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    What price loyalty??

    by A Yahoo! User Nov 21, 2012 09:54
    A Yahoo! User Nov 21, 2012 11:56 Flag

    I am a Liverpool fan, just thought I'd gauge reaction on the Chelsea board. I think Rafa as a permanent appointment would do brilliantly at Chelsea.Maybe not this year, but certainly next, I'd see them a lge champions again. That is why I don't want him appointed.

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    Di Matteo sacked!!

    by Anyone But United Nov 21, 2012 10:26
    A Yahoo! User Nov 21, 2012 11:53 Flag

    I'd like to think most of our fans are above calling for heads to roll and can look at the bigger picture.

    However the reactions to Rafa, Roy, Kenny and now Rodgers, shows that we aren't immune.

    I just hope that Abramovich's trigger happy behavious doesn't rub off, and that Rodgers is allowed to continue with his work, despitethe occasional inevitable setbacks and bad runs.

  • An FA Cup and a Champions League title. The man should go down in legend. Instead he is sacked in the midst of the November sticky patch that Chelsea hit every year.
    The owner and the board sign the players, and they signed Luiz, the least defensive centre back I've ever seen, and Torres, who was going through the motions even in his last days at Liverpool. Yes, Mata, Oscar and Hazard are wonderful players, but without a real finisher, and players who can keep the door locked behind them, what is the point. Di Matteo did not sign those players.....Di Matteo did not prioritise attacking midfielders over defensive ones. Where is the screening, for the rocky back four?
    Abramovich has money to burn, and Chelsea are his plaything, but his actions today aren't football, and they aren't fair on Robbie. I hate to see it. But Ho Hum.........Please not Benitez next is all I can say!

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    Chelsea in reflection

    by Hobitez Nov 12, 2012 10:36
    A Yahoo! User Nov 12, 2012 13:20 Flag

    Chelsea might have got a damn sight closer than 30 yards, but I thought considering the money they have spent, and the quality of their players (oscar in particular is special), the quality of their final ball, and creativity around the box, was awful. Chelsea played, to catch us on the break......and relied on LFC to push forward so we could be caught without midfield cover shielding the defence.

    If we'd have given up possession, and played two banks of four, yesterday would more than likely been 0-0 and a dire spectacle.

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    Is it just me ...

    by Paddy Nov 12, 2012 10:17
    A Yahoo! User Nov 12, 2012 13:08 Flag

    errrrrm, surely no-one can achieve the impossible? So BR is no better or worse than anyone else when assessed on his chances of doing so.

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    Chelsea in reflection

    by Hobitez Nov 12, 2012 10:36
    A Yahoo! User Nov 12, 2012 13:06 Flag

    I sky-plus'd the game, as I had to go round to see my parents. My nephew (a chelsea fan) who is 12 came round, said he'd watch the first half, and said Suarez is a diver, and he'd broken his leg.

    Obviously it didn't make sense, but the thought of Suarez with a broken leg honestly made me feel ill. Really ill. I can't remember a time when I last felt that sick about anything football related.

    What would life be like without Suarez? We'd be fucked!

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    Is it just me ...

    by Paddy Nov 12, 2012 10:17
    A Yahoo! User Nov 12, 2012 12:43 Flag

    The Everton quote is mischief making. I'm sure that never happened.

    I'm not worried by the quote about 7th place. What is the point in aiming higher at the moemtn. (a) It is unrealistic.....look at the depth of the squad, and the experience of those playing each week in the 1st 11. (b) it would put too much pressure on the young players, and perhaps inhibit them, to raise expectations, and set CL targets. Hodgson with his 'judge me after 10 games' set a bar that he never cleared, and never recovered from. (c) Kenny spent £85m on four players alone, and went on to finish 8th. I think if we can make the changes we are doing, blood the players like Suso, Sterling, Wisdom, Robinson and so on, that we are, and IMPROVE on Dalglish's expensively assembled side, which was a complete mismatch in terms of playing style vs the key attributes of the players he recruited, then we look set to kick on next season.

    I don't see a problem.....I have high expectations, but things do take time.

