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    by MICHAEL B Jan 31, 2013 23:29
    MICHAEL B MICHAEL B May 7, 2013 18:30 Flag

    I posted that months ago...? is...why are u going back and digging it up...Yes "mouse " we have 40 pts and...we still not safe!!! As a Villa fan since before I could walk...we can criticize...question...anything that goes on...we are far from a "force" to be reckoned with. I hope and pray that day will come soon...until then and I believe we are heading in the right direction, until then we will all watch and hope for the best...I am glad u are happy with all the signings...the fact that there are two matches to be play and are Still not safe...says more than I have to.

  • MICHAEL B by MICHAEL B Jan 31, 2013 23:29 Flag

    So we signed a French 2nd Division defensive midfielder and a winger to help replace Albrighton.
    I understand Mr. Lerner spent alot of money for MON and spent some early on this year, but it doesnt make fiscal sense for him to watch his team get relegated. That said, I understand each club is guaranteed around 40 million from TV revenue. Would it not make sense to have spent some of that on some new signings to help the club stay in the prem??? Am I missing something or has he just lost interest!!!

  • I think I have figured it out. Let MON decide which player to pursue and Let Randy Lerner do the negotiation. MON is a brilliant manager but a useless negotiator. The fact that we are still speaking of bringing in players at this late stage is a testament of the "Lunacy" of this situation. By the time it occurs and the players finally feel comfortable, we will be out of Europe and at the depths of the Prem. I got transfered to Texas for my job and the #one thing I would miss is the Villa and rubbing it into my "Bluenose" friends faces, but I don't mind the distance right now

  • Despite a very weakened side and MON and his "lack thereof" transfer prowess, our "little" Villa side are in the Peace Cup Final set to play either Juventus or Real Madrid and that prat Ronaldo. This has got to help MON with the transfers of all these "not sure" "fence sitting" players.

    Meanwhile Birmingham City just beat Dagenham and Redbridge 1-0...well done lads!!!

  • MICHAEL B by MICHAEL B Jul 28, 2009 03:41 Flag

    I feel so much better now that I read that MON is "STILL PLANNING SUMMER SIGNINGS"!!!
    We"ve lost two Captains, and a back up centre back and signed a cripple until December...


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    by A Yahoo! User Apr 6, 2009 01:26
    MICHAEL B MICHAEL B Apr 7, 2009 22:58 Flag

    Good Point re: the schedule...all clubs tend to ebb and flow in regards to the schedule. We, after Everton, have just come off our toughest part of the schedule, Arsenal are just starting theirs. But lets not kid ourselves, the bottom teams are desperate and will be as tough as most of the top sides. The facts still remain...Arsenal have done well, but have had an easier schedule lately...now we shall see !!!

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    by A Yahoo! User Apr 6, 2009 01:26
    MICHAEL B MICHAEL B Apr 7, 2009 02:47 Flag

    Okay...I'll ask myself...in a league that is "what have you done lately"...Okay I answered my question...

    Arsenal 0 Villa 2
    Villa 2 Arsenal 2

    So I guess we can more than compete!!!

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    by A Yahoo! User Apr 6, 2009 01:26
    MICHAEL B MICHAEL B Apr 6, 2009 23:22 Flag

    So what you are saying is that Villareal, Porto, and Bayern Munich are world powers that no one can compete with??? I also take into consideration that we took 4 of 6 pts from Arsenal,
    drew and deserved better with Man U yesterday, and until this year have "owned" Chelsea and yes, the UEFA Cup is crap...thats why we sent our reserve team!!! I think the only, as you say, loser, is your football knowledge...or lack thereof !!!

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    by A Yahoo! User Apr 6, 2009 01:26
    MICHAEL B MICHAEL B Apr 6, 2009 02:37 Flag

    Probably could not win either way. We win they say we beat their second team!!! Just would like to know where the midfield was in the last 15 minutes...there was Gabby and Jon up front and then there was 8 back line defenders...no shape at all.
    Please keep NRC off the pitch, co incidence or not, when he is on, bad things happen. We deserved better...can't argue with the quality of goals, but that 15 minute collapse would not have occurred if we keep our shape...we now have no choice but to win out the rest and it starts with an "easy" one VS Everton!!!

  • MICHAEL B by MICHAEL B Mar 23, 2009 22:43 Flag

    When you really think about it...its a miracle that we are still in with a chance of a CL spot when you consider...Laursen has missed five months, Bouma hasn't played all year, and our leading goal scorer has not scored since the Prem was called the "First Division". To say we still have a chance, I think, is a tribute to the other players and management.

