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  • Late me give ye a couple o' tips -.
    Martinez to Everton
    and as fer Wayne... F******Gormless.... nae sense at all. Paris? Germany.? U must be F******G joking they would nae take him...
    we hold out til Chelsea stump up 35M

  • Well we done it!!! no squeaky bum this time and aah can smell the Brasso as they open the trophy cabinet and start shining our baubles. Mind you Brasso brings back some memories to me.. aah know a lot of guys who have never recovered from encounters with Brasso.. Back in the shipyards in Glasgae they wud come to work with it in their rucksacks and sip at it on the sly along with the meths. Desperate stuff, but aah cud never get the taste for it – it tastes awful and doesn’t half make yer breath smell and doesn’t do anything fer the teeth. Fortunately I was able to get ontae more refined stuff – but aah can’t help thinking when aah get a whiff when they open the trophy cupboards. When Josee came with Real he brought a couple o’ great bottles fer me and aah heard they cost 200 quid each.. Aah wolfed them down – mind you when aah was drinking it aah made sure that aah had a couple of bottles of 3.99 ASDA vino on hand to ‘share’ with anyone who came to join me at teh table. they were nae gonna get any of this good stuff. Aah HAPPY DAYS! Another title – IT’S IN THE BAG... Wayne tells me this is what he shouts whenever he’s shaggin one o’ these things he meets on his nights out.
    By the Wayne... . Aah heard some talk of some French club coming and taking him off our hands.. if only.. the lads got nae sense at all, won’t listen... Can ye imagine him going to night classes in paris to learn the language???? On the quiet ah spoke with Davie Moyes and asked him to give us 20 million and could have him back....Aah don't think he'd take the risk............................

  • Couldnae believe it someone upstairs told mae they'd decided to appoint sound engineer to sort out the quietness in the stadium (on matchdays wouldya believe?)

    What a loada tripe. They're gonns pay these people 1000's of pounds to sort out the problem - I ll tell ye what it is for nothing or maybe a case or two of you know waht.. Its because the stadium if full of hangers on, corporate glory ticket holders, gravy train riders who are too busy eatin their prawn sandwiches and quaffing champagne tae be interupted using their breaths to shout on the team.. as Roy used tae say ye get nothin oot of them unless were 5 goals up - if their struggling ye canna hear a peep..
    One things sure that when the noisy neighbours come across tomorrow... there'll be nothin wrong with the acoustics.. Scientific fact no. 1. Prawns don't make much noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    speaking for united? are they F****

    by SAF Mar 31, 2013 16:05

    yer fergot............a old aging drama queen who sez he lives in France... Is that you ye idjeet????

  • This club – the greatest in the world, the biggest in the world, we must have at least a billion supporters from all over the world and each home game we get 75000 filling old Trafford just tae watch us.... but have a look at this page on the message board on yahoo which is supposed to be contributions from people interested in Manchester United.. what do we have? A couple a snides and fly boys who think their funny, a bitter illegal immigrant, a nancy boy who has been on a elementary English language course, a few gobshytes.... and tae top it all ther’e all led by a old aging drama queen who sez he lives in France...... aah don’t know aah #$%$ give up!!!!!

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    by SAF Mar 23, 2013 17:46

    yer all confused are ye? .. ye wee snivelling snide... try reading Glaswegian guide fer Dummies that might make it a bit clearer fer ye!

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    by SAF Mar 23, 2013 17:46

    aye .. this club attracts more than its fair share of hangers on.. people who canna take living in the deprived areas of manchester to gae aff and live in th slums e marseille on sickness benefits..

  • £8500 – those F*cking eufa idjeets..so what? The club pays it... aahl do the same egain in the future.

    Aah had te laugh though they said aah was ‘distraught ‘ DISTRAUGHT? Ah went F*cking doolally .. all the players skipped it oot the changing room when they seen what fettle aah was in- and didn’t wanna be around when things started flying like dustbins, telephones, fire extinguishes and anything aah could get me hands on. anyway the next thing aah know is that the physio and some stewards have me pinned doon on the physio couch and the doc comes along and sticks a needle in me which make me go all groggy...... If aah was see that f*cking referee caccy again.....fancy sending my boy off for a karate kick in the chest!!!!!!!!
    The Rio saga still goin on – Rios jumped the plane to Quatar just to rub it in- he’ll never play for them again... Some people starting to mouth off bad things aboot rio – he says if it goes on he’ll play the race card.
    This is the greatest club in the world, a fine club and a setter of standards a the way things should be conducted...

