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    Monaco-Arsenal predictions

    by Govinda Mar 17, 2015 14:45

    Hi Mar.

    Well Monaco parked the proverbial bus and let us attack.

    We came so close.

    FA Cup and the battle for 2nd in the league next.

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    Monaco debacle

    by Govinda Feb 26, 2015 07:42

    Hi Mar.

    I was at the game and what I saw was:
    1. The final ball. It just wasn't there. It just never worked for us.
    2. Giroud was well off his game. He has apologised for this, and must make amends in the next game, or run the risk of being labelled forever a big game failure.
    3. Mertesacker was also off his game. He ventured too far out and lost too many challenges.
    4. Ozil was ineffective. He kept passing sideways or backwards and kept the ball too long. This slowed our game and allowed Monaco to get back in position.

    In the end we just went mad and left our defences wide open for the third.

    I've got a few more games to go to before the end of the season, but if we don't beat Liverpool, I may just give 'A' Games a miss. I've seen us draw against Spurs and lose against Utd and Monaco this season so far. £66 a ticket for that isn't worth it.

    I hope the £40 per ticket I've paid for the West Ham game delivers good value.

  • So far in 2015, he has made more interceptions than any player in the top 5 European leagues and has won more tackles than any other Premier League player.

    This does not surprise me.

  • Wilshere has been injured since, what, October? Until he has a good stretch of games but no improvement I maintain he has bags of potential. Until his latest injury, his form had been decent, though inconsistent. He looked like he had improved on last year. He's also only just turned 23, so he's got plenty of time to sort himself out. I don't think you can really write off a footballer's career until at least late 20s and even then some players make extraordinary leaps in the space of just a few months. But with his profile from an early age, I accept Wilshere really is running out of time to keep himself fit, show some form and actually develop as a player.

    I will agree several things with anyone:
    1) he's clearly a stupid little khunt, though that's basically par for a PL footballer
    2) if he keeps getting injured potential, etc is entirely meaningless. RVP managed multiple seasons with injury after injury, but I don't think we have the patience for that with Wilshere.
    3) he shouldn't be walking into the England team just because he's Wilshere, a press darling and has "potential". He does actually have to do something.

    But I've seen nothing to discourage my belief that (a) he is highly talented and has all the right attributes to be the best English midfielder over the next decade (I actually think Wilshere and Henderson could be a formidable partnership and (b) his skills are almost unique amongst English footballers where we have an overflow of physical grafters, which makes him a footballer of the future rather than of the past.

    All that being said, his attitude stinks and his rate of development over the last few years is extremely disappointing.

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    Mute & Oblivious...

    by Jacks Jan 27, 2015 17:02

    To be honest Jack, I have been busy at work and the board has become, lets say, scarce of any meaningful or fun debates and discussions.

    A few things have happened which I was delighted with.

    Hector Bellerin is developing really well. He has had some great games and will provide Wenger with a real headache when Jenkinson comes back, because he's doing very well too.

    Coquelin had a brilliant game against City, which was in itself a great result.

    I'm keeping everything crossed that Paulista will be as brilliant for us as he has been for Villareal this season.
    He looks like the perfect remedy for those games where Mertesacker is just too slow.

    I am up at the Emirates for the Villa game on Sunday and have already got my tickets for the Monaco game too. Looking forward to the run in now.

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    Happy New Year

    by John Jan 2, 2015 16:56

    Well the early news reports Podolski is off to Milan on loan.

    My guess it is with an option to buy at the end of the season.

    In my humble opinion, this just made our squad weaker.

  • I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas with family and friends. I am planning to keep January dry. Not only does my liver need to rest, but my wallet took a big hit throughout December too!

    No doubt many would have been delighted, bemused and frustrated in equal measure by their teams performances over the festive period.

    The mid-season sales open tomorrow. I for one can't wait to see what efforts are made to strengthen our team.

    4th and progress in the CL will only be possible with at least two new signings.

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    Welcome 3 points under a handicap.

    by JamesB Nov 30, 2014 14:16

    Sunderland were unlucky.

    Diego Costa was very lucky to stay on the pitch. Not least for the hand in the face of Wes Brown. He knew where Brown was and did it on purpose. BUT he came very close to taking the head of John O'Shea. He lashed out, only to hold his kick at the very last. If the ref had seen it, it would have been a straight red.

    We were lucky too. Berahino was onside and was close to being one on one with the keeper.

    Happy that we won though.

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    Forever the unexplainable.......

    by JamesB Nov 28, 2014 09:30

    You're not alone James.

