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    Last of the nSeason

    by BRYAN May 3, 2013 18:52

    Don't know what is happening with this message board, I replied last week, but my reply isn't here!

  • Right Mr McDermott, let's see what you are made of! Please start by seeing off Sheffield Wednesday, you did a great job at Reading, and in my opinion made a mistake when they sacked you. Good Luck, you don't have a lot to work with in the present team, but I have everything crossed!

  • Of course it's difficult to win with 10 men, but Warnock once again blaming everyone but himself, he has to face the fact that his own performance as a manager has been nothing but a disaster. The sooner we are rid of him the better, all we can do now is look towards the summer and next season, and the riches and success that our new owners are promising. I will never understand why they didn't get a couple of good players in for that last push to the play-offs, but it's academic now.
    Warnock is all mouth, loves himself, and completely talentless.
    Lets move on!

  • Well, I guess I will sign off until next season, we have had it for this one! Next season we will have Bates as President of the club, now there is something to look forward to! The only good point is that we will be rid of Warnock. What incentive is there for a decent Manager to take on Leeds, with owners who obviously have the same outlook as Bates, i.e. rake off as much money as possible with the least financial input! The already declining fan base will decline even further. For a club as big as Leeds, it is a total embarrassment! A final point LUST has been very quiet lately, have they also given up!
    Live long and prosper to all LU fans.