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  • Emlyn'S Heroes by Emlyn'S Heroes Aug 11, 2013 19:13 Flag

    the two guys have done everything bar buy shell suits with black curly wigs and do Harry Enfield scouse impressions in their "disguised " desire to come to LFC.
    Do we want them to go to Spurs? Over two weeks ago Bucky said the next purchases would be new first teamers, and I think anyone who watched pre season know we need an extra centre half and that bit of something different further up the pitch.
    Up to now the money we've spent has been generated through sales, surely there must be more?
    If Downing is going (and I think £6 mill is too low) I hope Ince is the replacement, although don't be surprised if it's Scott Sinclair.
    Finally , Borini, I do really really want him to succeed but again from pre season's showings I can't see it.
    Best to sell him back to some Italian club and take a punt on Jordan Rhodes. He scores goals which is what we need.
    I don't understand this obsession with all things foreign. Holt, La fronde, Lambert, all were said to be unsuitable for the premier and all proved themselves in lower leagues before the step up.
    Yet we seem content to take a risk and a financial one at that with anyone simply because their name ends in a vowel!

  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Jan 29, 2013 23:51 Flag

    have I had a "dallas moment?" did I dream sunday's result? tactically bucky is way behind kenny and steve clarke or rafa.
    And one thing you never do,whether as a football manager or a boss at work is slag your workforce of publically.By all means rip 'em new ones in the privacy of your office or dressing room,but you back them.A bit of humility and acceptance of picking the wrong team or asking lightweight players to combat mature physical players would go some way to convincing me he's going to improve us.
    Why will those players from Sunday run through a brick wall for bucky when they know he will blame them next time we have one of those "bad days at the office" as he called the villa game?Yes some players underperformed but he picked them, along with the formation and he could have made changes as soon as he knew it was going to pot.Sorry the jury's still out.Believe me I want to see improvement,we need to beat a top 10 side and we need consistency,the one thing we wont get with youngsters,which is why whether there is an unofficial policy or not about buying older players we need experience.I don't think it coincidence he hasn't bought anyone over 23.It's ok saying they'll bed in and be world beaters in2/3 years that won't keep our genuine worldies here much longer!

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    Olham game

    by Miguel Jan 27, 2013 17:02
    Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Jan 28, 2013 12:29 Flag

    would rather finish fourth than win a trophy?well we'd save on the fuckin brasso won't we?and the footballers wives can convert their husbands trophy rooms into walkin wardrobes cos all they'll need is a little black book with "finished fourth" on each years page.
    They are called HONOURS, they acknowledge you were a winner. You and your team were better, tried harder, beat all before you to WIN.
    You do not go out to come second.
    In 20/30 years time will you remember who came 4th?
    As a kid at school remember how we could all remember previous winners of the FA cups? but we struggled on the runners up?
    You remembered the WINNERS not the losers.
    If you do not want to win then don't fuckin bother entering.

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    Is Brendan allowed a mistake?

    by Loki Jan 27, 2013 20:12
    Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Jan 27, 2013 23:53 Flag

    well when Bucky talked of" fourth" I was hoping he meant league position, but it seems he meant that will be the round in which we'll exit both domestic cups!
    And as we seem to about to sign another "moneyball"player as opposed to an experienced "matchwise" one can I suggest that if bucky is so obsessed with youth why not go and manage in the nextgen?

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    Olham game

    by Miguel Jan 27, 2013 17:02
    Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Jan 27, 2013 23:48 Flag

    I have always made a point of not coming on here the same day as a match,cos emotions often get the better of me,but Jesus did he draw that team out a hat?
    If anyone had been to scout oldham I would have thought something on the lines of "and they have this big aggressive lump up front who looks like he should be swatting biplanes on the empire state building"
    I really really want to see Coates prove himself, but he may just be a guy who is not suited to english football.
    That game was perfect for Carra, physical confrontation and no real pace in the two front guys.
    I always thought it was a given to play "kids" when you're doing well.Kill the game with your best 11 and bring them on when the crowd and the opposition have had enough.
    Some people want to make themselves look too clever.Shanks said football is a simple game.
    I appreciate we have big games coming up, but players don't feel tired when they're winning.WINNING BREEDS CONFIDENCE.Losing to a team 2 leagues lower than you does not.
    I have a feeling that bucky thinks we all need educating as if we have never played pass and move before.
    And finally when Borini got the ball in the face, the looks on carra's and stevie's face said it all."He's another lightweight, and another waste of money like(diouf,kewell,cisse,cherou,morientes,)insert which you feel most appropriate.

