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    Some Defender Thoughts / Comments..

    by Jason Apr 29, 2013 18:25

    A big consideration is that next year is World Cup year. So, players fighting for a place in the team are not going to sit around on the bench. So, some may decide to move on.

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    The 2nd Half Jitters.. WBA

    by Jason Feb 11, 2013 21:01

    I am not sure changing a manager will help.
    Somehow, the players just do not have a mean streak in them. It is in the collective psyche of the players.
    A team who comes back often from a goal down will believe it can be done. One who does not, start to doubt themselves when they go behind. It is a vicious cycle. The longer it goes on, the greater the doubt.
    How many times did we come from behind to win a game? Maybe once this year, against WHU.

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    Luis Suarez

    by A Yahoo! User Feb 11, 2013 22:02

    I think it is almost expected that if you are knocked off balance in the penalt box, you hope for a penalty. Though in this case, I was surprised that it was given since it looked like a normal physical challenge. I think it should be the referee that we question and not Suarez.
    Having said that, I do find him selfless in his place. Without a reputed striker with him, he will feel oblige to take shot from all angles because he does not seem to have faith in others. Sometimes that is just wasteful.

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    The 2nd Half Jitters.. WBA

    by Jason Feb 11, 2013 21:01

    I notice that every time the players and manager go on record and talk up our chances of top 4, or when we were expected to win easily, we will slip up. Very frustrating. It is almost up the team cannot live up to its own expectation or that the favourite tag is too heavy around the neck.
    Sigh. Look forward to next season. This one is done.

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    Why Rodgers needs to be sacked now..

    by Jason Dec 27, 2012 19:22

    Totally agree with you. I said in another thread that this team hardly come from behind to win, capable of losing a good lead, hardly score a late winner, capable of the most unlikely results against the bottom team (recent Villa results make me wonder why we can lose to them?), can hardly get 3 points from any team above us (that's why we are below them).
    It is going to be tough struggle. We don't have anyone on the pitch who can rally the rest and shout at each other.

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    by A Yahoo! User Dec 26, 2012 21:48

    This team is mentally weak I think. How often have they turn a result around, how often how they allow opponent to come back, how often have they fail to win matches when on paper, they have more quality? All in all, it is disappointing. Sigh

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    Suarez Banned..

    by Jason Dec 1, 2012 16:49

    We have played some games without Suarez in Europe I think. So, it is not new. Just that those situations, we have left him out by choice but now, we have the decision forced on us.
    Perhaps, without a key man, the ball may be played more evenly among the front players and that may be better for us, then sending most of the ball to him. After all, that is one reason why we think a strike partner who can share the responsibility with Suarez is good.

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    Blatant robbery.......

    by A Yahoo! User Oct 28, 2012 15:49

    He was definitely not offside. If the goal was disallowed because of that, it is very poor decision.
    Disappointing not to have won it!
    It is another one of those games where we can say we should have won but did not.

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    by mel n Sep 30, 2012 03:05

    Yes, indeed. The young players did well too. Wisdom, Sterling and Suso represent the future. They have the skills, but need to bulk up a bit to cope with the physical aspect of senior football.
    Hope we go on an upswing from here!

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    WBA in review

    by Hobitez Sep 27, 2012 10:02

    Good to hear the young players did well again. it augurs well for the future. Both victories were come from behind wins, against Young Boys and against WBA.
    I like to see more of Suso. I think he is matured beyond his years.

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    by Greg Aug 18, 2012 16:47

    Nobody played well today.
    I was watching Allen closely. He does have a range of passes and gets involving in dispossessing the opponent. But after the second goals, he disappeared.
    Borini was disappointing. Perhaps, he has not gel with Suarez.
    Suarez was threatening in the first half but was less effective once Agger was dismissed. Even though he created a lot, he does not convert as many.
    It is all very disappointing.

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    I dont know what to think about todays game.

    by keiron Aug 18, 2012 17:00

    Before the game, I was hoping for an opening game win. A draw would have been disappointing. This is absoluately shocking!
    It is hard to be optimistic.

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    Rodgers appointed on 3 year deal

    by Loki May 30, 2012 17:06

    In that case, the title of the thread should read "… appointed on a 5-game deal".

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    cup final

    by J May 5, 2012 20:46

    Would you consider not starting with Andy Caroll a mistake? He was very lively and pumped up when he came on. Well, you can say it is hindsight but I am still surprised that he did not start.

    Spearing was not effective. Enrique looked unsure when he got past the half way line. He just run out of idea after getting upfield.

    The first half was a pedestrian affairs. It does not feel like a cup final at all.

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    Fitness boost for Chelsea

    by Robert M Apr 30, 2012 17:18

    It will be close and if we win, it will probably be penalties. After all, we won the last 3 cups on penalities.

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    Alberto Aquilani......again!

    by Hobitez Apr 26, 2012 13:24

    Maybe KD does not speak Italian. So, there is no way to communicate tactics with him. :-)
    But seriously, if he is playing regularly and doing well, then he can be a like a new signing. The problem with him is that he is not fast and rough enough for premier league. Easily bump off the ball. But in pre-season friendly where everyone is going at less than full pace and avoiding injury, he has no problem showing all his flair and touches.

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    WBA in reflection

    by Hobitez Apr 23, 2012 12:06

    Go to liverpool official website and they have this challenge among players to try hit the crossbar. In the latest challenge, Henderson won it. So with all that practice, it is no wonder that we develop the habit of hitting the post. We should put a stop to this game!
    Anyway, it was a painful game to watch.
    Can't wait for the cup final and that will be the end of the season.

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    Pepe Reina

    by James Mar 12, 2012 10:28

    Because there is no viable alternative or challenger in the team. He has also lost the ability to save penalty. When was the last time he saved one? I think he is getting bored or down because of the team performance.

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    "Media Obsession" eh ?

    by Jason Mar 10, 2012 16:52

    Third defeats in a row.
    Pathetic performance.

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    I think thats it for 4th.

    by keiron Mar 3, 2012 14:46

    Don't see how we can get fourth with a result like this. Is it lack of luck that we are inches short with passes and shots on goal? Another 2 more hitting the posts today and another missed penalty.