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    by zippy Apr 22, 2010 05:58
    A Yahoo! User Apr 27, 2010 16:42 Flag

    Wow Zippy you are really annoyed and angry. I don't tend to get involved in these type of arguments as they are usually conducted by the sort of people you would cross the road to avoid. You know the type....Trackie Bottoms and Tight Fitting Henley T-shirts cause they is cool...init....I suggest that instead of picking fights with everyone and trying to justify your position as a Villa fan you simply appreciate the excellent work done by O'Neil, and accept your rightful place as the 6/7 best team in the country. No-One is denying you that right and any fellow Albion fans who try and say different are just trying to wind you up, its obvious the Villa are a much bigger team than the Albion. However when Mowbray took us down we still clapped and cheered him off the pitch (Mind You, look what he thought of us!!) When O'Neil lost 0-3 to Wigan he was booed off at half time and fulltime. Every team has their plus points and negatives, Villas negatives have always been the fans, you constant ranting is simply proving that point.

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    Are we going to stay up ?

    by IAIN Jul 10, 2008 00:34
    A Yahoo! User Jul 22, 2008 18:07 Flag

    Lets just re-iterate the points regarding the three players that have been released: -

    Martin A: - Was never going to command a regular place, he is not rated by Mowbray and after watching his performances last year he will be no great loss.

    Z Gera: - Was offered champions league football by both turkish teams and also italian football by Roma, turned them all down to go to fulham where he will pick up £35,000 a week!! He went for the money, plain and simple, if the guy had any ambition in football he would have gone somewhere to prove himself against the best players in the world.

    K Phillips: - Is 34 Years old, will be 35 come start of season. Was HUGELY disappointing in his last stint at the big stage 3 years ago, was never going to become a coach as he has already stated his intention to leave football once his career is finished. Was offered £20,000 a week by WBA on a one year contract with an additional contract to follow after 19 appearances. Turned it down to accept £24,000 a week on a two year deal @ Blues. Shows how much he values his own chances of actually playing in 19 games if he was worried about completing the minimum number required to activate the clause in his contract. That being the case do you really want an unhappy 35 year old on £20,000 a week?

    Mowbray and Peace have been spot on for me.

    They have purchased the Porto Left Back for under 1.5M (The right back went to chelsea for 16.4M!!) They have brought an england GK, we need one more striker and we'll be ready.

    Trust in Tony

  • I've just got to comment on the fantastic job that Tony has done this season, I've just read through some of the post's over the last 2/3 months and laughed at some of the rubbish spouted by WBA fans, dropping Kiely, Sacking Tony and bringing back Megson!! Getting rid of Peace!! I wonder if the same fans will reply now that we are 5 points clear of 3rd with 2 games to go?

    Regarding Peace: - Jeremy is working on behalf of an investment company, he himself makes no financial gain (Apart from wages+bonuses) if WBA go up or stay in championship, remember he DOESN'T own WBA. We are the best run club in the championship and in the top 5 in the country, we are self sufficent and have never had a money bags rich chairman like most other clubs. Would you rather have a prudent chairman who is guaranteeing our clubs future or some Peter Risdale type clown who plays with fire and our clubs future?

    Regarding the defence:

    We probably deal with more set pieces than any other team, the reason for this is that if teams try and pass their way through us we will rip them to shreds, so they just rain balls into the box and eventually get there rewards. Dean Kiely is a great keeper who just hasn't had a settled back four at any point in the season, apart from Robbo, his right back has changed 3 times, Leon has missed 2 months in total due to injuries, clem was just coming back from a major injury, martin has again missed around two months in total through injury, cesar is brand new to this level of football and is still learning, with a more settled back four Kiely will be fine although due to his age I would be looking at a younger replacement. (Not Danesk, have any of you ever been to a reserve game?)

    Regarding Mowbray

    The bloke should be given the key to the midlands in my opinion, he has never wavered from his beliefs and has had albion producing some breathtaking stuff at times, awarding jonno the captancy was a masterstroke because he has had one of the best seasons i've EVER seen a player have, he has been truely incredible.

    I'm proud to be an Albion Fan but more important the team are proud to play for the shirt.

    Boing Boing

  • I honestly believe that we have what is needed to become champions this year. I haven't seen anything that worries me and as long as we cut out the stupid blips (Cov @ Home) We should do it with a little to spare.

    I also find it very encouraging that we are sniffing around the type of quality like Luke Moore and the Czech Goalie.

    I am very pleased and would like to congratulate tony on making me eat my words.

    Boing Boing

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    45 mins-90 mins

    by Clive Nov 7, 2007 05:57
    A Yahoo! User Nov 7, 2007 21:41 Flag

    Please don't tell me that you are blaming that equaliser on our players?