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    Gazumped by Southampton again.

    by mel n Jan 16, 2013 07:26
    Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Jan 17, 2013 13:01 Flag

    has anyone wondered why this "missing piece of the title winning side" is not being chased by everyone? If he is such a bargain why no Man Utd bid? It's not as if they are overloaded with midfield playmakers!Arsenal? Man City? any German big guns looking at him?
    Spain? Italy? no takers apart from a team in Turkey and us?
    You will not be buying the guy of 2-3 years ago. Just as we didn't buy the joe cole of 3 years ago.
    If something sounds too good to be true it normally is too good to be true.
    You cannot guarentee that he will bring the title,success etc.You can only hope.
    Certain people on here, and we know who they are, who are demanding his purchase will be the first ones to moan about paying millions in wages etc for a has been!He will go from missing jigsaw piece to waste of money in a season.I'd love him to prove me wrong, but history as shown he is more likely to be another joe cole rather than a Gary Mac.

  • Emlyn'S Heroes by Emlyn'S Heroes Jan 8, 2013 00:36 Flag

    well the 2nd half of the season should be enlightening,now everyone has this new found sense of angelic fair play.
    No more stoke defenders going for two falls and a submission.no more swan dives from various players ( we all have one)will the manufacturers of red and yellow cards have to lay off their workforce? We can abandon goal line technology 'cos obviously goalies like Roy Carroll and Bogdan will point out when the ball is over their line.In fact will we need match officials? surely you expect your star forward to admit he's offside.How long before Ferdinand tweets that the ref got it wrong and should have booked him?
    And who knew so many people had alliegence to Ghana?they must have replaced England as everyones favorite international team!( you thought they'd have been hounding the dick who missed the penalty)
    Ridiculous,yes, but no more than the lorryloads of shit dumped on Suarez these last two days. Grow up for fucks sake.What are you told the first time you turn out in a game? play to the whistle.
    And finally, will someone please explain to the empty headed lfc hating fuckwit that is john "oh sir alex take me up the arse "champion the difference between a commentator and an opinionator

  • Emlyn'S Heroes by Emlyn'S Heroes Dec 3, 2012 12:43 Flag

    Be nice if we had a "billy's boots" type moment and a young kid from the reserves comes in and wins it for us against the hammers, a la Robbie Fowler. But when watching a recent interview with Buck when the u21s were playing chelski and Ngoo had scored yet again, Buck was a little dismissive of him "he's very awkward to play against and he should have a good future in the game"Not you'll notice "he'll have a good future with this club"Yes the guy is raw and half the time he doesn't seem to know what he'll do next, but he scores goals!But like Carroll, he is not Brendan's type and doesn't fit in with the "philosophy"( you'd have thought we played like Stoke or Wimbledon before Buck rode in to save us)
    Surely Ngoo on the bench and given 20 minutes or so has to be better than Shelvey (who I really rate as a midfielder)?

  • Emlyn'S Heroes by Emlyn'S Heroes Dec 1, 2012 11:42 Flag

    I know I'm going over old ground from a previous thread here.But why aren't we shooting from outside the box more? Today we will be probably facing the worst keeper in the prem ( if the Saints stick with him)who seems to have wrists like Larry Gayson, (ask your dads)and Bucky will want it walking in.Goals win games not possession.I'm sick of hearing about our possession.We've seen more possession than an exorcist! I want goals.I'm not being greedy I'm not asking for dozens just more than the opposition for a change.

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    Raheem Sterling vs Brendan Rodgers.

    by mel n Dec 1, 2012 00:58
    Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Dec 1, 2012 11:30 Flag

    Personally , I'm beginning to feel he's engineering a swap with Man City for Scott Sinclair.Seems to be hell bent on recruiting his previous players, whether he feels they'll be easier to control?
    He talks of the "Liverpool way" in conducting things then does it through the media!
    By the time it's all over he'll put a spin on it,Stirling wanted silly money,wanted to go to City, and we got a world beater in Sinclair who cost them 8 million and has seen even less pitch time than Adam Johnson!

  • Emlyn'S Heroes by Emlyn'S Heroes Nov 29, 2012 13:14 Flag

    Hate to get all morose and depressed but can't help thinking Buck is making us into the Arsenal of a few years ago who insisted in trying to walk the ball in.Teams know now put a bank of 4/5 across the front of the box and LFC will try to pass through you.The "killer"pass only needs to be 6 inches off and hey presto defender gets it and away they go.
    We over the years have struck some very good goals from outside the box, but with the exception of Shelvey no one seems to want to try.Orders from the management or lack of confidence?
    And if Bucky ever reads these( only joking)STOP PUTTING ROUND PEGS IN SQUARE HOLES. The reason Downing doesn't play fullback is because he can't defend.Paisley once said the role of a defender is to defend,anything else is a bonus.
    And finally, I hope to god Lucas comes back fully fit and raring to go, because I think we miss him more than we would miss our out of sorts captain at the moment
    And his first job is to show Allen how to tackle!

