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    if you were Brendan Rogers.....

    by Miguel Sep 1, 2012 19:37

    Whats making me happy as an true blue..is for the past few seasons kopites have been laughing at us blues,because of our financial restrictions and having too dip into the lower leagues or loans for signings..now loserpool are suffering the same restrictions Everton have,due too the piss poor management of your club by daglish/comolli etc...you lot were 300M in debt..do you honestly believe your current owners who paid the debt don't want that money back..this is going too be a season too remember for Evertonians...apart from a minor psycological blip against west brom..we will break top4 but you lot could be fighting relegation...and oh how that'd make ALL Evertonians very happy indeed

  • what an amazing stat.Everton still have not lost a game when darren gibson is in the side..his contribution too how we play cannot be understated.as we saw against villa once he was taken off the pitch and Felli moved back villa started getting chances..I feel moyes removed him for the cup game...the league cup,which i think moyes may have targeted as a trophy for us..i believe will take it's toll on our final league position.we should use our squad for this game not our first 11 players

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    Hopes for the new campaign....

    by Anyone But United Aug 18, 2012 05:35

    so the new season starts and Loserpool have been Hammered today the Baggies, so much for macking them pay for last season...My prediction for the coming season BR sacked by christmas loserpool fighting relegation ALL SEASON....what a really poor team you lot are

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    This is now out of hand.

    by mel n May 2, 2012 06:56

    I love kenny,he HAS to stay at the club in charge, for 2 reason i'll give yer. 1.only clueless delusional football fans see KD as any good the rest of us who are smart know he's absolutely crap and he should stay as manager to punish the we want kenny brigade, the other reason is as said, he's useless crap,a poor man manager,tactically useless,unable to train the weaknesses out of a player or strengthen his other skills to compensate.and has a shocking sense of detecting good players from bad..anyway keep keeny cuz as a BLUE i love him

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    LFC v West Brom

    by LFC_Armchair_Supporter Apr 22, 2012 15:32

    yea you lost..stick to sitting on your fat arse armchair...your team is shyte,your manager a clueless wanker and your fans the most deluded idiots ever..WAKEUP....LFC is a joke every part of it