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    Is Villas-Boas any good?

    by me Oct 29, 2011 17:53

    Right now no he is not any good. It is a matter of whether the Board will put up with this and a lot of us fans are not happy to see how fragile and exposed the defence is this season. He has this philosophy of attacking football which may please Roman but is frankly out of date. Ardiles tried it and failed. It does not look good if we leak goals and miss easy chances. One or two players Mata and Romeu look the part. Others Torres do not nor ever will.
    If AVB stays we will finish outside CL and Europa League and with no silverware. If the club can sustain that then he will only improve - he cannot get worse.
    For my part he is too young, too green and has never played the game. Give me Hughes with Di Matteo or better still Roy Hodgson and if you want PL experience then Benitez.

  • Ramires has scored several times and is a real presence in an attacking midfield role. He is also fit and fast and has adapted very quickly to PL.
    Mikel though he was a bit below par on Tuesday is in the team as a ball-winning midfielder who holds the team together a role which he does well. He is not a fast player but for his age he is an excellent player.
    So point is CFC need both these players and would be worse off without them. If you really want liquid filth in our team then pick Stephen Hunt who is without doubt the most putrid sick pikey ever to play the game.

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    by A Yahoo! User Jul 10, 2011 19:40

    Until he gets the type of service he got at Liverpool he will struggle to adapt. Currently I reckon 10 maximum in all competitions which means he would have to argue his case well to stay at the club. Not sure what type of player Mata is. He could be ideal for Torres or he might be useless as well. After all he has to adapt to PL which is never easy. Look at Ramires. He is the type of player who has adapted well but it was not easy for him either. He is prepared to mix it. If Mata is just an airy fairy passer of the ball and slow with it then he will be simply crucified in PL. I bet he is that type of player as Villas Boas has little concept of what PL is these days. Making a load of DVDs and scribbling detailed notes on opposition teams is nothing that the average message board contributor could not do and arguably better. After all look at his successor in that dubious role Emenalo equally useless. the only difference is that he managed Arizona girls under 10 team as opposed to BVI. Europa League is second rate compared to PL. The second teams of any of the top 10 in PL could win that trophy with ease. I am not convinced by Villas Boas nor I think and fear are the squad. Gone by Christmas - watch this space;.

  • Yes we all know Stoke are a dirty side. CFC dealt with the aerial stuff pretty well and apart perhaps from Etherington until he went off Stoke offered little up front except some hard running and tackling.
    VB raises an important point however that Stoke's defence may be effective but is more than brutal. Huth maybe had some scores to settle but Shawcross is simply a psychopath and should be brought to book. He deserved a second yellow yesterday and it was only Stoke's tactical appointment of him as captain that made the ref think twice.
    Until Stoke show a bit more of the skill that we know they have and less of the ignorant partisan support which is noticeably absent in all the other home crowds who watch the game and not the shirt then PL will be all the better without them.
    As for CFC yesterday 6/10 I reckon. Torres worked very hard as did Alex and all the defence. I thought Mikel was very brave to play under the circumstances and as always IMO he won his tackles and even had his best shot ever in a CFC shirt or arguably in any !