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    April 13th -- St Rectum Day

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 13, 2012 09:15

    chomp, chomp, chomp....yep that is me eating my words!

    It was a dream and I am happy to admit I was over optimistic. We hit the buffers for reasons which nobody has been able to fully explain and Ar$e hit a bit of form and a lot of luck (I appreciate you won't agree with that but most neutrals would).

    Anyway, it was a nice dream at the time, and unlike you, I am happy to admit I got it wrong and I don't hide who I am.

    Depending on what happens with Arry and who replaces him if Whinger (AKA the tight fisted Mr Burns look alike) spends any money - it might take a bit longer than anticipated but the tide is turning and the gap has closed. You know it and you don't like it. Next year, the year after....it will happen.

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    St Rectum Day

    by Sfer Feb 1, 2012 13:54

    What were you saying about Arse showing who is the best team in London? The reality is the little run you had was littered with good luck and 1 -0 wins and it ran out against QPR.

    Hopefully the reverse happened for us and the bad luck we have been having has turned around. Of course, as always, time will tell but I know I would rather have our run in than yours Fab.

    The good news for you is it looks like you will get CL next year which means Whinger will hang around for another year but unfortunately yet another trophyless year and a summer of speculation about where RVP might go.

    Not a great year you have to admit. Whereas we still have something to look forward to - for a while at least.

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    St Rectum Day

    by Sfer Feb 1, 2012 13:54

    Nope....still with you John. Arse have had a few lucky wins and we have had a lot of bad luck but I would still rather be watching the way we play than Mr Burns and his phoney goal celebrations on the touchline at Arse.

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    How did we not win? Harry asks....

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 11, 2012 19:10

    I don't know if you remember remmah but I said a while ago when many on here were saying about how good our squad was that I disagreed. My comments were based around those on the bench not being of the same quality of those on the pitch which meant that when we had injuries we were going to suffer.

    As it has turned out it is a mixture of injuries, lack of form, poor tactics and lethargic play that has been our undoing.

    As for stats, well we all know how deceiving they can be. Knocking the ball along our back four over and over again, as we have a wont to do, distorts the possession % no end and taking hasty pot shots from 25 yards that miss by an even great distance than from where the shooter is does not mean we should have won the game.

    If it wasn't so tragic it would make me laugh but when Parker suddenly is having shots from 30 yards (when did he last score by the way?) or we bring on Livermore to change the game (when did he last score by the way?) it just goes to show how desperate we are. Ah I know, bring on VDV and lets see him play between King and Kaboul.

    Oh, and where has Adebyors ball control gone? All of a sudden he looks like a stick of rock trying to trap one of those super hard bouncy balls my kids used to play with.

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    Not angry thoughts...

    by Sfer Feb 27, 2012 09:35

    Oh how I would just love to sit down with you lot and watch that match again in detail.

    I lost count of how many times the wide player (Walcott of Sagna) got the ball and Ekotto was yards away. He then made no real attempt to get close leaving the player loads of time and space to get his cross in.

    When crosses came in from the other side BAE was no where near his man and he has done that in most matches I have seen this year.

    What about his overhead clearance straight to RPV on the edge of the box??

    I've already pointed out his absolutely disgusting stroll back watching Walcott sprint away for the 5th goal - is that acceptable??

    Did you see him cross a ball yesterday? Have a shot?? Make a crucial pass or make a last ditch tackle??

    You say he has been running rings around oppo players...when?? I have seen him sell a few dummies but there again I have seen him get caught on the ball at LB several times trying to be too clever and setting up an attack for the opposition as well.

    Oh God - I give up. If watching a guy perform like that, wandering around looking like he would rather be somewhere else, is what good football is to you then.....GRRRRRRRR!!!!

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    Tactics verses Arsenal....?

    by A Yahoo! User Feb 27, 2012 13:36

    Good points lts. I was concerned when I saw the team selection and I have said before that Kranjcar is not good enough to warrant a place in the starting line up.

    We did lose it MF. Bale was running all over the place, trying his best no doubt, but it made us lose shape. Modric was quiter than usual and Parker was trying to tackle 2 or 3 players at the same time. Didn't see Kranjcar make a tackle all day.

    I think Arry got this one wrong. Personally I would have preferred Dawson to King, Lennon for Kranjcar and failing that Sandro instead of Kranjcar. How many times did we hear the commentators saying that Spurs had lost their shape??

    Something else that bothered me......Arry sat on his seat looking like he was thinking about decorating his new FA Office. Bovered?? Didn't look like it to me.

