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    Next 4 matches - Oh My Oh My

    by niceguyolder Feb 11, 2009 04:38
    Steve Steve Feb 13, 2009 16:48 Flag

    When Clarence Acuna got the equaliser?

    One of the only matches I can remember what I was doing that day for some reason, along with the first 4-3 game with Liverpool, and the two cup finals.

  • Right, so we're short of a manager, does anyone fancy hazarding a guess at the new man in the hotseat?

    Curbishley won't come, that move would be akin to jumping from the frying pan to the fire. Apart from that I've got no effing clue. It'll be much harder to find a new manager now, now that the new man will know how much control Wise really has at the club. Speaking of Wise, I don't think he'll be in the hotseat next. He came to us as he was tired of direct management, he wanted to 'move upstairs'. Having said that though, I wouldn't rule out Ashley at least trying to persuade him to give it a shot.

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    Shame on your club!

    by sideshow Sep 1, 2008 16:00

    I don't understand why people are still going on about this.

    Newcastle have made their stand. There's nothing you can say or do about this now. Short of a mass exodus of fans (which the toon army will never, ever do), nothing will change the minds of the board. I mean, what're you going to do about it TiltonRoad? Complain on an internet message board? Oh No! How about booing him everytime he touches the ball? For sixty grand a week, I'm sure he can put up with it.

    Bottom line is, you can compain about Barton as much as you want, you've now got to put up or shut up, and I for one will be glad when you stop bothering us about it.

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    can owen-martins partner in attack

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 9, 2008 16:15
    Steve Steve Aug 11, 2008 01:54 Flag

    Ahh, sorry. For a moment, I was like "Whatt?". I don't think he'll be ready for another season or two, kind've like how Carroll has been for the past few years. He's starting to get his chance now, so maybe the same will happen to Zamblera.

    Yes I think Yahoo reported we had signed Spears, not too sure on that though.

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    can owen-martins partner in attack

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 9, 2008 16:15
    Steve Steve Aug 10, 2008 00:16 Flag

    We don't have an Italian striker...

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    hahahahaha u losers

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 6, 2008 17:16

    No. It's the Daily Mail. You may aswell have bought the Star. At least there's mildly amusing articles and pictures to look at. This as opposed to the Mail who print the most ludicrously boring articles I've ever had the misfortune to read.

    It's a faux-broadsheet, one that you think makes you look smart, but also one that doesn't use complicated words. Grow up, you can start by buying a decent paper.

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    For Sale

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 5, 2008 06:47

    I dunno Kipper, I thought Ashley was in it for the long haul aswell. Apparantly not. The only thing really that I'm worried about is will the buying club want to bring in their own manager? I really want Keegan to have a decent stab at turning us around. At the moment, I'm just hoping that Ashley quoted 420mil as a price to ward off other clubs :( Maybe I'm being slightly too pessimistic...

    Codfish, you're an absolute 'tard. I do support my local club. I've just renewed my season ticket for the 7th year running, and my new shirt is on it's way. When Wrexham make it to the Premier League, I'll gladly sever all ties with Newcastle Utd. Having said that, with parents born and raised in Gateshead, I'll have to fight tooth and nail to sit in the Kop at the Racecourse if and when we play Newcastle.
    To summarise, #$%$ You.

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    For Sale

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 5, 2008 06:47

    The housing markets and business markets are miles away from each other you tool. Besides, it's rumour, one which you've obviously read in your dumbed down redtop.

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    Cant we wait till after the euros?

    by asdfghhytgfrdcvbfdrer Jun 22, 2008 05:53
    Steve Steve Jun 23, 2008 15:45 Flag

    Shearer hasn't had a managing job either. He could be a diabolical manager for all we know. He doesn't even have his coaching badges yet.

    Besides, he'll take the Newcastle job over anything else.

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    Attn Zambesi

    by A Yahoo! User Jun 18, 2008 05:45
    Steve Steve Jun 18, 2008 05:46 Flag


  • Was there a point to that post?

