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    Reading V LFC aftermath !!

    by LFC_Armchair_Supporter Apr 13, 2013 16:57

    come back rafa alls forgiven

    ffs Michael j fox and the doc with there time machine couldn't fix this mess

  • 10 points of 3rd place 10 points of relegation zone and another absolutely fucking shocking performance against a team we are expected to beat

    seriously i wouldn,t worry about everton finishing above us thats a dead cert as it is with swansea stoke tottenham and west brom all will finish above us

    mid table we should be so lucky you all better hope for mid table because as thing are going we could end up in the lower part of the table

    and it really pains me to say that but its a fact

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    Little morality in football

    by dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 11, 2012 13:46

    interesting one this we talk about morality in the game and all the while we support it every week we support it when we buy tickets,shirts,scarves and matches programmes.

    just take a minute and lets it absorb and then ask yourself why do i cheers these players on every week these players who earn millions pf pounds a year these players who dive and cheat to win games these players who racially abuse one another players who abuse match officials but yet we still continue to support them weres the morality in that

    morality is like loyalty in football doesn,t exist if it did these players would play for the same wages as the rest of us and treat each other with the respect

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    Another Striker..

    by Jason Dec 1, 2012 22:43

    michu was bought after rodgers left so surely doesn,t fall into the so called gentlemans agreement between liverpool and swansea

    but laudrup says 30 million wouldn.t buy michu

  • so here we go my fellow reds fans silly season is about to start with us being linked to every player under the sun but in reality i can only see 3 players coming and from what i have read and heard one of these deals is done

    daniel sturridge deal done
    paul ince deal in pipeline
    jack butland enquiries have been made

    and of course sterling signing his deal total spend on the above around 17 million sturridge 12million ince 5 million butland on a free funny how the amount spent will be exactly what west ham are willing to pay for andy carroll

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    Suarez Banned..

    by Jason Dec 1, 2012 16:49

    expect adam morgan next week against west ham

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    brendan please shut the hell up

    by John Nov 29, 2012 20:23

    rodgers only responsibility in the clint dempsey debarcle was he didn,t have the balls to say get dempsey regardless of cost just get him

    he should have really stood up and made a stand there and then but no he didn,t and he chose to blame fulham for an inflated price tag to draw some of the blame away from JWH AND COs door

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    brendan please shut the hell up

    by John Nov 29, 2012 20:23

    the truth would be nice if we were crap then say it if we were superb then say it if we lost don,t bemoan missed opportunities hold your hands up and say they were better than us if we draw tell us why not the usual we dominated but didn,t get what we deserved if we win be positive praise the players for doing a job

    and for feck sake stop telling fans one thing then contradicting it in the next days papers or on sky sports

    just be honest

  • so after scanning the various papers and reading the reputable blogs i have come to one conclusion .

    and here it is currently liverpool fc are short of players in various departments so why have we become a selling team this morning i have read pepe reina to arsenal for 10 million raheem sterling to city if rodgers doesn,t increase the wages joe cole is apparently of to qpr on a free if rodgers tears up his contract andy carroll may extend his loan deal with the hammers if he isn,t sold in the summer suarez is still on athlecticos wish list around 45 million euro fabio borini wishes he hadn,t left italy stewart downing wants a loan move to middlesborough i amsure there some i missed

    but while all this is going on we are being linked with a defender costing 3.5 million that no one has heard off

    it all about the money with JWH nothing else it ain,t cost cutting to save the club it certainly isn,t cost cutting to re invest as his net spend since being there is around 25 million google it

    its all there to be read

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    brendan please shut the hell up

    by John Nov 29, 2012 20:23

    dee it seems as if he has the liverpool PR machine standing behind him feeding him the answers he thinks the fans want to hear its a little disrespectful to the 45k that turn up at anfield every other week when the best he can come up with is the pre-programmed analysis
    "we dominated the game " "we didn,t get what we deserved" and "i thought the boys were fantastic today" and there are others you can bet this week after southampton he will use these statements

    brendan rodgers is just another yes man for the yanks how many managers would have stood back and put up with the dempsey debarcle if that had of been rafa or dalglish they would have laid blame directly at the owners and not at fulham for asking an extra 1 million pound after all its what clubs do supply and demand

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    brendan please shut the hell up

    by John Nov 29, 2012 20:23

    all good mate hows things at your end ?