    I was at the Utd game and we did everything right to a point. That being, Jack Wilshere created chance after chance. If he could have only stuck away his first opportunity.... After he was taken off, we failed to penetrate their defence. simple as. We pressed, then pressed harder. in the end we got too committed and let them get us on the break. The first goal was unlucky. Their second was a good one. Di Maria cocked up, or it could have been three.

    Dortmund are a top team...that are not performing as such. they are mid table in Germany at the mo. Same as us really.

    Wenger needs to buy in January. We need a CB and a DM at least. He needs to spend £50m+ too. No #$%$ or our season goes nowhere..

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    Speed up against Manure...??

    by TheButchNemesis Nov 20, 2014 14:29

    I like the idea of playing that combo, but Walcott wont start. He may come on as a sub for OX, but Wenger is more likely play Ox on the right, with Cazorla on the left.

    Whoever plays, I am looking forward to watching this one.

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    How many buses

    by Jacks Nov 1, 2014 12:26

    Burnley were never going to give us a hard game. Sanchez's first goal was superb. His work rate all over the pitch is fantastic. Comparisons are being drawn, but they are more that he is like a Suarez type player. Let's hope he only copies his prolific scoring record and not his biting, diving and racism.

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    The silence is deafening..

    by Jacks Oct 26, 2014 19:46

    To be perfectly honest, there are very few apart from Mar and Aaron who focus posts on football these days and our last game didn't throw up much to be that excited about. We beat a team who lost 8-0 the weekend before last. I was glad to see Sanchez on the score sheet, but other than that...it was a bit meh.

    West Ham's win probably cost the bookies. Chelsea were robbed.

    I wont be going to the Burnley game as I have no interest in seeing any Burnley players. I have just got my tickets for the Utd fixture though. To keep you happy, I will change my avatar later. ;-)

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    No sign of improvment yet.

    by Govinda Oct 23, 2014 11:26

    "The teams we have been able to field this season should have won more than they have."

    That says it all Mar.

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    Is football now just business?

    by John Oct 21, 2014 09:49

    It seems that not only Wenger is playing the game these days.

    Dortmund are playing #$%$ in the Bundesliga, but are winning all games in the CL?

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    Is football now just business?

    by John Oct 21, 2014 09:49

    Of course, I believe many Arsenal fans knew one of the main targets AW has had since the move from Highbury, is to hit £24m profit each year and pay down the loans asap.

    Doing this while maintaining a spot close to the top has been a great achievement, but he should be taking a back seat to the coaching now. We need new ideas on the field. We need a stronger side, able to hold its own against the physical teams.

    We got bullied off the ball so easily last night, it was sad to see. We were very very lucky to get the points. I now think Ox should play instead of Wilshere and Podolski instead of Cazorla on Saturday.

    There direct approach and physical ability should do well against Sunderland.

  • Reading up on what is happening in Germany, one could be lead into believing that what is happening there, is going on all over Europe.

    Teams don't really compete just for titles any more. It's more about the money.

    Look at what's happening in the Bundeslige. Dortmund have fallen away pretty dramatically from their position in the CL final last year. Many other teams in Germany seem only interested in getting into European competitions. That brings in the bucks.

    Much the same way that Arsenal seem only too comfortable in reaching 4th in the league as they know it's a big pay out in doing so. Risking 4th by trying to win the league would be madness. Just as Liverpool did.

    La Liga is dominated by two teams, with everyone else happy to compete for the other European competition spots.

    Ligue 1 is the same.

    Drive and ambition left when loyalty and the love of the game went.

    It's all about the money now.

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    Wengers best team...???

    by TheButchNemesis Oct 3, 2014 08:13

    Freddie was a complete team player, whereas Marc did have his favourites.

    I remember him going a string of matches where he purposely played the ball behind Anelka when he passed to him. He didn't like Anelka's big headedness and so he scuppered many chances for him to score.

    He was lightening quick, but he was a LW and I have Pires in that position. Freddie was a RW and the only replacement I could think of for him would have been the Romford Pele.

    But I ran out of subs.

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    Mesut Ozil

    by John Oct 8, 2014 17:11

    Cesc would have been direct competition for Ramsey and in my mind, Ramsey has the potential to be just as good if not better than Cesc.

    The only issue is Ramsey is a bit more injury prone.

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    Mesut Ozil

    by John Oct 8, 2014 17:11

    A move away for Ozil will remove any obstacle standing in the way of us signing Khedira.

    We can then allow Arteta and Flamini go at the end of the season.

    I can't help but keep an eye on Song too. I wouldn't mind getting him back next summer.

  • Call me a cynic........but, he's just been given 10-12 weeks off due to injury, after reporting for international duty.

    I can only assume that Bayern will be lining up a bid for January.

    Based on his last performance, they are welcome to him.