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    by andyhiggy26 Jun 3, 2008 17:24

    Whatever. I honestly couldn't care less about what team you support.

    I don't even know why you've stopped over here anyway. Your arguement was rubbish at best. I can only guess you're trying to take the p!ss. But you're not one to talk though mate.
    I mean, we're serial underacheivers, but at least we belong in this league. With Allardyce gone, you've gone from possible UEFA winners to relegation candidates. On the subject of Allardyce, didn't he walk out on you lot? I think he did. You can have him back if you want now, I think the words 'damaged' and 'goods' will be best used to describe his future managerial career (I will allow him the opportunity to prove me wrong though).

    Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Like your point about us being better off under Big Sam, your belief that KK will also walk out on us is subjective. I don't think he will. He'll give it his best shot, and if he comes anywhere near what he did last time, I'll be happy.

    Oh and FYI, he didn't walk out on City, he left because he didn't have the desire to be a part of football
    anymore. Reasonable IMO.

  • Very impressed about the way your club has taken on a charity's logo on your shirts. Obviously your chairman cares about the local community, I bet only a handfull of other topflight clubs could say the same. Wish mine was one of them.

    Anyway, hope it works out for you and the charity.

    Good luck for next season awell

  • Marky
    The Internet
    Newcastle fans

    To Mark

    You seem under the impression that we, as Newcastle fans seem overly bothered about this.

    On behalf of all Newcastle fans everywhere, I can assure you, we aren't.

    Kind regards


    Official Spokesperson of Newcastle fans everywhere.

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    Should we do chelski or Man Utd a favour?

    by Stevie Apr 27, 2008 00:10

    Alright, I'll bite...

    Rooney 23million
    Ronaldo 12 million
    Anderson 18million
    Hargreaves 17 million
    Nani 17 million
    Tevez two year loan
    Ferdinand 29 million
    Carrick 14million
    Saha 12 million
    Van der Saar 2million

    Grand total of 144million


    Cech 7
    Mikel 17
    Anelka 15
    Drogba 24
    Shevchenko 30
    Duff 17
    Carvalho 20
    Essien 25
    Wright Phillips 21
    Crespo 17

    Grand total of 184million

    But the thing you aren't seeing, which was my point in the first place, was that while Sir Alex spends big, he spends wisely, my point being that all of those players he's bought play regularly, and play well. Whereas at Chelsea, these players (with the exception of Drogba and Lampard) are all dispensible. You only have to look at the fact that they've sold a bunch of players (Duff, Parker) for a damn sight less than they paid in the first place. You can also look at the bench, where Shevchenko only gets the last 10 or so minutes, or Wright Phillips doesn't even make the squad again.

    Frankly, they've made a mockery of the transfer system, and it's ruined it.

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    this is gonna go to pennos

    by McMullan May 1, 2008 04:26

    Yeah, pens I reckon. Doesn't look like either team'll score.

    Hope Chelski get an effing kicking anyway,


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    Battling the 2005–06 champions

    by OinkyOinkyOinky Apr 24, 2008 11:14
    Steve Steve Apr 27, 2008 20:45 Flag

    Ohh, slightly contentious there Jab.

    Why d'ya want Chelski to win the league?

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    Battling the 2005–06 champions

    by OinkyOinkyOinky Apr 24, 2008 11:14
    Steve Steve Apr 24, 2008 18:35 Flag


    I don't think Keegan will change the formation at all, unless some gets injured or suspended.

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    Next game!!!!!!!!!!

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 22, 2008 18:39
    Steve Steve Apr 22, 2008 22:20 Flag

    Who will? =\

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    by A Yahoo! User Apr 5, 2008 19:52
    Steve Steve Apr 14, 2008 22:25 Flag

    No way is Zog worth ten mill. Absolutely not. Probably because I don't rate him as highly as everyone else does, but he's at the most worth 6 or maybe seven.