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  • Vincent Tan Chee Yioun (Born 1952)Married With 11 Children is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Berjaya Corporation Berhad, which controls a wide array of businesses which includes golfing, property, resorts, and gambling in a group known as the Berjaya Group, he acquired Berjaya in 1984, His Berjaya Group operates Wendy's, Starbucks, Papa John's Pizza in Malaysia; water, sewage treatment and landfills in Malaysia, Indonesia and China; develops properties in Vietnam, Japan. Bought social networking website Friendster.com; also a U.K. soccer team built in into conglomerate with interests in financial services, hotels, theme parks, lotteries, education, real estate and manufacturing, Co-owns a yacht called ASEAN Lady with Singapore businessman Brian Chang. Exercise buff loves scuba diving.

    He operates the second pay-TV service in Malaysia, MiTV, that was launched in September 2005. In May 2010 he entered the Forbes billionaire list with an estimated worth of US$1.6 billion, He is one of the richest men in Malaysia.

    Vincent Tan and his business partner Datuk Chan Tien Ghee have bought a 36.7% stake for over $12.5 million (£8 Million). Both of these man are sucessful business man,they are desperately trying to rebuild the club that we love by reducing the high level of finances that have been run up by the club under Peter Risdale. Cardiff City will fastly becoming an extremely popular club in the far east and Malaysia in particular, Vincent Tan and Tien Ghee will be hoping to increase the profile of the club, and will get Cardiff City into the Premier League maybe not this year, but certainly next year. Tan and TG will roll up their sleeves and don't might getting their hands dirty and will do whatever they can possible to get us into the Premier League.

    Vincent Tan sees great potential in Cardiff and also believes there will be great synergy with some of his international business, He has invested his own personal money into our club and if Tan and TG say they are in it for the long haul they will be. These man are not quitters and every business they have owned or run has been a very succesful business venture and there is no reason why they can't do the same for cardiff city.

    Vincent Tan could open his cheque book to davey jones but the finances have to been sorted out first and get the foundations down first build from the bottom to the top.

    I know that we as Cardiff fans never have life easy let them do their job and judge them in two years, because i can see us being in the premier league within that time, because they know how to run companies and football clubs are now a big business. They only want the best for our club as we do. We should be grantful to them because we could have had Peter Risdale still them and not have a club or be in adminstartion starting the season with a 10 point deduction.

    Davey Jones knows what he is doing he let 10 players go this season if they were right for the Cardiff he would have tried his hardest to keep them as he did with Ledley. A pity we didn't know that he would have gone to Celtic as we could have sold him last year for 6 million.

    Lets get behind the team and the owners and the manager because they will give their all for us the fans.

    And Finally if the likes of Chopra, Whitts, McCormack want to go then thats fine by me, I would shake them by their hand and say thank you, Because no player is bigger than the club, Cardiff City will be around forever after all of us have gone. A new generations will take our places.

    Players come and go and as long as when they are at Cardiff they give the fans and our manager 110% put their heart and sole in it thats all we ask as fans.