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    Not angry thoughts...

    by Sfer Feb 27, 2012 09:35

    Right - thats it John. I WILL find you and tattoo that pineapple on your forehead!

    I respect much of what you say on here and obviously you love Spurs and football but sometimes I seriously question if you are watching the same game as me. Obviously we all see different things and some things in football are subtle and get missed by people that don't know what they should be looking for but FFS how on earth anybody could say what you have just said beggars belief as far as I am concerned.

    On the plus side he has a good left foot and he is athletic. Thats it. On the negative side there are too many things to mention.

    I am sure you will say "it's your opinion" and write a very long thesis on why you are right quoting all kinds of stats and quotes ranging from Churchill to Shankly, but I dare anyone to actually watch a game (and Sundays game would be typical), analyse what BAE does during that game, and more importantly what he does not do, and then say what you have just said.

    Go on, I dare you. Watch it again and just concentrate on BAE. Look at where he is in relation to the man he should be marking. Watch his non chalant attempt to block the cross or get to his man. Look at how he wanders around and doesn't even bother to get back when Ar$e break away. FFS John the man is a joke.

    He has had one or two games where he has received plaudits but on those ocassions he has not had a winger to mark and we have been very much on the front foot. Other than that - average to useless!

  • OK so I have calmed down now and I still beleive what I am about to write.

    If ANYBODY tries to tell me Ekotto is a LB worthy of playing in the PL for any team I will personally track them down and tattoo a pineapple in the middle of thier forehead. Apart from the fact that he was never where he should have been ie marking the winger, nobody could have failed to see that for Walcotts second goal they were next to each other when the attack started and BAE did not even try and stay with Walcott. He let him go, watched his arse disappear and just jogged back. If that isn't a sign of his lazy "I only play fooball for the money" attitude I don't know what is. In that one moment he surely proved beyond doubt he does not have the passion that players need to play in the PL let alone for my beloved Spurs. He can't have been tired - he hadn't done f**k all up to that point!

    Second, Kranjcar is not good enough. I have said it before and I say it again without hesitation. What did he do yesterday? Nothing. Why was he starting instead of Lennon?

    Lastly, and this is something that we have to face up to - King has gone. You know that feeling when that well respected heavyweight boxer comes back after two years retired to fight a young upstart and you cringe as he gets beaten around the ring. Well that is how I felt yesterday watching King amble back from going up for a corner as they broke out. It was heart wrenching. Such a good player only being able to run at somewhere between half and three quarter pace even though he was clearly trying his best. Its time he hung up his boots while we remember him as the superb player he was and not some punchdrunk has been puffing and panting like Dominic Straus Kahn after one of his parties.

    We are where we are partly because we are a good side but also partly because some of the other sides around us have had some very below par performances and bizarre results. Lets not get caried away thinking 3rd is ours and that we are good enough to challenge for the PL. Thats Arry talk to keep his players spirits up.

    If we get beat by Manure at the weekend, and lets face it, it could be a whooping if we play like we did yesterday, then our season could come crumbling down like a pack of NOW jounalists.

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    Tottenham 5 Newcastle 0

    by RAMBR0 Feb 12, 2012 01:05

    Oh your stinging wit really hurts Wugger.

    Single - ouch! no very happily married but I don't want to rub that in as I know jealousy can be a horrible trait.

    Fat - wrong again. Slimish actually. Could probably do with losing half a stone but no rush.

    Horny - wow you know how to hurt don't you??? well yes I can be when the time is right and my wife is around. I know that sounds daft to someone that only needs a snickers bar and a rubber glove to feel aroused but hey what I can I say - normality rocks!

    Oh and the latest attempt at humour.....why did you even bother?? I can't imagine even small children finding that remotely funny. Are you an out of work script writer from El Dorado? Work with Little & Large did we? The Krankies right hand man on tour in the Shetlands were we?

    Go on, post another one...please...we are all waiting with baited breathe....honest.

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    by Joe Feb 14, 2012 00:09

    ....and proving my point perfectly!

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    Tottenham 5 Newcastle 0

    by RAMBR0 Feb 12, 2012 01:05

    Actually its not hard at all and I would save the pity for yourself if I were you (God forbid by the way!).

    You think we are all big red nosed Jewish bastards and thousands upon thousands of us think you are a pathetic little twatt.

    I know what side of that fence is more comfortable.

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    harry and england

    by lts Feb 13, 2012 11:56

    Peter Kay you ain't.

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    by Joe Feb 14, 2012 00:09

    Wugmuffer - are you that guy that put a custard pie in Rupert Murdoch's face? You know, the one that gave his profession as "Stand Up Comedian" but no one had ever heard of him and then everyone realised why - because he is not funny.