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    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    by Robert M Nov 11, 2012 18:11
    A Yahoo! User Nov 12, 2012 12:35 Flag

    Hi Robert M, I do so enjoy the games against Chelsea. I don't think Chelsea controlled the game, far from it. If anything I thought it was pretty even. Liverpool dominated the ball for long periods, but Chelsea looked more dangerous and were more attacking/direct. Chelsea were at their most dangerous when we attacked, as we often gave the ball away sloppily, especially Allen, only to have Hazard, Oscar and Torres breaking at us. I also thought the result was fair. If we had nicked it, it wouldn't have been in any way justified, but likewise, Chelsea 4-0 up at HT??? Apart from the Mata chance, I don't think there was much else that really threatened us.
    What is clear is that Liverpool are developing. Sterling didn't look a class below Hazard by any standards, and I was really impressed by Wisdom in both systems we played. Suso also came on, and looked OK as a playmaker, after a really dodgy start.
    Once this LFC team learns to be a bit more incisive, adds to the personnel in the striking dept, and improves our possession of the ball whilst going forward (which we will), I can see us being a force again, without the need to spend City or Chelski millions.

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    Theo Walcott

    by Hobitez Nov 6, 2012 13:35
    A Yahoo! User Nov 6, 2012 15:28 Flag

    I don't think Walcott is the answer to our prayers. He's not a 20 goal a season merchant, not an out and out striker, nor a straight line winger with good distribution..

    His problem at Arsenal is that Arsene doesn't know where to play him. I fear neither would we.

    He is a talent though and if harnessed he could blossom. If the manager doesn't have a clear idea for him though, he could be a huge waste of money.

    He's a big gamble.

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    January is too long of a wait

    by A Yahoo! User Nov 4, 2012 18:09
    A Yahoo! User Nov 6, 2012 13:36 Flag

    Villa and Henry don't fit with the parameters FSG have for transfer targets. Mind you neither does Huntelaar and I've heard that is a done January deal.
    FSG will want to identify the NEXT Villa, or Henry. So Walcott may fit the bill. It is why they were looking at Tello @ Barca.
    I do think they'll look to sign two inside forwards as you say, but maybe one with the flexibility that they can play CF. Which is maybe why they are looking at Huntelaar on the basis most dutch players are adaptable full stop.

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    January is too long of a wait

    by A Yahoo! User Nov 4, 2012 18:09
    A Yahoo! User Nov 6, 2012 10:53 Flag

    We need back up for Suarez. That is very important, but it won't be the same sort of player, because he's a one off. Unless we sign Messi :-)
    Tactically you can not play with two kids.. who are essentially midfielders, one being an out and out winger and the other a playmaker.. left and right of a striker who drifts.
    When Suarez moves out of the centre as a 'false 9' the other whose space Suarez should have gone into, HAS to bust a nut to get into the box and be the 9. Likewise, when the other wide man has the ball in his normal position, the other has to move quickly from out to in, to get at LEAST level with the far post. That is essential.
    I think you could play Sterling on the left if you had Kuyt on the right, who is the perfect player for this system on one side. The epitome of what we need.
    I don't see any point in 3 additional strikers, I think we need a winger who can score 10-15 a season, and a 2nd striker like Kuyt, who can play EITHER wide or central, but especially wide, and who hunts in and around the box and lurks on the far post. Someone with a bit of presence.

    Any more than two is pie in the sky economically, and I also think we need a defensive midfielder, a proper tiger with good distribution....so we can't spunk all our money on front men as an overreaction.

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    Fernando Torres on LFC

    by Hobitez Oct 17, 2012 14:08
    A Yahoo! User Oct 25, 2012 15:23 Flag

    Zola said last night that the problem for Chelsea with Torres, is that they could buy his services, but money doesn't get his heart which belongs with Liverpool.

    I don't know either way. Fact is he was playing like a drain long before he left, and if we hadn't have wasted every penny of what we received for him, we'd still regard it as a great deal for both parties.

    Unfortunately history will judge Dalglish and Commolli just as profligate in their spending as Abramovich. The only party to benefit hugely was ironically enough Newcastle.