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    by MICHAEL B Mar 23, 2009 04:03
    MICHAEL B MICHAEL B Mar 23, 2009 04:59 Flag

    Steve I respect your comments but if the bad run had just started before, the UEFA Cup decision certainly put a nail in the coffin. Regarding Barry, no player will hold any club hostage and as good a player as he has been (our midfield was played off the pitch today), then let him go. Everyone is replaceable. I think MON has done a good job. Let me ask you all. Is this a Villa not able to break the top four with a small squad or is it an English predominant side being beaten by the foreign element, I think a combination of both. I really respecst that MON has gone after English players and am proud that it is the club I have always supported. You know maybe we are not as good as we think we are...maybe the press wanted someone so badly to break up the top four dominance, they champoined Villa and we went for it. I hope not because in my heart of hearts, at full strength with the defensive combination that you mentioned, I think we are a top four club. As Barry said, "big players play big in big matches"...Ashley, Davies, our whole midfield and you Gareth Barry all need to look in the mirror.

  • MICHAEL B by MICHAEL B Mar 23, 2009 04:03 Flag

    Thanks for pulling out of the UEFA Cup and completely destroying any momentum that we had. In this league there is a very fine line between confidence and on top of your game (see Liverpool today) and playing below your usual standards. What in gods name were you thinking??? this stunt has most definitely cost us a CL spot and we will struggle again for an auto UEFA bid. Its not like we have been constantly in europe for the past ten years!!! You say players are overpriced, but Randy is willing to buy them.
    Do you think Fergie, Benitez, Guus, and the Frog would do this??? I was one of the stupid bastards who went to Moscow, spending almost 1000 quid in the process...I saw that the FA would strongly consider you for the England job should it become available...I think you are a good manager who has made a really bad mistake and has taken away our confidence and that is the cardinal sin!!! Yes players play the game, but if you look up confidence in the Prem Dictionary you will see a picture of Villa for the part of the season and now just look what it has done for Fulham. Villa do not have the squad size, player skill that the other 'Foreign" clubs have but we had confidence in our own ability...now that is all shot to hell. If Villa went to Moscow with a full side and somhow came through with a win, that my friend is the best medicine for tired ailing legs.

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    Arsenal Run in !!

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 16, 2009 03:15
    MICHAEL B MICHAEL B Mar 16, 2009 05:54 Flag

    True but you cannot ignore Everton. We can all speculate, but somebody in a Claret and Blue shirt has to step up and become
    the hero. What really upset me was not the standard of play so much VS Spurs, but the lack of any passion!!!

  • MICHAEL B by MICHAEL B Mar 16, 2009 01:57 Flag

    So what now??? I have been an advocate of Gabby sitting down for a match. He has lost all confidence. Too late now. We need at least a win and a draw in the next three to even have a chance...yes, easier said than done. Is this saying that you have to have more foreign based players to compete...that a mostly english side can be good but not good enough. I will never throw in the towel and a good win can restore alot of the confidence that has been missing, but its also luck. Whether we like to admit or not, we have had our fair share of it this year. Injuries???small squad??? Somebody in this squad has to step up and be accountable...take the rest on his back and get them going again. We have the quality in this squad to pull this off. I think in the next few weeks we will see what players really want this. They had better or another UEFA Cup place is looking really shaky right now.

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    by MICHAEL B Mar 3, 2009 04:07
    MICHAEL B MICHAEL B Mar 4, 2009 23:48 Flag

    I think its amazing how well the club has done without his production. He is still our leading scorer and we need him now, more than ever, to help stop this tailspin and produce in the most critical time of year. I wish the lad all the best and I know that more expectations have been put his way...but surely as a player, this is what you want...the top four finish...Champions League spot...the England Jersey...and eventually, some nice silver trophies to put on your shelf.

  • MICHAEL B by MICHAEL B Mar 4, 2009 03:25 Flag

    Just saw that Bellamy and Robinho are out against us....thats a real shame isn't it!!! Still a tough match even without them.

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    by MICHAEL B Mar 3, 2009 04:07
    MICHAEL B MICHAEL B Mar 4, 2009 03:22 Flag

    Agreed!!! I just saw a replay of the 4-4 at Stamford Bridge last year and he looked a different player. I know this years long season has taken a toll. So two choices...sit him down for a match or two or...let him play through it...Nothing like a brace at Man C to get him back "in the mood".

  • MICHAEL B by MICHAEL B Mar 3, 2009 04:07 Flag

    Would anyone agree with me that Gabby needs a sit down for one match???

  • Nice mess we've gotten into.

    Haven't won in four. Read all the comments with respect and amusement.

    Here are the points.

    Momentum has been stopped. I can see throwing away the FA Cup...But UEFA as well??? If I were them and we are in it again next year, I should want some assurances that we will field a competitive team.

    Because of the standard of the Prem, it is so much harder to qualify for the Champions League than it would have been to WIN the UEFA Cup.
    Did they take this into consideration???

    Look at the upcoming schedule...if we can't beat Stoke at home????

    Look this is nothing a couple of wins can't put right. Is second a possibility...absolutely...but so is sixth!!!

    Whats done is done. We have to rally around this team because they are going to need all the help they can get.