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    Tottenham 5 Newcastle 0

    by RAMBR0 Feb 12, 2012 01:05

    Whoever he was he was right though wasn't he!

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    by patrix Feb 15, 2012 09:38

    I saw that report Patrix. He looks like a good prospect, young but not a kid, strong with some good expereince already and you don't get given the under 20 cap[atins armband for Brazil if you can't play.

    Plus he seems very level headed in what he said about the move so everything looks promising. With King and Gallas on their last legs Bruno could be perfect...lets hope so.

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    England candidates withdraw...

    by RAMBR0 Feb 9, 2012 14:50

    I don't often agree with anything Lord Sugar says but he quite rightly pointed out that the England Manager position is one that only ever ends one way - in huge disappointment. And that is if they are lucky.

    I think Arry will take it but only for the prestige of being able to say that he was once the England Manager. He obviously doesn't need the money but he loves his country and his football so he is blinded to what might come in terms of the stick he will take when he picks the wrong player (in some newspapers view!) or uses the wrong tactics - he will get slaughtered like all the others.

    Eventually, and because we don't have the players to actually win anything, the press, the supporters, The FA and everybody ewlse will get fed up and start calling for a new Manager and Arry will end up getting sacked. For what?? Just so he can go on interviews and be introduced as the former England Manager.

    I can understand why he will take it but I think a part of him will regret it in the long term. He will be leaving a good club on the up to take over a job that he cannot win at.

    Good luck Arry. Hello Gus Poyet!

  • Sometimes John I think you get so wound up reading what you think others are saying and not what they are actually saying that you miss the point.

    If you read my first paragrapgh you will have your answer to your question. The FA did not charge Terry straight away because they waited to see if (after all the complaints by the public to the police) there was going to be a criminal charge, and that having happened, they then quite rightly took action.

    I don't say whether that is right or wrong as that depends on whether, like many, you take the "innocent until proven guilty" maxim to its ultimate conclusion. Personally, and I don't mind admitting this is purely because I hate the bloke, I am happy that the FA did what they did.

    Re Cappello - has anybody thought that he might have just deliberately engineered this situation? He knew what was in his contract regarding not being able to criticise the FA. He knew saying what he did would get him a bollocking. Perhaps he also knew he had lost the players support and/or he had no chance of winning the Euros or maybe he knows he has a lucrative job offer back in Italy on the table but only if he takes it now??? Who knows - it just seems a bit childish and a bit coincidental to throw the job in now over something as trivial as who is the Engalnd captain. He could still pick Terry after all.

    Bit sus if you ask me and we all know Italians are not to be trusted. Perhaps he was following that other recent Italian coward and getting off the sinking ship before everybody else!

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    by A Yahoo! User Feb 8, 2012 09:35

    Theo - you haven't said anything that has not been said before on here.

    Dalglesh has lost the plot, Suraez is a nasty peice of work, Pool are playing rubbish football (at least compared to when they played the sort of football that made them the envy of the football World), he has wasted millions on average players and the fans are too thick to "see" beyond their blind faith in KK - or should that be KKK?

  • In any criminal proceeding there are three seperate events. First the accusation but that is all it is and therefore, quite rightly, nobody normally has anything done to them by their employer at this stage although even just an accusation can leave a nasty stain.

    Then comes the charge by the police. By this stage the police believe they have enough evidence to charge and get a conviction and therefore some people believe it is right to take action at this point whilst others don't. To a large degree it depends on the position held by the accused. If he is a road sweeper it makes little difference. On the other hand if he is a Teacher charged with mollestation then many would say he should be suspended pending the trial.

    The third event is obviously the trial and obviously Cappello beleives in taking the old "innocent until proven guilty" philosophy mantra to that extent although doing so in these circumstances completely ignores the furore that would accompany his "captain" during a major tournament. This spotlight on his captain is highly likely to have a negative impact on the team and therefore affect the teams chances of winning a tournament. Is Cappello thinking of himself and Terry more then the team and England??

    His actions, whilst some may see as laudable, are in fact quite naive. He should be able to see the bigger picture and act alongside his masters for the greater good and not just for himself.

    Meanwhile, Terry should be more humble. If he is found guilty he would already have some of the public on his side for showing some humility. If he is let off he could hold his head high with dignity and take the armband back without saying a word. Terry acting like an intelligent human being??? Not a chance! he is a mindless thug and we all saw the footage anyway. GUILTY Your Honour!

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    Dirty players at the Lane.

    by A Yahoo! User Feb 8, 2012 11:17

    Graham Roberts!! Enough said I think.