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    Torres was right to leave!

    by Loki May 20, 2012 12:59
    Pearless J Pearless J May 20, 2012 19:39 Flag

    i think fernando and the fans would be happy again should he come back. it was always exciting watching him play for liverpool. the club needs him again, he was much more a part of the team than he is at chelsea, come on liverpool, try to get him back, the red shirt suits him better also.

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    Notification of termination of services

    by Chris Fortune Mar 3, 2012 18:18
    Pearless J Pearless J Mar 6, 2012 00:19 Flag

    i, for one am glad he`s gone. if he didn`t care about playing with a very inept midfield time and again, seeing it every game and doing nothing to improve it, showed to me what kind of coach he was. he could not do any better? good ridance . again, i am glad he is gone

  • Pearless J by Pearless J Feb 23, 2012 22:22 Flag

    in my opinion he is not good enough for chelsea . how many times has he kept the ball trying to score from impossble angless, instead o passing to a player on the open with an almost sure chance of scoring? he is not a team player at all he is egoistical on the pitch. chelsea should sell him and get a playmaker. this guy cannot pass to a teammate. in the last game i was boiling, mata had a certain goal. useless dtriker.

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    avb starting line ups

    by Pearless J Feb 21, 2012 21:59
    Pearless J Pearless J Feb 23, 2012 00:37 Flag

    avb, it seems to me porto needs your help. you should go back to teach them your tricks. oh, and take your favorites with you. i don`t think chelsea needs them at all. in my opinion you are too stubborn, too arrogant to to be able to better our team. i cant understand how you don`t mind at all the appalling way chelsea is performing. please roman, the team is becoming a laughing stock, send him back to porto.

  • Pearless J by Pearless J Feb 21, 2012 21:59 Flag

    i`m amazed at his loyalty to his favorite players, to him the midfield isn`t that important. he prefers mediocrity there. lampard, essien, young romeu sitting as substitutes in every game. what a joke. i wonder for how long will this be tolerated. does he listen to anyone? silence upstairs?

  • is it english or portuguese?

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    Had a gutful...

    by Anyone But United Feb 7, 2012 10:24
    Pearless J Pearless J Feb 8, 2012 02:06 Flag

    well writen, abu. he is a nasty piece of work liverpool doesn`t need a player like like him. he may respect everybody and everyone. and when he comes to play it is with the ilusion of a little boy who is going to kick the ball.... .in holland he was hated; here in england, it hasn`t taken long, despised in almost every field. the name liverpool fc is synonimous of class. i don`t know for how long dalglish should be aware of it

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    Get rid of Malouda & Mikel!!!

    by Vicious Violatorz Jan 30, 2012 12:06
    Pearless J Pearless J Feb 1, 2012 01:25 Flag

    malouda and mikel? how about meireles, boswinga, ramires, and cole? and sturridge, a selfish and greedy no team player. and of course, the one who keeps playing them, avb. send them all packing back home.the last one is a disgrace, he cannot manage the chelsea team but want the players to celebrate with him on the rare occasion of scoring a goal.

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    Get rid of Malouda & Mikel!!!

    by Vicious Violatorz Jan 30, 2012 12:06
    Pearless J Pearless J Jan 31, 2012 01:24 Flag

    malouda and mikel? how about getting rid of avb, meireles, ramires, boswinga, and cole also?

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    PSG Make Sensational Move for Lampard

    by Vito Jan 24, 2012 19:55
    Pearless J Pearless J Jan 25, 2012 01:36 Flag

    i wouldn`t be surprised at all. starting as a sub in most games must be humiliating and frustrating for him. i hope avb`s days here are ending soon.. as a coach he does not motivate the players, the way they are playing does not merit a 4th. place. he is not up to the job. i hope he goes back where he was or is sent there.

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    Whats your own opinion?

    by CJ Jan 4, 2012 10:22
    Pearless J Pearless J Jan 23, 2012 02:37 Flag

    we lack a decent midfield. i had already stated they don`t know how to tackle, they like to try to score from 30 yartds or more away, istead of passing. meireles and ramires should be sold and we should get better midfielders. the connection between defense and strikers is non existent. the way chealse is playing is pathetic, too slow, boring football.i have to to blame avb for letting them play the way they play.

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    Is Villas-Boas any good?

    by me Oct 29, 2011 17:53
    Pearless J Pearless J Jan 16, 2012 20:36 Flag

    i don`t think he is the right manager for chelsea. i have already stated several times that to me he plays his favorites. i don`t agree when he uses lampard and torres as subs.meireless and ramires play the full game and none of them cant tackle. avb does not see these two leave the defenders totally exposed. i can see how chelsea is struggling to score goals and to defend properly. avb does not see it. he is not good enough for me. even to get the 4th place will be a struggle. drop him, please. i don`t enjoy watching chelsea play the way they play now

  • i wouldn`t be. he plays a full game becouse drogba is away and sturridge is injured.i`m sure he would be happy somwhere else. to me he was the best player yesterday. if the other two players were available he would have sat as a sub. with awb we will not go very far. he plays his favorites and sits lampard and torres.he should be out , not good enough for chelsea

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    Are we gonna buy anybody in this window?

    by Loki Jan 10, 2012 18:30
    Pearless J Pearless J Jan 15, 2012 02:14 Flag

    we should get torres back, best man for chelsea today. get him kenny for two or three of our players. he would love to be with us. he doesn`t like to play for awb.