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  • OMG OMG ,,,,, Fantastic Chelsea. Well done lads, what a game and what a hero is Didier Drogba. The miriacle of the gods. Bayern had so many opportunities but were unfortunate. Chelsea persevered and got the result. Nail biting time all throught the game but they did it. Ashley Cole was excellent and Torres played well and young Bertrand was a credit. Roberto Di Matteo is also a hero for the club. CONGRATULATIONS OVER AND OVER AGAIN

  • Chelsea depended on the penalty tonight and yet they didn't manage to keep a clean sheet not good enought...51 games played 17 clean sheets.
    Final run in for 4th place is really for Spurs to lose. Chelsea to face Arsenal Liverpool and Newcastle. Newcastle will also have to meet City. Its hard to predict what is going to happen. Chelsea could now struggle to get 5th place.

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    avb starting line ups

    by Pearless J Feb 21, 2012 21:59
    James James Feb 22, 2012 11:26 Flag

    They keep saying its his project to change the team around. All very well but by doing so he is just demoralising both the players and the fans. It is soul destroying to watch the games these days. I like so many have no confidence in the success of the team at the minute. Almost guaranteed for any opposing team to score with Chelsea playing catch-up. Every opposing team now know they have a high percentage chance of winning the game. They have no fear of Chelsea unlike ManU or City (Bolton will have high hopes with a chance to beat Chelsea at the weekend if not managing a draw). We all know even if you are trying to introduce newer younger players you still keep the mature stronger backbone players for continual success. How can we expect Torres to perform when there is no real central players to push forward and added to the fact that everyone is panicking to prevent mess ups at the back.

  • Chelsea look as if they are collapsing. What can they do, no chance of European competitions next year. Arsenal now up to 4th with Liverpool and Newcastle so close behind. Sorry, but AVB has problems, need Mourinho back to steer the ship.

  • If Harry Redknapp goes for the England job, then Spurs must look for a new manager.
    We all know there is someone wanting to get back to England!
    It would be Chelsea FC's worst nightmare if Jose Mourinho was to take up position at Tottenham Hotspur.
    Only thing is I believe Abramovich has patched up his differences with Jose.

  • Since the FA has demoted John Terry of the role of England captain, I wonder is there any point of him continuing playing for England. He oblviously is regarded as an embarrasment to the FA. He is a scapegoat/pariah for the Media (SUN etc) to kick at and who say he should have stood down a long time ago. Atleast JT has the support of Capello and AVB and fair pair to them giving their support. All in all, he damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Also, if he is to continue playing for England he has to play with the brother of his accuser. So there definitely will be no friendship there. Rio Ferdinand has refused to take the captain's post..... Think of it, in theory he would have been handed (historically) the title from his arch enemy. The Ferdinand family would probably disapprove anyway. We all known blood is thicker than water. In my opinion, he should forget about playing for England and consentrate on Chelsea FC who both support him and pay his wages. No matter how the court case goes he will always be tarnished with racism.

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    Are you lot giving Torres a fair shot?

    by A Yahoo! User Dec 17, 2011 19:22

    Well said Moose. I too believe Torres has been given a raw deal to date. Although I did not see the Aston Villa game, reports say he had an excellent game and was more like himself. He has been so close to scoring in many games must be so frustrating for him. He he had a great overhead attempt against Fulham but was unfortuneate to have a goalkeeper in great form. MOTD highlighted he was playing too much midfield and back. Well what can you say if the defence is letting the whole team down and to be frank (no pun intended) both Frank, Luis and Cech are not performing all that well. If the back row and goalkeeper were doing their job, there is a greater chance of the forwards getting more time and chances up front. (Luis should be more of a midfield player in my opinion) Now that Drogba will be away for a month or so, I think Torres will be given more first starts which will build up the confidence. Still fancy Torres to shine ...... Come on ye TORRES !!