    Dalglish, Commolli, FSG, Liverpool, Torres, and Abramovich, all came out of it looking like twats!

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    Suso signs new contract

    by Hobitez Oct 19, 2012 16:28
    A Yahoo! User Oct 25, 2012 15:17 Flag

    Great news. I heard MAdrid were sniffing, but he has years before he should think about going home. Anyone know Sterling's contract situation?

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    Nuri Sahin Scenario..

    by Jason Oct 19, 2012 22:29
    A Yahoo! User Oct 25, 2012 15:15 Flag

    I'd hope we make it permanent, and there is a chance, because I can't see him ever getting into the Real Madrid side. He seems an elegant steady eddie, less likely to grab headlines than others, but able to be incisive and keep the game ticking in our favour, whilst chipping in with the odd goal. I like him. As always it'll be a financial decision, and we'll need to sell to buy. So it will depend on who we can sell, how much for, and if there are any other positions that need securing before we focus on Sahin and the CM area.

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    heres a few interesting facts regarding FSG

    by John Sep 2, 2012 17:09
    A Yahoo! User Sep 3, 2012 09:22 Flag

    One of the issues is that FSG LOVE baseball, they love it. It is more than a business for them, it is what they love to do.

    They do NOT love football. They saw an opportunity to buy a famous club on the cheap. They bought it, they applied moneyball to it and it did not work.

    It wouldn't surprise me if they decided LFC is something that is beyond them, so the best thing to do for now, is to prepare the club as a going concern for sale. They know that to do this, the outgoings need to be slashed, the playing staff trimmed, and the average age reduced.

    That is the process we are in, and what next for LFC. Who knows?

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    Transfer budget slashed

    by Loki May 11, 2012 12:59
    A Yahoo! User May 11, 2012 13:34 Flag

    This is pretty much what I expected.

    I don't have a problem with it.Sell to buy, create space on the wage bill to invest and wait for FFP.

    Don't over leverage, when our match day revenues are a fraction of those above us.

  • A Yahoo! User May 8, 2012 16:31 Flag

    What if all the goals we have conceded had the post.

    We'd be doing rather well.

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    shameful if truth

    by voodoo_magic May 6, 2012 19:36
    A Yahoo! User May 8, 2012 16:29 Flag

    you can argue either way, there is no right and wrong answer. We were a mess before Kenny took back over. We are still a mess.

    To be honest anyone wasting the money that Kenny has should be fired. £100m+ on players that look to be worth about 75% of their fees is a disgrace.

    We have reached two cup finals though, albeit we were hopelessly outclassed in one, and struggled against a championship side in the other.

    Whoever took over from Kenny would struggle to be fair, to turn our squad into even a top 6 outfit. Especially with no word from the yanks as to what their vision is.

    They might well be a more quiet, slick version of the Venky's.

    Who knows. Its a mess, and I don't see a clear path forward at the moment. Personally I think Kenny should go. It's 50/50 whether he does though. Have the owners got the balls? Probably not!

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    Its back to how it should be

    by Loki Apr 12, 2012 11:10
    A Yahoo! User Apr 12, 2012 12:33 Flag

    Loki: They have done away with Commolli, not the role. Don't think for a minute this means Kenny is secure. It may be just the opposite. From what Kenny has said on record, I think this weakens his position, not strengthens it.

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    by dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 9, 2012 17:13
    A Yahoo! User Apr 11, 2012 14:06 Flag

    The rule changes haven't helped anyone, the active, inactive bit. The key is to be slow and methodical, don't feel as though you have to raise the flag straight away, as the brain takes time to consider what it has seen. Of course that brings its own problems with the team penalised thinking you were slow....or yuou've been influenced by screaming defenders. On TV it drives me mad when the commentator says 'well the flag went up straight away', as if that makes it a better decision. They key is that it is right, not quick, especially on the close contentious ones. I don't think any manager minds a 'close call' being given...it is the obvious ones that have use pulling out hair out. The Ashley Young one for example was as bad as I've ever seen.