    If you are then you seriously need to check your eyesight.

    1: Over 7 Mins injury time played
    2: Own goal disallowed?!?!?
    3: Blatent push on Hoefkins before goal
    4: Down to 9 men

    I never moan about the ref but that was disgraceful.

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    45 mins-90 mins

    by Clive Nov 7, 2007 05:57
    A Yahoo! User Nov 7, 2007 21:40 Flag

    Please don't tell me that you are blaming that equaliser on our players?

    If you are then you seriously need to check your eyesight.

    1: Over 7 Mins injury time played
    2: Own goal disallowed?!?!?
    3: Blatent push on Hoefkins before goal
    4: Down to 9 men

    I never moan about the ref but that was disgraceful.

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    Same old story.

    by Will Sep 19, 2007 12:00
    A Yahoo! User Sep 24, 2007 16:34 Flag

    Just returned from Scunnie, quality performance, from Keily to Miller. Tex looks like the bargain of the season. Jason Who??

    As for share issue, peace runs the club for a company, and to be fair he is doing a good job, don't like the man from a fan's point of view but then again show me a fan who is truely happy with their chairman.

    Were going up. Boing Boing

  • We'll it looks like big johns finally going, i'll be honest and say i expected a lot more from the big guy but i do think he was wasted. We knew his strengths and weaknesses yet continued to smack balls into the corner or over the top for him to chase, a BIG waste of a BIG player. Once he realised his face didn't fit his interest in us dropped (While his weight went up!!) but I must admit for 90 mins against Hull, he was great. Good Luck John, i'm sorry it didn't work out, good luck with the swans.

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    OH HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 30, 2007 18:42
    A Yahoo! User Aug 30, 2007 20:49 Flag

    Pricey Signing???? We made money on him!!!! And if he completes certain stipulations we'll make even more!!!! He was a time waster and a fool.

  • Just to let you know, as an albion fan, you have just wasted 3.5 mill on the biggest pile of horse sh**e since Michael Ricketts. He is lazy, arrogant, poor first touch, worse second. Terrible with his head. He will score the odd spectacular 30-yarder but he will have you so frustrated, you'll want to rip your hair out. Think about it: Why would a rival team sell you their striker if he was any good? Can't believe you paid that much as well. Worth 750,000 MAX.

    Good Luck with him, your gonna need it.

  • Bye bye duke, i'd like to have said it's been great having you but you are the most useless waste of a baggies shirt since R Hulse. You are a lazy, arrogant moody striker who will soon learn that unless you realise the error of your ways you will continue to drop down the divisions and will have to settle for poorer sides. (Wanted Wigan - Got Watford) I hope the hornets realise what they have gotten. Duke of Hellington.

  • by A Yahoo! User Aug 22, 2007 17:05 Flag

    I was thinking the other day about why we always have unhappy players @ the albion.

    Present Day: Hartson, Davies, Ellington, Robinson, Albrechtson, gera.

    In recent Past: Koumas, Kamara, Perry, Kilbane, Hughes, Roberts, Maresca, Carter, mcshane

    We never have a content team. Why do you think this is? I understand that some of the players have left for "Better" teams (Coventry, Lee - WHY?) but even players who seem content actually turn out to be desperate to get away (Mcshane)

    Do you think it's the fact they have to play in W Brom and train in Walsall caus i'll be honest, if I had to do that I think i'd wanna leave or is there some underlying reason. My dad says it because we have such a heritage as a football club and such high expectations that we tend to suffercate any decent players with our expectations. He also said that this is what will happen to ishmal miller.

    What do you lot think?

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    Worrying trend

    by jim w Aug 16, 2007 17:51
    A Yahoo! User Aug 16, 2007 23:32 Flag

    Van Der Saar: - Makes too many mistakes
    Brown: - Bad Centre half, shocking full back
    Ferdinand: - Someone tell him he aint as good as he thinks
    Vidic: - Stam the 2nd?
    Evre: - Quality player
    Giggs: - Too old for 90 minutes
    Scholes: - See Giggs
    Ronaldo: - Weighed down by expectation
    Nani: - The "New Ronaldo" I don't think so
    Anderson: - The "New Ronaldinho" See Nani
    Hargreaves: - 2 years ago the most ridiculed player ever. Whats changed??
    Rooney: - Can he now be classified as "injury Prone"
    Tevez: - Not as good as Rooney

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    Start of the season thoughts

    by Erik Aug 13, 2007 19:09
    A Yahoo! User Aug 15, 2007 21:40 Flag

    What a terrible start. Man U were pathetic, typical fergie too arrogant to see shrek and the hulk won't score the goals needed to retain the title, saha and ole always injured. 24 shots against reading and no goals!! Disgraceful.