  • Emlyn'S Heroes by Emlyn'S Heroes Nov 18, 2012 12:57 Flag

    "great save from suarez,who rolls it out to suarez,he plays a quick one two with suarez,who hits a deep cross and slotted home by suarez.
    oh where would liverpool be without suarez?
    Now apologies if you think I've just repeated the commentary from match of the day, but really?
    Yes Suarez is important to us, like Mata at CFC, Van Persie at Utd.
    But piss poor sports writing and pathetic match commentary from MOTD does not give enough praise to the work achieved by Sterling,Suso,Enrique and actually Henderson when he came on yesterday.
    Bearing in mind we effectively play with one striker is he not doing what he is supposed to do....score?
    Last season "he needs too many chances to score"this year "he's the only one who scores goals"
    It's a bit like afew years ago when we had all the " LFC can't win without Gerrard" then when we went and won games without him, they moved on to Torres. Why do the media have this obsession with making us a one man team?

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    by John Oct 8, 2012 15:41
    Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Oct 8, 2012 23:19 Flag

    So having 3 or 4 of the best footballers in the world is not a factor then?

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    Pullis on Suarez

    by Paddy Oct 8, 2012 08:53
    Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Oct 8, 2012 19:14 Flag

    I think I'm right in that afore mentioned Walters has "bought a few" pens against us in recent seasons hasn't he? The thing with Suerez now is why bother diving/simulating etc? he should know he isn't going to get a pen? If you can't get a free kick when some 6ft plus kraut riverdances all over your chest in the middle of the pitch, then you ain't gunna get the benefit of the doubt in the box.Basically Luis, if you arn't showing bare bone through your shin or a bullet wound which cannot be construed as self inflicted you are going to get (ironically sweet FA!)

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    Pullis on Suarez

    by Paddy Oct 8, 2012 08:53
    Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Oct 8, 2012 13:59 Flag

    it's got to the stage now where because Suerez is hated by the fans of other clubs so much,refs are probably thinking it will be better not to give anything in his favour so as not to get too many complaining! You can't keep everyone happy so go with the majority!
    It's all about perception last night on MOTD2, Bale dives yet again and it's funny.Suerez does it and "he's a cheating dago bastard who deserves to be volleyed all over the pitch by anyone who fancies it!"Paraphrased admitedly but not too far off the mark.
    Huth will not be charged by the FA even though some of the tackles/assaults would be more in keeping with cagefighting!
    As I mentioned earlier Suerez is effectively walking onto the pitch with a bullseye on his back, and yesterday's inept performance by Lee Mason has made it open season.

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    Pullis on Suarez

    by Paddy Oct 8, 2012 08:53
    Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Oct 8, 2012 10:55 Flag

    Every club has at least one of these players.
    But while ever winning is more important than playing honest,they will be encouraged to continue "simulating" or cheating to give it it's proper name.
    What was more worrying were some of the "tackles"/assaults carried out on Suerez yesterday.And I'm sorry you can't tell me after wrestling Suerez to the ground milliseconds before, that Huth didn't know he was there when he put his studs down.Where did he think he'd be?Tesco? Majorca all inclusive? saturday matinee of we will rock you?
    This team is geared up to destroying good football.
    I had to laugh when Pulis talked of "THE REAL GOOD CHALLENGE THAT JOHNSON JUST JUMPED UP FROM" That would be when Walters jumped into him when he was already off the floor and sent him flying into the technical areas?
    One thing which was very obvious watching yesterday, we will need another striker, because someone soon is going to put Suerez out for a very long time, and it won't be the FA this time!

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    please help our search

    by Emlyn'S Heroes Oct 6, 2012 08:46
    Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Oct 7, 2012 19:31 Flag

    well Robert I would say it's still too early to say whether he's not up to the job.He's a young,well respected manager with plenty of admirers in the game and rebuiding the club which is what he's been appointed to do will take time.What kind of club would appoint a promising manager on a long contract after paying a sizable compensation package to his previous employers, then sack him because "senior"players feeel threatened because the new guy questions their ability and attitude? Or do we sack him because he's trying to chnage the way we play and results willtake time to come and we do not have the patience to wait?Do we just keep changing the manager every season or so ? All at LFC know it's going to take time,effort and money.Afterall some clubs can wait 55years for a league title!
    So I feel if we do give him time, he will get us playing, and winning the right way again.

  • Emlyn'S Heroes by Emlyn'S Heroes Oct 6, 2012 08:46 Flag

    MISSING : ROBERT M last heard of on the 4th of October sharing his wisdom regarding anything LFC.Since then, nothing. Coincidently Robert is CFC fan so maybe suffering from the shock of finding out John Terry is not the paragon of virtue and the reincarnation of St George the Chelsea fans would have us believe.

  • Emlyn'S Heroes by Emlyn'S Heroes Oct 6, 2012 08:45 Flag

    MISSING : ROBERT M last heard of on the 4th of October sharing his wisdom regarding anything LFC.Since then, nothing. Coincidently Robert is CFC fan so maybe suffering from the shock of finding out John Terry is not the paragon of virtue and the reincarnation of St George the Chelsea fans would have us believe.

  • Emlyn'S Heroes by Emlyn'S Heroes Sep 16, 2012 23:35 Flag

    I hope that when the manc scum come on Sunday we show the world that we truly are a class act by refusing to sink to the level of the empty headed fuckwits who chose to insult the 96 and LFC with their moronic little ditty.