    its all smoke and mirrors with brendan he says what the fans want to hear he blows smoke up there asses and week after week they accept it

    so people are probably wondering why all of a sudden am i sick of rodgers after 14 games

    twice in less than a week he has stated " i have funds and will be adding to the squad to in january to improve what i have already got"

    the very next day "i may wait until the summer transfer window to add players as the group we have only needs slight improvement"

    then theres the "we dominated the game thought we deserved more" line which he regurgitates every week

    as i have previously said domination is useless without goals

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    january investment

    by John Nov 29, 2012 20:17

    was reading on another blog 22 strikers who are linked with liverpool fc the blogger refers to it as the definitive list

    actually to save time heres the link


    why would any of these strikers want to come i warned dark days were ahead i warned that JWH builds businesses up then shuts them up

    i also warned about asset stripping once the company is no longer in profit or viable


  • me personally i am sick of hearing how we "dominated the game" i hate to break the bad news to this great manager dominating games without scoring is just completely pointless

    so we are 14 games in with 16 points thats a third of the season gone based on that and the simpliest of maths come the end of the season 48 points maybe

    not good enough

  • now you have probably heard all the stories and rumours about bent,walcott,sturridge and rest coming to lfc

    but have you heard the one about the american who is currently shutting down JWH co in america and how he has stated "i don,t know how this will affect investment in liverpool fc and the boston red sox "

    all there on google don,t expect anything super in january i don,t thinks its gonna happen

    and didn,t brendan recently say "we have a good group of players which we may not add to until the summer transfer window "

    think aren,t looking too good

  • why aren,t we trying to sign the guy billed as the new messi only 19 years old and an unbelievable talent so he fits the FSG mould of value for money

    if you haven,t heard of him try youtube and google

  • so lets see can us educated footie fans come up with a winning formula with the present squad and a suitable formation?

    heres how i see it

    the trick to winning is simple tell gerrard , allen , sahin and shelvey to stop playing so deep make sure that the defence never cross the half way line therefore they won,t get caught out when a team breaks quickly and tell players in midfield to back suarez up in the box

    failing that show the whole squad videos of how barca play tiki tika football and some of it might sink in

    team sheet something like this reina .johnson ,skrtel,agger,enrique allen gerrard shelvey, sterling,sahin suarez gives the options of three different set ups 4-4-3 or 4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1 the 4-4-1-1 system works best with sahin as the link between gerrard and suarez also sahin is quite a creative player so let him do his stuff either behind or alongside suarez

    everyone a winners

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    Suarez in retrospect.. ?

    by Jason Oct 9, 2012 19:52

    luis suarez such a fantastic player on his day unplayable

    but when things don,t go his way his temperamental side shows this manifests itself in the theatrics we have witnessed over the last few weeks

    so is he vilified by referees maybe so why is he vilified i personally think this goes back to the suarez/evra race row

    i honestly believe that referees are making decisions based on his past misdemeanour's

    we all know his past but surely referees should be impartial and make decisions based on fact we have all seen decisions that were stick on free kicks, penalties or sending offs that referees fail to give

    it used to happen to cristiano ronaldo and it was down to the speed he played the game at just like suarez he was kicked from 1st to the 90th minute and was eventually forced out of the english game went to real madrid were he gets more protection from referees and in return scores and creates more goals than he ever did in the EPL

    thats my 2 cents worth

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    by John Oct 8, 2012 15:41

    thanks for that robert i don,t do abuse sorry sometimes i just write stuff without a thought for punctuation

    but i am sure you get the jist of the post do you have an opinion on it ?

  • having watched liverpool play yesterday and barcelona last night i know why this style of play is working for barca and not working for liverpool in essence we have the basics correct the tiki taka philosophy is based on pass and move and if you lose the ball get it back within 6 seconds but if you watch liverpool in the final third liverpool usually only ever have 1 person in the box but barca have at least 4 players in the box waiting the final pass and thats were it goes wrong gerrard is too deep allen is to deep sterling is on the sideline in fact johnson and agger are usually further forward than the midfielders and there lies your problem because as soon as a team breaks quickly we have johnson and agger struggling to get back in position with skrtel left furthest back to deal with any counter attack were as barca move forward as a team and usually have 4 defenders on the half way line something liverpool don,t do

    opinions please

  • lets not forget about aqualani sold at a big loss charlie adam sold at a loss jay spearing off the wage bill plus the raft of other fringe players that have been pushed out

    the savings on wages for these players is around 450 grand a week around 20-25 million a year and that includes kuyt,bellamy,maxi and carrolls wages then we have any transfer fees received which is more money coming in so weres all the money going we bought allen 15 million assaidi 3 million sahin on loan and yet we couldn,t afford dempsey for 6 million on deadline day somethings not right