    Liverpool were matched by a A Villa team that fought relegation last year until there only player decided to pop up and hit that free kick. 24M on Torres. Biggest waste of money ever by any team in the british premier league.

    Chelsea looked v good in attack but toothless at the back, they let a relegation certainty in Blues score twice, even the returning JT wont shore up that defence.

    Arsenal played the full ninety minutes and beat an improving fulham team, too early for them, they need a 20 goal a season player.

    Surprise Packages:

    A Villa



  • I don't know what to think about Albion this season. Even with his hat-trick I still thought Beattie looked lazy and lumbersome?!?!? Pele is a waste of money, why not wallwork and spend the million on a new striker. It always amazes me that albion never take a chance on young strikers, they are scoring for fun in the lower leagues yet we refuse to give them a chance. K Hawley. F Eastwood. Porter have all signed for other teams despite them each scoring over 20 goals last season. Porter went on a free as well!!!!. Remember the last time we did - Mr L Hughes. So come on melton, kick out hartson, ellington and the other over-paid pre-madonnas and bring in players proud to wear the shirt. Final 2 questions....

    1: What has happened to Nicholeson????

    2: We have received no offers that match our valuation of C Davis. How much of a ego-blow must that be to him. hahahahahahaha. Do you think he's worth 8m+ I honestly wouldn't pay over 5. Just imagine, we got offered 10m off portsmouth in jan. Davis + Kamara = £16M 16m = Henry!!! Which one would you rather have??!!!???!!!???

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    Championship winners 2007/2008

    by Chuck Aug 8, 2007 18:28
    A Yahoo! User Aug 10, 2007 17:07 Flag

    This season will actually be harder than any season i can remember, not becuase there are so many good teams, but becuase the standard has dropped so much that average teams (Colchester, Coventry, Sheff Wed)believe they have a chance at going up. For the record here's my top 6 and why: -

    1: Sheff Utd. Have kept core of prem team and have added some excellent signings.

    2: Wolves. Did amazing last year with young team which has now matured, have added more goalscoring threat.


    West Brom: Have replaced Prem players with Champ players but should have enough to get in top 6.

    Southampton: Best team I saw last year, were very unlucky to lose to derby in play-offs. Can they go one better this year?

    Leicester: New Owner, New Manager. They will either finish top 6 (My prediction) or will finish bottom 6. My heart says bottom my head says top!!!

    Charlton: Have got backbone of prem team, usually bad starters, If they get a flyer they could push top 2. Will more than likely have to settle for top 6.

    Don't ask me to put play-offs in order, I don't know!!

    As for winners of Play-offs. WEST BROM.

  • I honestly can't believe the amounts were receiving for mediocre players. Koumas for 5.3 is over the top, Kamara for 6 is simply breathtaking and if we can get anywhere near 8 for curtis and 5 for robbo and mcshane i'd #$%$ their hands off. However, we are replacing them with terrible players. Beattie is a joke, think rob hulse the second. We are getting overtaken by every team in the championship due to their signings and meltons insistance on buying scottish, We will struggle next year and will be lucky to finish mid-table. Baggies for relegation? Stranger things have happened.

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    Blame game

    by Will Jun 4, 2007 07:31
    A Yahoo! User Jun 7, 2007 07:22 Flag

    One person Diomansy Kamara. The sooner he leaves the better. Theres No "I" in "Team".

    There is an "I" in:

    MIssed Again
    FaIled Dribble
    I want to leave WBA

  • 1: Will we get the result we need on Wednesday? (Predictions please)

    2: Who will we play (Or would you prefer to play) in the final?

    3: Whats the score gonna be?

    4: Who's gonna stay / go?

    Latest News:

    Albrectson says he will go if we don't get up.

    Kamara say's hes happy and is staying no matter what

    Ellington same as kamara. (Caus wigan are now down?)

    Excellent performance on Sunday, was a pleasure to watch an excellent local derby. They did us proud.

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    by Will May 7, 2007 08:02
    A Yahoo! User May 8, 2007 17:53 Flag

    First of all well done to the boys for getting to the Play Off's. Let's not forget that apart from Derby having a freaky season the 3 teams that came down have finished in the top 4, we just were not consistent enough to be in the top two.

    Good Luck to them I honestly think we've got a great chance of going up.

    One Negative Point (Only 1 I hear you say!!) Think the Duke may have decided to pull his finger out because Wigan look odd's on to come down, so the baggies may be his only route back into premiership.