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  • Firstly to just state the fact I want Dawson to stay!!!
    He for me is great and should be our captain.

    I wanted to do a simple post asking for a one world answer to my thread. Who would you prefer to keep.

    Dawson or Gallas?

    I wanted to confirm my suspicions. But then I realised it wont make a difference. In levy's eyes there will not be a valid argument to this question. The reason being he can get a suspected £9m for Dawson who under AVB could sit on the bench more often than not or get F^&* All for Gallas.

    No brainer in his eyes...esp with Caulker now seen as ready.

    Gutted as I am i will have to learn to live with this. It will be hard to watch Daws in another top especially QPR??? Poor sod!!

  • Hi all,

    I havent been on this message board for some time now so forgive me if im repeating previous conversations.

    Ive been thinking about how this transfer period would go after arry going and having no manager for a few weeks. As we all know in previous summers we have often waited too late to buy.

    On getting AVB I noticed Levys comments on youth players and our new raining academy tset up. Ive got a funny feeling Levy will be pushing AVB to introduce more of our youth players. Losing Kranjgar and possibly Modric we are losing two of our best midfielders in my opinion. I think with the exception of SIG we will see more of Livermore, Hudds coming back Sandro etc. Then Caulker shud get into the squad and Kyle Naughton.

    I hope we do still get some more blood in esp cover for lennon and obviously some strikers. But knowing Levy he cud want to save some money and use players brought on the cheap years ago now they have more experience.

    Whilst I want to see our yoouth coming through this cud see us drop down the table for another couple of years,!!!

    Oh but please get rid of the dead wood thats been haunting this club for years.!!

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    Nicolas Anelka to the lane

    by CalgaryResident Nov 23, 2011 15:23

    This has been a problem for some time. It seems Strikers values have gone sky high and the talent is drying up!! Its hard to find a striker that suits the premiership and our style of play. Then there is the gamble of bringing someone from abroad in that may not settle.

    I would love to have a young english striker. First I liked the idea of carrol. Then Sturridge. I would have both at the lane. But they are both tied up now anyways. So who else??? it really is a difficult market to buy in!

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    Any chance...

    by scott m Oct 1, 2011 11:43

    Who here would have RVP at spurs???

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    Any chance...

    by scott m Oct 1, 2011 11:43

    Who here would have RVP at spurs???

  • Just read Arsene is thinking of loaning out Ox in the Jan window for experience and more playing time?/ WTF!!!

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    Wheres Defoe?

    by A Yahoo! User Sep 24, 2011 14:27

    Virus or something. Overnight he has become ill.

    Ekotto has just recovered from something similar. Thets hope it doesnt affect anymore in the team. Shame too I think Defoe would bag a few today.

  • I have just mentioned on another post the idea of giving the winner of the Europa Cup entry into the following years Champions League.

    This could mean teams treat it with a bit more
    respect...and maybe take it more seriously

    It annoys me when champions league teams get knocked out and automatically jump into the Europa so why not give something back in return.

    I think this would be a great incentive to win the Europa and create a bit more buzz around the tournament.

    By the way I cant claim coming up with this idea...it was actually my dads.

    Any thoughts!!

    I know some may say its taking away from the cup itself and it will turn into a CL side show but its got to be better than what we currently witness.

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    The Kids Are Alright

    by RAMBR0 Sep 15, 2011 21:03

    Good points here.

    I'm pleased we used some youngsters but ideally it would be nice to have a good mixture of 1st team and young. Obviously it is hard with the injuries we have.

    With regards to the Europa Cup It is a real shame how it seems to be regarded nowadays. I do remember when it was highly thought of.

    One good idea my Dad came up with is how about giving the winner of this cup entry into next years Champions league!

    I don't know how it would work...obviously they need to take a place from somewhere to accommodate maybe?

    But it would certainly create abit more hunger to win the Europa when not only do you win a European cup but your in with the big boys the following year. (a nice back door into CL like our League cup is for Europa e.g Birmingham)

    Any thoughts?

  • Is this more despiration? Obviously Harry isnt happy with our current crop and the injuries dont help but we have heard all the talk of having a big squad and need to get rid etc.

    So why Parker? and apparently still going for Diarra.
    I hope this means we have the likes of Jenas going!

    I think Parker is overrated and he stood out in a very poor team last season.
    I hope we dont spend too much on him and he proves me wrong.

  • Well, all in all other than the fact we have a bit of travelling to do it seems we have a good group for Europe. Looking at some of the other groups we have avoided some big clubs.

    Looking forward to the Shamrock game!


    PAOK from greece
    Shamrock rovers
    Rubin Kazan

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    Tottenham burns!