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    by redevildetester Mar 19, 2013 14:11

    Rio was never going te go an' play for them again after the way Hodgson treated him and especially with those f*ckers Terry and that little #$%$ Cole fra Chelsea. Rio had tae be careful what he said otherwise people would think he wasnae a patriot but one thing was certain he was nae gonna sit at the same table as terry and the other f*ckers from across at Liverpool. Nae love lost between any o' them. Even when they did play they couldnae wait te get away from each other. I said tae Rio leave it open because it then looks as though Hodgson is tae blame ... and of course that F*cker Terry. Who would want tae leave their valuables in the changing room while Terry was around , even on the pitch? Aah wouldnae leave a postage stamp in his care. So when Hodgson came knocking Rio said OK but then we had the ‘doctors note’ plan which really means ‘go an F’ck yerself!’ So Hodgson walks away with egg on his face... and Rio doesna get any o the flak from the media...
    Michael Owen retired!!!! Ye f*cker – he went oot tae grass years age when that f*cking wee club Newcastle were stupid enough tae pay all that money fer him along wi’ his wages. Aah only took him on here tae get the backs up of those f*ckers across a Liverpool.. as fer his value? #$%$ sake he wud get injured getting up oot a bed, reminded me of one a ma mates back in the shipyards in Glasgae years ago – always sick --- one time he stayed off work cos he’d broken his #$%$ thermos flask.... owen? waste a money

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    easy peasy

    by SAF Mar 17, 2013 12:39

    AAhl tell ye whay! it's because it portrays the behaviour and conduct the man who manages manchester united

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    THIS BOARD IS #$%$ ...this means u YAHOO !

    by colin Mar 16, 2013 17:24

    they are trying to force ye into ready what they want

  • aye almost there.. nae maer squeaky bum time in the EPL. Peed maself watching mancini after yesterdays result at Everton. Gud auld Davie!!! Aah wez watching the match in ma office yesterday and at half past two aah opened the door and oootside found 2 cases one wi 12 botlles o' red wine from Marks and spencers and the other with 6 bottles o McLaccan whisky - aah though aahl me birthdays and chismassess had come at once. apparently it was from the new Reading manager - Canna remember his name but there ye go - decent man, respectful and obviously intelligent.. That's waht aah mean when people come visiting tae gi yer hosts a wee somethin'. Not like that fat f*cking raffy who wez here the other week. Fat B****! aah hate the man... Anyway ontae the match.. Aaah decided to take it easy on Reading - aah dinna wanna kick them when there already doon.. also the wine an dwhisky they give me. There wez 6 bottles so merlot which is me favourite and what better to wash it doon than some classy Mcallans? Wayne scored - and aah told them to lay off unless reading start tae get cocky or moothy which give them their due.. they didnae. So 3 points in the bag and 15 ahead of the wee pizza delivery man mancini and his team acroos the way..nae problems wi the ref either... aah did warn them before the game though........... anyway gotae finish the wine off this week in case it goes off.

  • This club – the greatest club in the world – the club everbody knaes aboo Manchester United. Unfortunatelty it attracts all types. Aav’e nae bother with those who have nae life with empty lives working in tescos and watching coronation street but what gets me is thes e f*cking professional hangers on, bottom feeders, parasites who try to make others think that they are trying to speak a some authority from this great club – hanging ontae everything – walking round in United shirts putting shyte in the media and trying to tell me how ah should do me job. Soemof them probably living in places like Marseille in france claiming sickness benefits from this country and have gone there because they canna stand the weather in Manchester. No Dunkirk spirit there my lads boys.... not what this club is about. Aah’ve been in this game for over 50 years and the last thing aah need is some bottom feeder or wee creeps putting nonsense about as though the’re spokespersons for Manchester United

  • see you -see you ya bassa yer all pallywally PPuschhhh!!!!

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    Alex Ferguson

    by redevildetester Mar 11, 2013 08:13

    See you- see you ya CHHHHHHcuck.. ye'll never get in the groond again