it anything other than that is being plain dumb & manically unrealistic. Today you want everything from this team that has already given you everything any man could possibly expect from his team over the years (do you even remember 49 unbeaten) and if you had been there during the whole of the 50's and well into the 60's, (and include some of the 70's) when The Gunners won practically nothing, then you would know what real failure felt like week in week out. So from what I read here you don't deserve Arsenal and Arsenal owes fickle supporters nothing. As someone once said about Arsene Wenger, when you finally bury him, as you will, be sure to carry him out on his shield. Now take your medicine, stop p...ssing in your nappy, and get on with life. I've been around too long to be bothered with the likes of you.

  • Jacks Jacks Nov 11, 2014 16:24 Flag

    You better hope that Arsene Wenger doesn't turn it around, because I'm saving this and I'm going to rub your moaning bl..dy face in it. I can remember the same moronic statements you use to make in another name, .that were just as biased and just as un supporting and stupid...If you love the sound of your own voice so much as I suspect, go buy a tape recorder and stop pretending to support anything.

  • Its 4th place that Wenger will cling onto. He hopes. His real agenda is the CL. title. One he came close to or was robbed of which ever way you want to look at it. I think he is intent on pulling another rabbit out of his magic hat and hopefully nicking a win as L'pool did and Chelsea a while back when no one expected them to. Its the only title Wenger wants to finish his career with. Don't hold your breath, but stranger things have happened in football. As Manure can attest to when they pinched two goals in the last minute against Bayern, to win it.

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    Running out of things to say

    by Govinda Nov 5, 2014 08:06

    Well you've gotta laugh being an Arsenal supporter. I've been laughing for years. To put the game I assume your talking of, the referee needs spec savers. One of their goals was miles offside, and their penalty only because Monreal slipped at a critical moment. Some teams just get lucky. And whats to moan at ( as usual with you) the result makes absolutely no difference to our qualifying, now does it? Do try to look on the bright side of life, we could have lost it as well. No?

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    How many buses

    by Jacks Nov 1, 2014 12:26

    Well fortunately plan B Sanchez, finally kicked my scenario into touch with a magnificent performance. Pity you missed that eh John? One of Arsenals best by far and it should have been double the score. Do we have the new Thierry on board in Sanchez?

  • ....will Burnley park this afternoon? It goes without saying that these teams come not to win, but to stop Arsenal playing, and in the process either hold on for a draw, or #$%$ a goal at the death to win it. To knock that into touch is to score a couple early in the match, before it settles into more and more buses being parked in the penalty area, and the usual slogging match trying to break it down. Ramsey is back though, and along with Sanchez it shouldn't turn into that.

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    Van Gaal seems to learn, why does Wenger not?

    by Govinda Oct 28, 2014 09:35
    Jacks Jacks Oct 28, 2014 09:54 Flag

    Are you seriously comparing Van Gaal's philosophy with Arsene Wenger's? If so I suggest you change your allegiance to Man Utd. You might also be happier there than you are here. Its also well to note that such players as Gilberto or Vierra are no longer available. In fact in quality no where near available today. The 'physical presence' of Fellaini is surely to cover Van Gaal's embarrassment at even having to play him, for he has in fact done nothing other than score one goal for them recently. And one swallow my friend does not make a summer. END!

  • ...and I know how hard it is to keep all the joy and excitement of an Arsenal win under control on here, but please, this is ridiculous . Once upon a time there were people who actually supported one football team or another, or gave vent to the smug joy of Newcastle knocking over Totters on their own ground. Or how lucky Manure were today to have an old Arsenal discard grab a point for them. Instead I'm greeted by stony silence, as though The Emirates had just burned down, or Wenger had just sold Ramsey and Sanchez to Manure. What does it take to get you lot motivated, another team of invincibles ? But even that I think wouldn't do it. Tickets for the Burnley game ? Anyone. Anyone!

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    Sign or part of our injury problems?

    by Govinda Oct 17, 2014 14:12
    Jacks Jacks Oct 17, 2014 23:41 Flag

    Well oh dear we cant let the poor dears wear themselves out now can we. Well not for that money. Its disgraceful the work they are put through. Having said that though, there are very good players out there who would give their right arm to even get on Arsenal bench, never mind play. So what do you think AW meant when he said 'as soon as he can take enough pain again.....' ? Was he just saying ' I'm sick of these ballerinas paid a fortune for dancing around the pitch and getting blown over by a puff of wind. Then want weeks off on full pay...' Seems he was taking the rise out of people like you who probably have never had to do daily work outs and face 90 minutes of 'hard graft' for wads of money a week......Its a bloody hard life. In the mean time " what about the workers" ??? It used to be a pork pie, a pint of bitter, a packet of cigs, a cloth cap and a rattle once upon a time. Not any more. So #$%$ the footballers at the top. Personally the way 'football for the people' is going it doesn't matter a damn to me, if Hull turn Arsenal over tomorrow. Wenger should just walk away and give the basterds the finger. He's crazy taking anymore of the #$%$ thrown at him if he doesn't win. People like you Govinda will only understand once he has gone. Then you can move on and take your #$%$ to the next bloke who's mug enough to take the job on.