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 7, 2011 13:23

    Going on the words of ed, we should assume that it will now be the turn of the shop/home/car owners who have had their lives destroyed (in many cases to go to the homes of the scum and burn their homes down.
    I dont think this will happen. Mainly because despite the loss many poor people have just experienced at the hands of these rioters they themselves have too much compassion and concideration for society to cause such chaos.

    In conclusion there is no excuse for the scum to act as they do. Many have probably never attempted to get a job, thus ever paid or contributed to our society in any way, other than most likely to fund the growing drug trade.
    Criminals plane and simple. Give police more powers to use more force.

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    finishing places

    by benidorm spur Jul 18, 2011 22:12

    Great thread thats really got everyone talking.

    I do agree with most, especially referring to our deadwood. However, I also think we need to include thelikes of Ledley King and Gallas into this equation. Whilst it is important to remember we need players good enough but still happy to be squad players I would prefer to see some youth take places on the bench rather than keane or even king.

    A club that is looking forward (I think we are??...are we Mr Levy?) should not be nursing players like King. We constantly hear that he is a key player? Well he shouldnt be, not anymore.

    Please Levy lower your prices and sell some of the deadwood. I hate our pre season sale room games. we need to use youth and 1st team players in these games.

    As for the original question I think we will struggle. It will be a battle for a Europa place with teams like sunderland getting stronger also. However, I would be surprised if Daffy has such a bad year again. It all depends on arry sticking to a formation thats preferably leaves crouch on the bench or even better wearing someone elses shirt.

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    by HighRoadJohn Jul 11, 2011 19:23

    Who? LOL is this our latest big coup?

    We will probably ruin another talent just like GDS.

    Poor Sod doesnt know what he has let himself in for.

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    Modric must stay no matter what!

    by me Jul 10, 2011 15:31

    I think what we are experiencing is unfortunately the way football is being run. This is not something that can be undone overnight. I agree it would be great to stand up to this sort of player power but this has been an accumaltion of things dating back to Jummy Hill etc ( i wont pretend to know to much about that Im only 30! LOL)

    It is a real dilemma. I have a lot of respect for Modric, dont get me wrong. Im the sort of person who likes to think people still have "gentlemans" agreements that they stand by.

    However, Is 22million a mutually agreeable outcome? I dont think so. The problem is we are not one of the big clubs. We think we are but our history of success is from a time when football was run very differently and players played for pride, success and loyalty. (things sadly that are way back in their priorities now.)

    Yes we could hold firm but we are fighting against the current that until new rules come in will not change. Thus we will be cutting off our nose to spite our face.

    I hate to say it but get 30-40+ let him go and move on. I think having him in the crowd will have a very negative impact on the rest of the squad.

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    Modric must stay no matter what!

    by me Jul 10, 2011 15:31

    whilst i agree with you on so many fronts i somehow feel that the best option is to have the stance that if you want away piss off. the club is bigger than any individual. Taking a tough stance by sticking on bench could backfire with our other players. If you knew your manager would stick you in the basement to rot you might be less impressed than if they said ok we will let you go but only if we get the money we want.

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    can we all stop pretending modric wants 2 stay!

    by Layla Jul 10, 2011 15:08

    Just read on yahoo and sky sports more garbage about modric.
    I say garbage..not because I dont believe it too some extent but i can guarantee its had some media spin applied.

    However, I'm fed up with all this. At the end of the day if we get a decent offer I have no problem kicking him out the door. I know its good to hold your ground but instead the stance should be:

    We dont need you, the club will move on. One player never makes a club. I mean ronaldo was far better than Modric. (they did get a better offfer than 22m though!!) Manu have still gone on to win the title and thats mainly due to a team effort and settled back room.

    Modric can move on.. play hudds and sandro...anyone. I think he is a great player but overrated. Look at Torres. Liverpool adorred him and their season revolved around him. Now its all in the past and they have moved on.

    Next story please!!! I've had enough!!

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    Calamitous Clichy at risk of becoming....

    by A Yahoo! User Oct 31, 2008 01:33

    a Man City Player

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    Kevin Doyle

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 3, 2011 23:45

    good work ethic, would score more obviously in a better team.
    Although not sure he wud be interested!

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    ...more transfer rumours

    by RAMBR0 Jun 27, 2011 15:14

    sorry no more rumours...to be honest like usual Im alreadfy fed up with the gossip although it is earlier than usual.
    But I just thought of a player that I think could be a clever signing. I have seen flashes of brilliance from him and think he has the attributes to do well for us....

    Now dont laugh....

    Moussa Dembele of Fulham!!

    I said dont laugh.. shame Jol is at Fulham as I dont think he would want to do business with us anyway (dont blame him...commoli's fault)

    But you heard it hear first Dembele to be a star soon!!